Coronavirus today | Two million vaccinated in Spain with Janssen, pending whether they will receive a second dose

Following the decision to administer the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine to higher in residences (Madrid and Cantabria are added today to other autonomies

Coronavirus today |
 Two million vaccinated in Spain with Janssen, pending whether they will receive a second dose

Following the decision to administer the third dose of the coreavirus vaccine to higher in residences (Madrid and Cantabria are added today to other autonomies that already do so), the Interiorritorial Council is pending to decide on the possibility of injecting a second dose to the Vaccinated with Jannsen. The American laboratory Johnson & Johnson has reported that his monodose vaccine is more effective when two doses are administered.

Total figures: 4,937,984 cases of Coronavirus confirmed with diagnostic test of active infection; There have been 85,983 dead with positive test as of September 21.

The Conseller of Health has notified the death by Covid-19 of five people on Wednesday, all of them in Mallorca and last July, with which the number of Deceuses by the Coronavirus pandemic in Baleares amounts to 955 since March 2020 , according to EFE of the data of the Health Consellery.

In the last day, 42 new contagions of SARS-COV-2 have been detected in Baleares, with which the total figure since the pandemic began is 98,724, according to the Governian daily report.

The Globalia Tourist Group has announced that it will launch a File of Temporary Employment Regulation (ERTE) that would affect some 9,000 employees before the possibility that the conversations between the government and the social agents do not result in an extension of the erte of Force majeure at least during this year, as confirmed to Europe Press in sources of the sector.

The anticipation forecast of the demand in the next autumn-winter season has made the tourism company anticipate a possible situation that could greatly damage the accounts of the company, as well as very affected due to the decline in demand in the last year by the coronavirus.

As confirmed to Europe Press, the measure will affect something more than 9,000 employees, 60% of the total, and will be extended to all the companies that make up globalia (Air Europa, Be Live Hotel, Groundforce). It would not come into the erte hawk travel, which at the end of 2020 went on to be integrated into Avoris.

Russia has overcome this Wednesday the 200,000 barrier killed by Coronavirus after adding about 820 died during the last day, a figure close to the historical maximum recorded on August 26, according to Europe Press of data provided by the National Operating Center for the Fight Against the coronavirus.

The Agency has detailed that during the last 24 hours 19,706 cases and 817 deaths have been registered, which raises the total figures at 7,333,557 and 220,625, respectively. The death number exceeds 812 on Tuesday and is situated with second maximum figure, after 820 of the aforementioned August day.

The capital, Moscow, figure one more day like the city with more cases and dead in the country, with 1,991 and 50, respectively, followed by Saint Petersburg, which has confirmed 1,521 infections and 43 deceased, as collected by the Russian agency of News Sputnik.

Seven out of every ten santabers between 20 and 39 years old are immunized against the Coronavirus while the vaccination of this strip exceeds 75%, according to Europe Press of the latest health counseling data on Tuesday 21.

In the population between 20 and 29 years, immunity reaches 73.3% of vaccinates, which are 78.7%; While from 30 to 39 it has full schedule 73.7%, practically the total of those who have received the vaccine, which are 75.9%.

It has also advanced the inoculation of young people from 12 to 19 years, where 85% has already received the vaccine and 61.7% immunity.

The Department of Health has reported this Wednesday that it has accounted for 69,129 vacuums against Covid expired, representing 0.6% of total doses received.

These are vaccines that were thawed in provision of more demand from which it has been and that they have expired by exceeding the 30-day period that can be kept in a refrigerator, according to EFE of the Secretary of Public Health of the Generalitat, Carmen Cabezas.

Heads has pointed out that, having opened vaccination without a previous appointment to capture the non-immunized, "the adjustment between supply and demand is more difficult, because you do not know who will come and, if a person arrives at point, you can not Leave without vaccination, so there must be thawed vaccines. "

Vaccination continues to lose strength in Catalonia, since this last week was pricked 108,595 injections (7,255 of them third dose), less than the previous week: 159,758 punctures.

The General Directorate of Public Health of the Government of Aragon has notified 130 new cases of Coronavirus in the Autonomous Community, no deceased and 213 epidemiological high, results corresponding to this Tuesday, September 21.

By provinces, 104 contagions have been accounted for in Zaragoza and 144 recovered; In Huesca, 13 positive and 31 high; and in Teruel, 13 cases and 37 people recovered, according to Europe Press of the Aragon Provisional Health Data.

The General Council of official colleges of physicians (CGCOM) will address the reconstruction of the National Health System (SNS) after the COVID-19 pandemic and will analyze medical training in all its slopes at the school of the medical profession that will be held tomorrow Thursday and Friday in the courses of the International University Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) in Santander, reports Servimedia.

During the presentation at the press conference of the School of the Medical Profession (Seminary Santander 2021), the president of the CGCOM, Dr. Tomás Cobo, explained that in this event he will deal with "two topics of crucial news".

On the one hand, the reconstruction of the SNS in two environments: professional and sanitary. The second block of the seminar will be directed towards the analysis of the training activity. In this seminar, "we want to draw conclusions, road leaves and action plans where we want to go," Cobo said.

The contagions by Covid-19 remain below Thirty, in figures similar to the previous day, when it is detected on Tuesday, 25 cases, according to EFE of the provisional data of the Government of Navarra.

On Monday the number of contagions was 26 after carrying out 2,027 tests that placed the tax rate at 1.3%.

The highest number of positives in the last hours has been detected in the Pamplonse neighborhood of Rochapea with four cases, in the rest of the areas where there has been some contagion have been one or two.

The Cantabrian Health Service (SCS) will start this Wednesday the Administration of the Additional Dose against the VACCO-19 in the residences of the entire region, to "intensify the protection of the most vulnerable population," Informa Europa Press.

Cantabria is thus anticipated the calendar set at the national level and will begin to put the first dose of reinforcement in the CAD (care center), where it is planned to vaccinate 173 residents, and in the Virgin Residence of the Lighthouse, also In Santander, where 142 additional doses will be inoculated.

The objective, in "Total Consonance" with the decision adopted in the Public Health Commission, whose conclusions shares Cantabria, is to vaccinate with a dose of memory to people of higher residences that are, in their majority, "elderly, Fragile and multipathological ".

All Indian children of 12 years or more may be vaccinated against the Coronavirus from next month, when the drug manufacturer cadila Healthcare launches its ZYCOV-D product, two sources with direct knowledge of the matter said to Reuters.

ZYCOV-D, the first vaccine from the world against COVID-19 based on DNA, obtained emergency authorization from Indian regulatory agencies last month. As of October, the company, best known as Zydus cadila, will produce 10 million doses per month.

The vaccine is the only one approved for children in India, which has administered a total of 825.9 million doses to adults among its population of almost 1,400 million inhabitants.

The Community of Madrid begins on Wednesday to administer third doses in the higher residences against the Covid-19, which will be added to the additional dose that since last week they receive previously vaccinated immunosupports.

The Community of Madrid will use its own and Red Cross media to begin to inoculate the third dose to people living in residences and who are immunized with full guideline for more than 6 months, reports Europe Press.

Mobile units will be displaced to public residences, concerted and private. "He's going to give tomorrow the first step, he's going to start in several residences and from there, mainly for our elders," he said.

The objective is to guarantee the degree of immunization "with the greatest possible speed" and achieve a "reinforcement" that is "fundamental" to achieve group immunity in the Madrid region.

The authorities of the city of Harbin, capital of Heilongjiang's nororental province of Heilongjiang, today announced that they have undertaken a massive acid test campaign to their population, from ten million people, after eight local cases of Covid.

Local health authorities hope to complete the tests before Friday and have asked residents who do not leave home with another reason than to do the test until the process is finished, they reported in a statement collected by EFE.

The National Health Commission of China today announced the detection of three Coronavirus cases in Harbin on Tuesday, which must be added another five positives in that city that the provincial authorities of Heilongjiang confirmed in the morning (local time) of this Wednesday .

These new cases occur at a time when another outbreak has not remitted in China registered in the Southeast Province of Fujian - with 13 local cases notified today - and occurs on the eve of the surge of travel that usually generates the "week Golden "holiday for the national day, between October 1 and 7.

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, returns from United Nations, where he delivered a critical discourse with international measures to combat the pandemic, although he has had to leave in New York in quarantine to his health minister, Marcelo Queiroga, after positive in Coronavirus during the General Assembly, informs EFE.

"I communicate all that today positive for Covid-19, I will be quarantined in the United States, following all the health safety protocols," said the minister in his social networks.

The Brazilian government said in a note that Queiroga, who is vaccinated against the Coronavirus, is "good" and communicated that the rest of the members of the delegation became a diagnostic test and gave negative.

India could allow a lower range between the doses of AstraZeneca VACCO-19 vaccine for the inoculations that are carried out privately, according to a court order, according to Reuters of two sources.

Hospitals and private clinics will give their patients to pay the option to receive the second dose of the vaccine four weeks after the first, compared to 12 and 16 current weeks, they said.

The Superior Court of the Southern State of Kerala ordered changes in the vaccine reserve platform of the Ministry of Health to give people to pay for vaccination this option, which is already offered to those who fly abroad.

"As the High Court has issued a sentence, it will have to be done," said one of the sources. "For the government program, the ideal gap is still 12 weeks."

India duplicated the interval between the two doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine in May to ensure that more people were inoculated with at least one dose when supplies were scarce at the highlight of this year's outbreak in the country.

A great progress in the search for the origins of the Covid-19 could occur when researchers at the Pasteur Institute, in northern Laos, identify in batons similar to SARS-COV-2 capable of infecting humans.

The conclusions of this work, which is available free of charge from Wednesday on the Restarich Square scientific platform, should still be reviewed by peers with a view to its publication in a scientific journal.

To better understand the evolution of SARS-COV-2 and its origins, which have been the subject of intense speculation for months, researchers at the Pasteur Institute of Paris, the Pasteur Institute of Laos and the National University of Laos carried out a mission of Field in the north of the country at the end of 2020 and early 2021 with different bat species living in limestone caves.

"The initial idea was to try to identify the origin of this epidemic," explains AFP Marc Eloit, head of the "Pathogen Discovery" Laboratory of the Pasteur Institute of Paris, whose teams analyzed the different samples collected. "For various reasons that accumulate, we suspect that certain insectivorous bats could be the reservoir of the virus.

The analyzes of the Pasteur Institute concluded that the sequences of the virus found in the bats are almost identical to those of SARS-COV-2 and the researchers were able to demonstrate their ability to allow viruses to enter human cells. They find a virus very similar to that of the COVID-19 in bats of Laos

The Australian police arrested on Wednesday a dozen people in Melbourne during the third consecutive day of tense protests against measures to stop the pandemic and the vaccination campaign against Coronavirus.

The authorities strongly reinforced their presence at the center of the second largest city in the country, confined since August by a regrowth of the Virus of the COVID-19, after the violent march registered on Monday and the detention on the eve of some 62 people during Another concentration.

Some 300 people gathered this Wednesday around the Sanctuary of Memory, in the center of Melbourne, according to EFE of the first estimates of the authorities, compared to the thousands who took the streets earlier.

Since first time, the police acted preventively against groups of participants when proceeding to the arrest of people who did not contribute enough reasons to justify their presence in the streets, collects the ABC public channel.

Some of the protesters resisted detention and caused small altercations with the authorities, collects the medium.

The marches are summoned, on the third consecutive day, by construction workers' unions for the obligation to be vaccinated against the COVID-19 to access a job in the industry.

Following the decision to administer the third dose of the Vaccine against the Covid to higher in residences at its last meeting, the Interiorritorial Council is pending to decide on the possibility of injecting a second dose to those vaccinated with Jannsen, who have received about 2 million of People in Spain.

This Tuesday, the American laboratory Johnson & Johnson reported that his monodose vaccine is more effective when two doses are administered.

The J & J immunizer was originally designed as a single dose vaccine. But with a second dose injected about two months (56 days) after the first, the levels of antibodies observed increased "between four and six times", according to a statement from the company.

The effectiveness of the vaccine against symptomatic cases of the disease at least 14 days after the reinforcement dose was 75%, and 100% against severe cases, according to the data of a clinical trial carried out in several countries in people of 18 years or more.

In the United States, the effectiveness against symptomatic cases (moderate to severe) was 94% with this reinforcement dose. In comparison, the latest data from the original clinical trial, of a single dose, showed that the effectiveness of the drug in the United States against symptomatic cases was 70%.

The transmission of the Covid has descended up to 78.8 cases in 14 days, and pressure has also been reduced in the UCIS, up to 10.2%, and in the plant, where the number of Covid patients admitted generate an occupation of 2 , 8%, according to the last data update of the Ministry of Health.

New Zealand might not have zero cases of Coronavirus in the community, the General Director of Health said on Thursday, while the country continues with its efforts to eradicate the infectious variant of the Delta virus.

New Zealand eliminated the Covid-19 last year and had practically been free of the virus, except for a small number of cases in February, until the last outbreak of the Delta variant arose, which led to the first minister, Jacinda Ardern , to order a blockade throughout the country, reports Reuters.

The United States plans to donate another 500 million vaccines against the Coronavirus manufactured by Pfizer and Biontech to countries around the world, raising the total that the country is sharing more than a billion dose.

President Joe Biden will organize a virtual summit on Coronavirus on Wednesday and is likely to announce the new commitment.

The United States is pushing the world leaders to support their objectives to end the Covid-19 pandemic, including ensuring that 70% of the world population is vaccinated for these dates in 2022, according to a draft of US document consulted by Reuters.

The European Commission has signed an agreement with ELI Lilly for the purchase of up to 220,000 doses of a monoclonal antibody treatment developed by the American pharmaceutical and that is currently under the evaluation phase by the European Medicine Agency (EMA).

The goal of Brussels is that the Treatment Portfolio against the COVID-19 works in a similar way to the vaccine strategy, through joint purchases in which the members who wish them may participate. The Community executive has reported that 18 Member States have joined the new contract, without specifying which ones.

Those countries of the block that have opted to participate may buy doses of the treatment developed by Eli Lilly once it has been authorized by EMA or by its equivalent national agency, the European Commission has explained in a statement, reports Europe Press.

The American laboratory drug combines two monoclonal antibodies (Bamlanivimab and Etesevimab) and is used for the treatment of patients who do not require oxygen supplement but have "high risk" to develop a serious COVID-19.

The agreement signed this Tuesday for the Community Executive is the third within the Community strategy for the joint purchase of treatments against COVID-19. In March he signed a pact with Roche for the purchase of his monoclonal antibody treatment (which combines Casirivimab and Imdevimab) and in July announced another agreement with GSK for the purchase of Sotrovimab dose.

Johnson & Johnson has affirmed that a second injection of his vaccine against Covid-19, administered about two months after the first, increased his 94% efficacy in the United States against moderate to serious forms of the disease. This is compared with 70% protection with a single dose.

The President of Colombia, Iván Duque, said to the General Assembly of the United Nations that the international community should equitably distribute vaccines against VOC-19 to avoid the creation of new and more fearsome variants of Coronavirus.

The South American country aims to vaccinate at least 70% of its 50 million inhabitants. Delays in the production of vaccine manufacturers have left some Colombians waiting for the doses in recent weeks.

Panama will offer a third dose of the Vaccine Covid-19 to moderate and serious immunosuppressed people as of this week, the Minister of Health, Luis Sucre said on Tuesday.

The decision follows that of other Latin American countries such as Ecuador and Chile, who are already administering a dose of reinforcement of the vaccine to people at risk, for example those that have immunodeficiencies or the elderly, reports Reuters.

The Chinese nornamental city of Harbin, 10 million inhabitants, is semi-detached after having notified new cases of local transmission Covid-19 for the first time since the beginning of February.

Three of the 16 new local cases notified in China for September 21 occurred in Harbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang, according to Reports Reuters of the National Health Commission (CNS). The last local transmission cases notified in the city occurred on February 4.

The Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund has called for a coordinated action and greater responsibility to ensure that the world fulfills the goal of vaccinating 40% of the population against the Coronavirus of all countries against COVID-19 by the end of 2021.

The decision of India this week to resume vaccine exports is "a very important part of the solution", but the main economies also have to increase vaccine deliveries to fulfill their commitments, said Gita Gopinath in an interview with Reuters.

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