Correa returns a scream to the metropolitan

Hydration pauses have earned the right to be part of the Rojiblanca mystical. If of a chatter of Diego Pablo Simeone, under the heat still bearable in May, he

Correa returns a scream to the metropolitan

Hydration pauses have earned the right to be part of the Rojiblanca mystical. If of a chatter of Diego Pablo Simeone, under the heat still bearable in May, he raised the athletic his revolution in front of Osasuna, a path of the league title, after another minute of respite, fruit of the torrid August Madrid, ripped off the entire Madrid the first scream Al Metropolitan, almost a life later. He was Angel Correa who woke up to the people of him and rescued the stadium of too long a silence. More than 500 days after that last bullet of Joao Felix Al Sevilla (March 7, 2020), the Argentine, triggered in front of the opponent goal, threw that long-awaited first flash to the Wanda sky, shortly before the break. The boot of him looks tufted and sharp. Every team needs an angel and the athletic strap breathes quietly because he knows he has it. For a lot of final intrigue that there was, the only thing that is left is a strap.

With the heart still shrunk by the tributes, by the memories of so many people who stayed on the road, in this strange path of silence that triggered the Coronavirus, the Atlético ripped, at last, in front of his parish. For some like Kondogbia or Paul, he holds both, it was the first time. The one who says he never forgets. The African player, with beautiful sanctioned, was able to disguise himself from Central so as not to alter the drawing. He had been the best in the Medulla Rojiblanca in Balaídos, seven days ago, and he had to abide by orders. Together with Savic and Giménez, and unresseoned, the goal of Oblak stressed firmly.

However, until the aforementioned Hydration Pause (minute 28), to Atlético, who started energetic, it was hard to get rid of the network that Fran woven for his Elche. Between the rival drawing and the thermometer suffocation (36 degrees), the Rojiblancos barely jumped Kiko Box. Perhaps did Saul, who seems to have claimed life, with a distant whiplash that he did not even reach the shore. Perhaps Thomas Lemar, to which the fans had seen take off from the television, after giving it for amortized path of confinement. Of that blunt and cowed him, daring and fun. The Frenchman who seduced Athletic in the summer of 2018 has long ago becoming meat. And now, besides, you can enjoy him the fondness of him just a few meters away. No screen through it is worth.

He did not go through the Elche, which was the ball without startup. But the robbery pause came, the sneaker of Paul, poked for surgical occurrences, as the one he signed, committed a square Borón, slow in his departure and erratic in the clearance, and, finally, he returned to Levitar Correa, as there was already Done a week ago in Vigo. A cut around here, a breakdown over there and a launch with an exterior of his right boot to the squad. It is the name with the most impact on this season boot.

He left the athletic to the dressing room with a smile from ear to ear and roared the stadium in unison when, in the resumption, he saw Luis Suárez del Sell rise to start heating in the band. And he came down when, at the time of evening, he peeked for the first time dressed in Rojiblanco before the eyes of his swollen. The cry of war, the famous "Uruguayan, Uruguayan!" Recovered the decibels of other times. By then they could have drew the issue of Simeone, of not having mediated box. A corner kick from Koke and a header of Giménez, invariable formulas (put Godin instead of Josema) that are still useful for many years to pass.

The stand funny, despite the intrigue that reflected the score. The threat of Elche was now the Argentine Rocker Benedetto, accustomed to intense battles in his country. Wrote and the anonymous boys of him never lost sight of sight, while Atlético tried to throw the tie to his second victory of the course. Suárez remained with the trigger prepared and Oblak did not claim any miracle.

However, before the doubts, they always assault when the score does not bring certainties, Simeone climbed on his hobby. As he had always done until silence wrapped everything. The harrow pushed and the athletic reached land. He did not have left over, but it was enough for him to keep walking. To continue with a decision a path that only has just booted.

Date Of Update: 22 August 2021, 15:53

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