Coronavirus today | The incidence lowers five points in Spain, which adds 2,450 new cases and 82 deceased

The incidence by Coronavirus has returned to 78.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days (almost five points less than yesterday), with all communities at ave

Coronavirus today |
 The incidence lowers five points in Spain, which adds 2,450 new cases and 82 deceased

The incidence by Coronavirus has returned to 78.8 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days (almost five points less than yesterday), with all communities at average risk (from 50 to 150 cases), except Asturias, which has recovered The new normality, although the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla continue at a high risk.

According to the data update of the Ministry of Health, the pandemic has added 2,450 new positives on Tuesday, with 82 deaths more notified since yesterday. It also descends the occupation of the UCI, up to 10.2% (half point less than yesterday), and there are 931 patients, 48 less than Monday, in the intensive care units of hospitals.

Total figures: 4,937,984 cases of Coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 85,983 dead with positive test as of September 21.

Turkey registered 29,338 new cases of Coronavirus on Tuesday, the largest number of daily infections since April 30, showed data from the Ministry of Health.

Turkey also registered 260 deaths by Coronavirus on Tuesday. The increase in daily number of deaths in Turkey since mid-July has been one of the most pronounced between the countries of Europe and the Middle East, as shown by global data.

Turkey reopened schools to education in person this month and eliminated most measures against coronavirus during the summer. Earlier this month, Ankara began requesting teachers a negative PCR test or a vaccination test and also for certain public events.

The Delta of the Coronavirus, present in 185 countries, has largely replaced the other three concerning variants, Alpha, Beta and Gamma, which now represent less than 1% of the sequencing cases, the WHO said on Tuesday.

All viruses, including SARS-COV-2 responsible for the COVID-19, mutate over time. The appearance at the end of 2020 of variants that assumed greater risk to world public health led to the World Health Organization to distinguish between variants that must be "monitored" and other "worries", in order to prioritize activities of surveillance and research worldwide.

"The predominant virus currently circulates is the delta variant. And in fact, less than 1% of the currently available sequences are alpha, beta and gamma," said WHO COVID-19 technical team, Maria van Kerkhove , in a question and answers session on social networks.

The health authorities have reported on Tuesday of two new deceased with Coronavirus, so the number of victims of the pandemic in Galicia rise to some 2,623 throughout the territory.

Specifically, it is about two men, about 72 and 50 years, who were admitted to Lucus Augusti and Povisa, respectively. In addition, both deceased presented previous pathologies, as they add from the Sanidaesee.

76.1 percent of the population (36,086,354 people) has already received the complete vaccination guideline against Coronavirus and 79 percent a dose (37,472,155 people), according to the report published on Tuesday by the Ministry of Health, which states that in Spain 69,427,047 doses of Vaccines against Covid-19 of Pfizer, modern, AstraZeneca and Janssen, 97.7 percent of those distributed among the Autonomous Communities, which ascend At 75,394,611 units.

The Grecocatolic Archbishop Jan Babják, which held last Tuesday in Presov (Slovakia) a Mass with Pope Francis, has given positive for Coronavirus and is in quarantine, as he confirmed to the media of the country Michal Pavlisinovic, spokesman for the Archiefparch of PRESV.

Babják and Francisco "exchanged the sign of peace during the liturgy and after the celebration talked for a while in Italian", just as the spokesman has reminded that nevertheless he has noticed that "they were not together for lunch".

The Ministry of Health has registered 2,450 new cases of Coronavirus on Tuesday, which must be addressed 82 deceased, 36 less than yesterday and 73 less than last Tuesday.

The cumulative incidence continues its lack of out and today reaches 78 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days.

Likewise, the pressure in hospitals decreases. This Tuesday are entered by Coronavirus in National Territory 3,450 people, 218 less than Monday. The percentage of global occupation, then, then, to 2.87%. In the intensive care units (UCI) the trend is similar: in them the occupation descends up to 10.21%, with 48 serious illnesses less than yesterday (a total of 931).

Communities with the most saturated UCIs are still Madrid (19.34%), Catalonia (16.41%), Basque Country (14.29%) and Balearic Islands (13.98%). On the opposite side, the most relaxed are Melilla, without Covid patients in a serious state, Galicia (2.67%), Murcia (3.17%) and Asturias (3.69%). But we must always remember that these figures only correspond to the occupation of beds by patients Covid. To calculate the total occupation, those patients who are entered by other pathologies and surgeries must be addressed.

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Almost 20% of cancer patients were not diagnosed during the year 2020 in Spain; During 2021 surgical activity in oncological patients still does not retrieve the 2019 level, and the number of patients who initiate a new pharmacological treatment decreased by 5% by 2020 compared to the previous year, according to a report presented on Tuesday that alert the impact of The pandemic of Coronavirus in all phases of the disease.

In the framework of the meeting 'Cancer does not expect', organized by IQVIA, this report has been presented that concludes that "cancer will soon become an emergency, as the pandemic has been." "If we do not soon give with patients not yet diagnosed by the pandemic, then the health system will face patients who debut with a more advanced disease and / or with a worse state of health," he says.

In Spain, scheduled surgeries of these oncological patients who were not carried out ascend more than 31,000 data from 2019. The Spanish Health Ministry published in February 2021 some initiatives to face the challenge that the pandemic has meant and guarantee a Long-term sustainable system and aiming to improve the efficiency of the health system focusing on maximizing the use of resources and maximizing the continuity of health services and clinical research.

The health counseling, with the collaboration of the Social Policy Ministry, will begin this Wednesday to administer the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine in the residences of the Murcia region.

The immunization of users will be done in the centers of Santo Ángel and Home of Nazareth de Rincón de Seca, in Murcia where the vaccine will be administered to approximately 280 elderly people.

Immunization with the third dose will progressively extend to all residences in the region, according to sources of health counseling in a statement.

A new retrospective investigation of the 'Semi-Covid-19' Registry of the Spanish Society of Internal Medicine (SEMI) that analyzes data of 13,206 patients, collected during the first wave of Coronavirus, concludes that patients with immunosuppression (solid organ transplanted, With different types of neoplasms or under chronic treatment with various immunosuppressive drugs) that have been hospitalized by COVID-19 present greater risk of death and serious complications than those hospitalized by SARS-COV-2 infection without immunosuppression.

It is the main conclusion of the study, led by Doctoas Isabel Perales Fraile and Inés Suárez García, internal medicals of the semi, and whose results Publica 'PLOS ONE' in the article 'In-Hospital Mortality Among Immunosuppressed Patants With Covid-19: Analysis From to National Cohort in Spain '. It describes and analyzed, in a comparative form, the clinical characteristics and the prognosis of a broad cohort of Spanish patients hospitalized by Covid-19, with and without immunosuppression. It is the largest series published up to the moment of cancer patients, transplanted and immunosuppressed by Covid-19.

The Conselleria de Health has registered six deaths by Coronavirus in the last 24 hours (one more than yesterday), 187 new contagions of Covid in the last 24 hours (334 less than yesterday - although on Monday, all of the weekend were counted on Monday. and 209 hospitalized (22 less), of which 60 need intensive care (two more).

As regards the deceased, five of these deaths have occurred in the last seven days, and one in August. Since the last data update there have been 346 hospitable highs and 1,736 doses of reinforcement of the vaccine have been administered to people with risk pathologies.

The Community of Madrid confirmed on Tuesday 348 positives of Coronavirus registered in the last hours and another 12 deceased in their hospitals because of the infection. This is reflected by the last report of the Executive from Madrid, which adds a total of 435 new cases that place the global figure at 902,432.

As for those who died by Covid-19 in hospitals, its cumulative rises to 18,028 and 25,247 if the mortuary health data in sociosanitary centers, in domiciles and elsewhere are taken into account.

However, in Madrid there are 472 patients admitted as a result of the disease, when yesterday were 520, for a total of 125,285 from the beginning of the pandemic. Of these, 203 are in UCI for this reason, 14 less, for a global figure of 13,226.

The Autonomous Community of Extremadura has accounted for three men died with Coronavirus, all of them vaccinated, as well as 42 new positive cases of Covid-19 confirmed.

In Extremnaños hospitals, six new revenues have occurred and ten hospitables have been given, which represents a total of 60 hospitalized people, of which nine are in ICU, according to the data provided by the Extremadura Board in the press release.

The Cantabrian Health Service (SCS) will start this Wednesday the Administration of the additional dose of the coreavirus vaccine in the residences throughout the region, to "intensify the protection of the most vulnerable population".

Cantabria is thus anticipated the calendar set at the national level and will begin to put the first dose of reinforcement in the CAD (care center), where it is planned to vaccinate 173 residents, and in the Virgin Residence of the Lighthouse, also In Santander, where 142 additional doses will be inoculated.

The objective, in "Total Consonance" with the decision adopted in the Public Health Commission, whose conclusions shares Cantabria, is to vaccinate with a dose of memory to people of higher residences that are, in their majority, "elderly, Fragile and multipathological ", as healing healing in a statement.

The use of outdoor masks will cease to be mandatory as of October 1 in Argentina, the Government announced in the framework of a strong flexibilization of the Restrictions by the Coronavirus pandemic, including gradual reopening of borders.

"We raise the obligatory nature of the use of the outdoor tapaboca, circulating and without agglomerates of people," said Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, at a press conference next to the brand new chief of cabinet, Juan Manzur.

Vizzotti said that the use of tapabocas in closed spaces such as public transport, cinema, theater, work areas and massive or outdoor events will be mandatory when there is agglomeration of people.

The Ministry of Health and Families of Andalusia has begun on Tuesday to administer the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine in higher residences. For this, nursing teams will move to higher residences to inoculate the third dose to 43,554 people resident.

Specifically, the third dose of the vaccine will be given 3,159 senior residence users in Almería, 4,565 in Cádiz, 5,078 in Córdoba, 5,439 in Granada, 2,430 in Huelva, 5,060 in Jaén, 7,921 in Málaga and 8,902 in Seville.

Inequality in vaccination against coronavirus, with rich countries that have already immunized most of its population as more than 90 percent Africa still expects its first dose, is an "obscenity" and an ethical failure, according to this Tuesday The Chief of the UN, António Guterres.

Portuguese, in its opening speech of the General Assembly of the United Nations, criticized harshly the lack of solidarity in this area and stood out as a reflection of the great problems of the current world.

"On the one hand we see vaccines developed in record time, a victory of science and human ingenuity. Of the other, we see a triumph ruined by the tragedy of the lack of political will, selfishness and distrust," Guterres said.

India will not buy vaccines against the Coronavirus of Pfizer / Biontech and modern, they said three government sources to Reuters, mainly because the national production of cheaper and cheaper vaccines has increased.

That essentially means that vaccines whose manufacturers have committed to not selling individuals during the pandemic, will not be available for now in the two most populated countries in the world: China and India.

The Indian government has also refused to comply with legal protection requests from US companies on any side effects of the use of their vaccines, which are currently only carried out in the United States or Europe, two of the sources said.

Rows of taxi and luxury cars with driver, beauty and original suits. Milan's fashion week starts on Wednesday with great pomp and its habitual public, after 18 months of health crisis.

Of the 65 shows scheduled until September 27 to publicize the future female season for spring and summer 2022, 43 are physical parades.

There are numerous presentations with an appointment: 98 in total, including 77 physics and 21 digital. Also return events and celebrations, 41 on the official calendar, of which 37 personnel.

Despite this, it is not yet about normal, since guests must submit a Covid passport to access the activities that certifies a first dose of vaccine at least 15 days or a negative test carried out at least 48 hours before. The mask will remain mandatory.

The Government spokesman of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Patricia Raja, has appealed on Tuesday to the population that has not yet been vaccinated to come to immunize against the Covid-19 and has admitted that "it is increasingly difficult to reach These sectors "of people.

"He is a student and working intensively to reach these sectors of the population, but there is also a reality and it is increasingly difficult to reach these people (...) and get them to respond to the call," he has asserted this Tuesday At the press conference after the Consell Executiu meeting.

PLAJA has insisted on the importance of vaccinating to "combat the pandemic", a measure "as important for individual safety as for shared health safety", so that it has encouraged all people who have not yet come to immunize They do it as soon as possible.

More than 60% of the young people of the Madrid community between 12 and 19 have already received the two doses of the vaccine, as reported by the Health Counselor, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, who has visited today one of the mobile points of Vaccination located in eight of the university campuses from Madrid.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health, in addition, 70% of the Madrid of the age of 20 and 29 years old and between 30 and 39 years old has already received the two doses of the vaccine, and today the region has "Fulfused that goal of 85% of the Madrid with full pattern", which the Community of Madrid intended to "reach by the end of September", has indicated squire.

The Health Counselor also pointed out that today the cumulative incidence of the Covid has declined in the region at 88 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days and 37 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 7 days, and That "everything points to what will continue to fall."

The Superior Court of Justice of Baleares (TSJIB) has endorsed the forced confinement in a Palma hotel at the end of June of young people on the end of the year considered by health services close contacts of Covid-19 patients.

The Autonomous Court revokes the decision of the Contentious-Administrative Court 3 of Palma that on June 30, that preventive confinement considered unjustified and allowed the return to its houses of almost 200 students, some of which gave positive in Coronavirus upon arrival at the peninsula.

The decision of the Administrative Contentious Chamber of TSJIB gives the reason to the Balearic Government, which raised a resource against the judgment of the judge, who criticized to consider that he puts the young people and their surroundings at risk.

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The City of Madrid is analyzing if the trail will be able to reopen next Sunday with all its positions, in its original locations and "in the proper conditions", since the sanitary regulations on the Coronavirus of the Community of Madrid already allows a capacity of the 100% in the markets, inform EFE.

In statements to the media after placing the first stone of the development of Valdecarros, the mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has explained that the consistory studies if all positions can be installed "in the same footprint" or, on the contrary , you have to expand the surface that occupies the trail.

This is because, although the regulation admits a 100% capacity for the markets, it remains mandatory that a safety distance of one and a half can be maintained.

Almeida has emphasized that the town hall maintains the commitment that all of the trail posts can return as soon as possible to its original footprint.

Since its reopening in November 2020, 50% of the authorized positions alternate Sunday and holidays are located in the historic trail market, and there is a maximum capacity of 2,700 people.

Castilla y León reported 92 cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday, of which 78 have been diagnosed in recent hours, almost half a hundred more than yesterday, and that carry the global figure at 304,225. In addition, he communicated three other deceased as a result of the disease, according to Servimedia of the last balance of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco Executive.

Since the previous communication, eleven hospitables and three deaths have been recorded in this healthcare environment, so that both statistics are updated in 33,193 recovered patients and 6.156 deaths because of the infection, respectively.

In the autonomous community there are currently 94 active outbreaks with 785 positive linked cases.

Euskadi has registered this past 119 new contagions of Coronavirus, which represents 50 more than in the previous day, of which 24 are minors. The rate of positive reaches 1.8%, while the incidence accumulated in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants continues to fall and stands at 115 cases. The plant patients are also reduced to 114 and 50 those who remain in the UCIs of Basque hospitals.

The rate of positiveness with respect to the tests carried out has risen from 1.7% to 1.8%, according to Europe Press of the latest data provided by the Basque Department of Health.

The rate of positive cases accumulated in 14 days per 100,000 inhabitants has dropped more than five points on the last day and is placed for all Euskadi in 115.79 cases (it was 121.56 on Sunday).

This indicator, which is reduced in all territories, presents the highest rate in Guipúzcoa, with 118.54 cases on Monday (123.81 in the previous day), while in Vizcaya lowers 116.53 cases (122.45 On the previous day), and in Álava it is reduced to 94.18 cases (99.63 in the previous day).

The cumulative incidence rate of Coronavirus in Andalusia continues to fall and is located on Tuesday at 69, a drop of 3.9 points on the last day, period in which 292 contagues and ten deceased have been registered, according to EFE of the Statistics Institute And cartography of Andalusia.

In this way, all Andalusian provinces have an incidence below a hundred cases, with Almería with the highest figure when recording 98.5 cases, and Jaén the lowest, 39.4 cases, one of the three Andalusian provinces together Córdoba and Cádiz at low risk when having less than 50 cases.

The European Commission said this Tuesday that it would make sense for the United States to travel to people vaccinated with the injections of Covid-19 of Astrazeneca, which have not yet been approved by US regulators, reports Reuters.

On Monday, the White House said that it would raise restrictions from November to prohibit EU citizens, including fully vaccinated, travel to the United States. It was not clear what vaccines would be considered acceptable by US authorities.

"We believe that the Astrazeneca vaccine is safe," said Eric Mamer, spokesman for the EU Commission, at a press conference.

"From our point of view, it would obviously make sense that people who have been vaccinated with Astrazeneca could travel," added the spokesman, noting that, however, this was a decision from US authorities.

US Food and Drug Administration has so far authorized the use of coreavirus vaccines produced by Pfizer / Biontech, modern and Johnson & Johnson, but it is still checking the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The HEALTH CONSELLER has notified the death by Covid-19 of a 62-year-old man in Mallorca, which raises the number of deaths by the pandemic in the Balearic Islands at 950 since March 2020, reports EFE.

In the last day, 66 new contagions of SARS-COV-2 have been detected in Baleares, with which the total figure since the pandemic began is 98,660, according to the Government daily report.

As for the assistance situation, on Tuesday there are 43 patients with intensive care infection, 2 less than the eve, and the occupation of the UCI remains at average risk, with 12.6%. There are 107 patients hospitalized on the floor, 2 more.

The Deputy Minister of Health has announced that Poland will recommend a dose of reinforcement from the coreavirus vaccine to people who are 50 years old and to health personnel, reports Reuters.

Johnson & Johnson said on Tuesday that a second injection of his Vaccine Covid-19, administered about two months after the first, increased its 94% effectiveness in the United States against moderate to severe forms of coronavirus disease.

This is compared with 70% protection with a single dose, reports Reuters

The data will help J & J argue before US regulatory bodies in favor of a reinforcement vaccine, although the company underlines the durability of its one-dose vaccine as a tool to alleviate world pandemic.

President Joe Biden is pressing for reinforcing vaccines to increase hospitalizations caused by the Delta Variant, and Johnson & Johnson, the only medicine manufacturer with a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine approved in the United States, It has been pressed to present evidence on the effectiveness of an additional dose.

Russia's authorities have confirmed more than 810 deaths on Tuesday for Coronavirus during the last day, a figure close to the historical maximum, a day in which the country exceeds 7.3 million cases and brushes the threshold of 200,000 deceased from the Start of the pandemic.

The national operating center for the fight against Coronavirus has highlighted that during the last 24 hours 19,179 cases and 812 deaths have been confirmed, which raises the totals at 7,313,851 and 199,808, respectively, according to Europe Press of the Russian news agency Sputnik.

The deceased figure is the second time in which the country notifies more than 800 dead in a day, after 820 on August 26. The capital, Moscow, figure one more day like the city with more cases and death, with 1,926 and 52, respectively.

According to the new US standards, foreigners admitted in the United States for humanitarian reasons, who are not required by the Vaccine COVID-19, will have to accept to be vaccinated upon arrival, according to a planning document consulted by Reuters.

The White House said on Monday that it would raise the restrictions that prevent many non-American citizens from traveling to United States by plane from November. The United States will require almost all foreigners over 12 who show a Vaccine Test Covid-19 before entering the country.

Exceptions to this policy will include "children, participants in clinical trials of Vaccine Covid-19 and humanitarian exceptions for people traveling for an important reason and do not have access to vaccination at the right time," Says the planning document.

The UN General Assembly begins on its annual debates on Tuesday, with around a hundred international leaders gathered in New York despite the pandemic and with an agenda marked by the COVID-19, climate change and the situation in Afghanistan.

After celebrating a year ago telematically, the Assembly now will have a hybrid format, with heads of state and government that will offer its traditional speeches in person and others who will do it with pre-recorded videos. World leaders return to the UN in an assembly still marked by the pandemic

The OECD has clearly reviewed its expectations for the Spanish economy this year and is even more optimistic than the government, since it expects growth of 6.8%, nine tenths more than I had anticipated at the end of May and probably the higher from the member countries.

In its intermediate perspective report on Tuesday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) far exceeds the most recent forecast of 6.1% of the Spanish Executive for 2021, but also 6.2% they had estimated In July, both the European Commission and the International Monetary Fund, inform EFE.

The main reasons for this review are the level of vaccination against the coronavirus achieved, since Spain is the country of G-20 with a higher percentage of the population that has received at least one dose (almost 90%), as well as European recovery funds, from which one of the main beneficiaries will be.

Also the good economic indicators of the second quarter, who have surprised the analysts of the organization and have led them to correct the projections for the rest of the year.

The economist of the OECD Müge Adalet McGowan emphasizes that the labor market is having better behavior than expected, as well as investment and consumption, thanks to the accumulated savings and the restoration of trust in the economy. The OECD improves its forecast for Spain and it locates it at the head of the rebound of the great European economies

An employee of a German gas station, 20, was shot by a client who refused to charge for not carrying a hygienic mask against the coronavirus, which has caused a strong controversy in the country.

The suspect, a 49-year-old man of Idar-Oberstein (West) who subsequently admitted had not respected the brake standards of the COVID-19, was put in custody, as announced on Monday night the local Rhineland-Palatinate police in A statement, informs AFP.

The client pulled out a pistol out of pocket and shot the student, who died in the act, according to the police, before which he presented the day after the facts.

The defendant told the police that he felt "cornered" by the measures of the pandemic of Covid-19, who perceived as a "growing violation of his rights" and that he did not see "another way out," prosecutor Kai Fuhrmann said on Monday . He kills a shot to the employee of a gas station who did not want to charge him for going without the mask

Nieves Cabo, the first Galician to receive a dose of the vaccine with 82 years on December 27, will receive on Tuesday, September 21, the third dose of Pfizer, or dose 'extra', that the Servizo Galégo de Saúde (Sergas) will begin To be administered to users of higher residences as part of the 'vulnerable' collective in which the immunological reinforcements against the Coronavirus will focus, reports Europa Press.

The start of immunization with the reinforcement dose is at 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday, at the Porta do Camiño residence, where he received the two doses of the vaccine at full third wave of the Coronavirus.

The mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, has augured this Tuesday that the expansion of the nightlife schedule in exterior spaces until 3 o'clock in the morning that the Generalitat has announced as of Thursday, within the relaxation of Restrictions by Coronavirus, "It will not be enough" and that should have acted before.

Colau has assured that he is concerned about the streets and parties on the street, although he considers that the time expansion he has announced by the Government will not prevent them, in an interview with Ràdio Catalonia collected by Europe Press,.

"The bottles are not only related to night leisure," and said behind them there are other causes such as the output of the pandemic and an economic factor.

In relation to the nightlife, Colau has advanced that the town hall will make public this Wednesday the device for the parties of the Mercè, although it has already warned that people who do not have an entry for concerts can not be closer to them or follow them from outside of the enclosure.

"Musical activities are expected to be perimetrated so that there is no effect called", and has requested co-responsibility to the population and that nobody approaches the concert area if it has no entrance.

Galicia came down on Tuesday of the 2,000 active cases of Covid-19, standing at 1.926, which is 145 less than those communicated yesterday. In addition, it added another three deceased because of the infection, whose accumulated rises to 2,621.

Of the active cases 505 have been registered in La Coruña, 31 less than yesterday; 372, in Vigo, the same; 356, in Lugo, 62 minus; 272, in Santiago, 29 Less; 223, in Orense, 20 Less; 139, in Pontevedra, one less and 59, in Ferrol, two less, reports Servimedia of the latest report of the Xunta.

As regards the situation of positive patients, 24 remain in UCI, one less than yesterday; 63, in hospitalization units, five less; and 1,839, in follow-up at your home.

In Galicia, 177,315 people have already recovered from the disease and a total of 4,331.002 dose of Vaccine against COVID-19 have been administered.

The Basque institutions have remembered the nearby 4,700 deaths from the COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, an act that has been held for the second year in a small park located in the center of Vitoria that was conditioned as A memory space for the victims.

The Lehendakari, Iñigo Urkullu, presided over a year ago this tribute and set the date of September 21 to remind the deceased by the Coronavirus.

Then the pandemic had been charged the life of 1,813 people in Euskadi, a number that has been growing up to 4,669 dead, according to the last fact provided by the Health Department last Wednesday.

Representatives of several Basque institutions, including the Basque Executive, Diputaciones, City Halls and Delegation of the Government, have gathered in the Baptized as Sempervirens Park, around a giant Sequoia that was planted in 1860 and that although it was dried in 2014 in the place.

The Lehendakari has indicated in a brief speech that this dry tree and its "strength and solidity" helps represent the memory of the permanence of the collective memory, reports EFE.

The Spanish banks earned 7,190 million in the first half of 2021, compared to the losses of 11,531 million of the same period of the previous year, when they endowed provisions to anticipate the possible effects of the crisis derived from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Entities gave provisions 9,062 million between January and June, 36% less than a year earlier or 5,098 million in absolute figures, with which they returned to levels prior to the crisis, according to EFE of the Spanish Banking Association (AEB) .

Catalonia has managed to fall from the 200 entered by Coronavirus at the UCI for the first time since July 11, while epidemic indicators continue to improve and have already been at levels that were not recorded since the summer of 2020, although there is still 7 Daily dead for the disease.

Today there are 583 patients hospitalized by Covid, twelve less than yesterday, of which 194 are in the ICU, ten less than the eve, according to EFE of the updated incidence data on Tuesday by the Department of Health.

The number of deceased since the start of the epidemic amounts to 23,841, with 14 dead notified in the last 24 hours, a number that descends very little by little.

The risk of regrowth (EPG), index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic, is today 70 points, three less than yesterday, a moderate risk that was not given since July 9 last year, when it exceeded the First wave

The speed of propagation of the virus (RT) in Catalonia is today 0.85, one hundredth less than yesterday, which means that every 100 infected infected an average of 85 people.

Justin Trudeau, who will renew his prime minister after the parliamentary elections in Canada, promised on Tuesday in his victory speech he will work for his country to have a "best future" after the pandemic of Coronavirus.

"You (the Canadians) are sending us to work with a clear mandate to get out of this pandemic towards a better future," said Trudeau, 49, surrounded by his children and his wife, Sophie Grégoire.

The Head of the Government summoned these early elections in mid-August to try to recover the majority who had lost two years before. Trudeau preserves power but can not recover most

Castilla y León has begun at 00.00 hours of this Tuesday the "controlled risk" phase for the entire territory of the community, in principle, until the sanitary crisis was declared for the Coronavirus in the national territory, "Unless the Evolution of risk indicators Require the declaration of some level of alert, "reports Europa Press.

The Board has adopted this decision given the "good evolution of epidemiological and health data" allows us to assess this statement of "controlled risk" situation that maintains "minimum" control and prevention measures.

The autonomous Government clarifies in this regard that the maintenance of the interpersonal security distance and the use of masks within the establishments is still required, while also the prohibition of smoking in outdoor spaces without the distance of security.

Likewise, the assoles are eliminated in hospitality and trade establishments, although general hygiene and prevention measures will continue to be applied. However, the capacity is maintained in accordance with state regulations in sporting events and measures applied to educational centers

The live experiment that turned the failures into the first great popular festival that lived with the Covid has had a successful result. The fears that provoked an increase in incidence has been vanished 20 days after the monuments and events Falling returned to the streets of the city on September 1. Thousands of people participated in the recovery of the party without having a reflection in the contagion.

At that time, the cumulative incidence was 166.08 per 100,000 inhabitants, below the maximum but very high risk. His coincidence with the return of vacation and the return to the school made the epidemiologists that could produce a rebound. The data of Covid in wastewater was the first to indicate that the party was not having a reflection in the increase of contagions, something that has been confirmed with the data recorded by health in the last 14 days, which place the figure in 58 , 73 cases. Failures outweigh the Covid test without reflection in the incidence: "It is a single case worthy of study"

Cantabria has registered in recent hours a new death by Coronavirus, which raises 611 deaths in the community since the beginning of the pandemic, although the main indicators continue the downward trend with 37 new positives, one more than the previous day, According to Bursor Europa Press of the latest data on health counseling, corresponding to Monday 20.

The number of hospitalized by Covid has descended until 32, three less than Sunday, with which the occupation of beds lowered by 2.6% (0.2% less points). In addition, there was a patient less in the intensive care unit (UCI), so that were six admitted, so that the occupation was reduced by 1%, up to 5.7%. In this way, both indicators are kept in a low pressure.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) recommends this year, as a novelty, antigripal vaccination to all children between six and 59 months (4.6 years), as proposed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center European for the prevention and control of diseases (ECDC).

In a press release, the AEP Vaccine Advisory Committee considers that "the absence of immunological stimuli due to the lack of exposure to influenza viruses last season, could involve a different behavior and an increase in the incidence of the Flu seasonal epidemic these next months ".

This flu will be the second one that matches the Coronavirus pandemic.

The previous one occurred in the expansion phase of the SARS-COV-2 virus worldwide "and, since the transmission mechanisms of this pathogen and that of influenza coincide in large part, the measures launched could be behind Of the almost disappearance of the flu at the last season globally, "explains the AEP.

And that, according to the Spanish Association of Pediatricians, "has been an additional difficulty in the choice of viral strains that should contain anti-closet vaccines for the current season," in which circumstances are very different "due to the extensive vaccination already The withdrawal of respiratory transmission containment measures ".

The Vaccine Commission of the AEP recommends antique vaccination in childhood and adolescence and includes as a novelty the strip of 6 to 59 months. Pediatricians recommend vaccining influenza to children from 6 months to 5 years

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has coincided with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who has recommended him the vaccine against the Covid-19 developed by Pharmaceutical of Great Britain Astrazeneca, to which the Brazilian president has answered that still It has not been vaccinated.

Both leaders have coincided in the American city of New York on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly meeting to be held on Tuesday.

"I've already taken it twice," Johnson said about the dose of Astrazeneca, a comment that Bolsonaro has responded with a: "I still have not done it", as he collects the Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, reports Europe. PRESS

The fact of not having received any dose against Coronavirus leaves the Brazilian president as an exception among world leaders, and has even provoked controversy in New York, since the city's authorities require a certificate of vaccination to access closed spaces As restaurants, cinemas or theaters.

For this reason, the Neo Yorker mayor, Bill de Blasio, has invited Bolsonaro to not go to the city if he is not immunized, collects the Brazilian news portal G1.

For the EDIL it is necessary to convey a health safety message to the population and, in the same way, to ensure that those attending the United Nations Assembly do not get infected. "Everyone must be sure and together, this means that everyone should be vaccinated," he said. Bolsonaro, contrary to vaccination against the Covid, dinner a piece of pizza on the street in New York

Japan will begin to administer a third dose of reinforcement of the coreavirus vaccine among the general population as of 2022, the Japanese minister in charge of the vaccination campaign in the territory, Taro Kono, told EFE.

The Ministry of Health, Japanese Work and Welfare has approved the administration of a third dose of the vaccine, after receiving the second, before the reports that the antibodies decrease with the passage of time.

Medical staff is scheduled, the first group that began receiving the VACCO of the Covid in Japan in mid-February, is the first to receive the reinforcement doses this year.

As of 2022, the over 65 years of age will begin to receive it and the rest of the population in general, Kono explained at a telematic press conference.

The priority of the reinforcement dose administration will follow the same scheme as the original campaign. After the elders, people with underlying diseases or in risk groups will be priority and finally the rest of the population.

Asturias has entered the new normality, within the risk traffic light designed by the Ministry of Health, having reduced the cumulative incidence of Coronavirus two weeks below 25 cases per hundred thousand inhabitants, reports EFE.

Asturias, which was already the only autonomous community at low risk (25-50 cases), now becomes the first to enter the new normality, having reduced the incidence over the past weekend of 27.4 At 21.9 cases, compared to the national average of 83.4, according to the data published on Monday by the Ministry of Health.

The Principality also marks, by far, the incidence accumulated seven days later in the country, 1.77, compared to the country average of 33.9.

According to the balance published on Monday by the Principality, five new contagions were detected in the day yesterday, the lowest figure since July 2020.

Although the entry into the new normality has now occurred, the Health Counselor, Pablo Fernández, had already assumed the arrival of this situation during the past week when presenting the community accumulated incidents much lower than those of the rest of the country in All age ranges and also very low rates of hospitalizations (today, less than 1% in plant and 3.7% in ICU) and positivity of diagnostic tests (0.6%). Asturias, first community to enter the new normality

At the moment, the White House has not specified what vaccines will be admitted to enter the United States after yesterday announced the reopening of international flights as of November 1, closed since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 .

In an interview with AFP Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the domestic market, he said that the new US order covers vaccines recognized by the American pharmaceutical agency (FDA). That vaccines are the Pfizer / Biontech, modern and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen).

The FDA has not approved the Astrazeneca vaccine, used by many European nations, but Breton said he spoke with Zients and perceived hopeful signs.

Zients "he told me that for the other vaccines, especially the AstraZeneca, it will be his health agency that will decide, but he had a positive and optimistic air," Bretton said.

Thierry Breton asked Mr. Zients about the calendar, asking if this authorization could occur before November 1, date of entry into force of restrictions: "It also seemed to be positive about dates," he said.

The Air France-KLM Group described as "Formidable" the news that the United States will raise on November 1, for vaccinated people, the restrictions in force from March 2020 to international travel. Transatlantic flights are a substantial part of the revenues of the Franco-Dutch Group, AFP reports.

The Airline Federations for America and Airlines for Europe "applauded" also the news.

In addition to presenting a vaccination test against the Covid, those traveling to the United States should be done in the three days prior to boarding and carrying mask during the trip, said Jeff Zients, coordinator of the fight against the pandemic in the White House.

The European Commission also congratulated by the US announcement considering it "a long-awaited measure by families and distanced friends" and indicated that, in addition, it is "good news for companies".

The positives by Coronavirus have tripled in Navarra in recent hours and exceed 30 cases.

After the ten new contagions detected on Sunday, yesterday, Monday, the figure rose to 36, according to EFE of the still provisional data provided by the Forum Government.

By localities, Azagra and Tudela stand out, with 4 positives each, and lodosa, Pamplona, Tafalla and Villava, with 2.

The Government of Mexico has regretted the delay in the delivery of vaccines against the Coronavirus by the Covax Mechanism, initiative directed by the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), the coalition for innovations in preparation for epidemics (CEPI) and WHO.

"It was not possible that COVAX fulfilled all expectations, because Covax is an instrument that depends on vaccine producers, and if the producer of a vaccine tells you 'the government does not let me export it', because you can not send it to any Side, "said Mexican Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, during the presentation of the book The International Strategy of Mexico in the Covid-19 pandemic. March 2020 - August 2021.

Although Mexico promoted CVAX and made a purchase in advance of more than 50 million vials, it has only received close to 4.3 million of this platform.

Another government that has been previously complained from Covax is that of Paraguay, which initially precomprooted 4,279,800 doses, but has received them to droppers.

Paraguay, which has 26.3% of its population with the full vaccination pattern, anxious that Covax fulfills its commitment since they fear that a new wave of the COVID-19 will collapse the public health system, but also to the private, Reports EFE.

Greece will begin to administer as of October the third vaccine against Coronavirus over 60 years and health personnel, after beginning last week to inoculate with this reinforcement to immunosuppressed people.

The platform for requesting appointment for the third vaccination will open this new group next day 30, as long as at least six months have passed since they received the complete pattern, reports EFE.

For immunocompromised people - in cancer treatment, subjected to an organ transplant, with renal or hepatic insufficiency, or with autoimmune or inflammatory diseases - the deadline to obtain the reinforcement is only four weeks after the second puncture.

This third reinforcement dose will be done only with vaccines with Messenger RNA technology (MRNA), such as those of Pfizer and modern, although before they were vaccinated with those of Astrazeneca or Johnson & Johnson.

In any case, the reinforcement will be voluntary, including health professionals, for whom the first two injections are obligatory, or the single dose in the case of Johnson & Johnson.

The expert of the National Vaccination Committee, Vana Papaevangelu, explained that this reinforcement is recommended in the case of older people because according to scientific data, the immune response is reduced more quickly at an advanced age.

The shortage of masks and gloves that marked the first days of the Coronavirus pandemic has been extended to a number of other items necessary in the medical centers of the United States, from the examination tables and cardiac defibrillators to crutches and intravenous posts .

For example, now it can take up to five months to achieve some types of examination tables, compared to three or six weeks that were needed before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to CME Corp, a distributor of medical equipment that handles More than 2 million products. The scarcity of raw materials, such as plastics, metals, glass and electronic products, has hampered production, reports Reuters.

India expects to receive its first doses of Johnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine from next October, filled out and finished in India by a US pharmaceutical partner, a source with knowledge of the matter told Reuters.

It could receive up to 43.5 million doses of a single injection vaccine in October, the source said, a great step to help India fulfill its objective of producing more than 300 million doses in the month.

The Generalitat has announced that the nightlife in Catalonia will be able to open in exterior spaces until 3:00 pm from the night of this Wednesday on Thursday, although at the moment it will continue to be closed indoors by the pandemic of Coronavirus.

The Generalitat, after the meeting with the sector, has communicated that it also proposed a nearby horizon to open the interior spaces ", with the possibility of using the Covid certificate if the epidemiological situation allows it. Catalonia Reopens The nightlife, only on terraces and until 03:00 hours

Honduras accumulated 9,537 dead because of the coronavirus and brushed the 360,000 contagions since March 2020, reports EFE of the state national risk management system (SINAGER).

In addition, of 6,133 laboratory tests, 2,144 resulted in positive diagnosis, with those who already add up 359,768 throughout the pandemic.

The same source indicated that 1,069 Hondurans remain hospitalized because of the COVID-19, of which 563 present a stable condition, 436 are severe and 70 in intensive care units.

The second Australian city, Melbourne, closed all its construction works on Tuesday after the masons were violently protested against the implementation of strict standards to curb the coronavirus in these workplaces.

These works will be closed for two weeks in response "to the broad non-compliance" of health regulations and protests against new measures, which include the compulsory vaccination of workers.

"We have been clear: if the rules do not follow, we will not hesitate to act," said industrial minister of Industrial Relations, Tim Pallas, when announcing the closure, reports AFP.

On Monday, more than one hundred construction workers with phosphorescent vests starred in Trifulcas and broke windows at the union offices in the center of Melbourne to protest the vaccination requirement.

The second Australian city, like Sydney, has been dealing with a region of the contagious delta variant that does not end up control, partly due to the low vaccination indices in the country.

Several foci of infection were located at construction sites, with fame of applying the anticovid measures.

The closing of these works leave tens of thousands of people without work and can provoke more protests on Tuesday.

The National Health Commission of China today announced the detection of 72 new positives of the Coronavirus SARS-COV-2 this Monday, of which 42 occurred by local contagion in the Southeast Province of Fujian, focus of a small regrowte detected two weeks ago .

The data is a slight increase compared to the 49 cases announced the day before, reports EFE.

The health authorities also informed the detection of 13 new asymptomatic infections today (all "imported"), although Beijing does not compute them as confirmed cases unless they manifest symptoms.

The total of this type of observation infections is 349, of which 340 comes from other territories.

In this way, the total number of active contagious in mainland China stood at 980, 12 of which are bass.

A group of Brazilian researchers has identified two genetic markers that may indicate which patients are at higher risk of dying after contracting the coronavirus and allowing doctors to offer them more adequate treatments.

Biomarkers, detectable in blood tests, are two enzymes whose levels increased significantly more among patients with Coronavirus who ended up dating among those who got recovered, said the University of Sao Paulo (USP).

The peculiarity of these enzymes was discovered by researchers from the USP, the main University of Brazil; of the Brazilian state Foundation Oswaldo Cruz (Fiocruz), the main health research center in Latin America, and from the Mayo Clinic of the United States.

According to the study, whose results appear in an article published in the last edition of the International Scientific Journal Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, the levels of metalloproteinases (MMP) 2 and 9 in patients who died by Covid were much higher than those registered in the They contracted the disease and exceeded it.

The researchers evaluated the levels of these blood enzymes of twenty-five patients hospitalized by Covid at a university hospital of the USP and in twenty-nine healthy people.

The metalloproteinases include a family of twenty-five enzymes that act in the degradation of cellular matrix proteins, that is, in the union of the cells, to guarantee the removal and permanent renewal of the tissues.

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