Cruz takes refuge in his reputation and in that was a manual to not resign

Two other books that plagiarized the president of the SenadoManuel Cross followed a pattern in the plagiarism of your manual filosofíaManuel Cross alleges that

Cruz takes refuge in his reputation and in that was a manual to not resign
Two other books that plagiarized the president of the SenadoManuel Cross followed a pattern in the plagiarism of your manual filosofíaManuel Cross alleges that there are "coincidences minimum among commentators"

As it was commissioned to remember yesterday, senators Rafael Hernando (PP) and Fran Carrillo (Citizens), 1 June 2018, during the motion of censure overthrew the Government of Mariano Rajoy, now the president-in-office, Pedro Sanchez, he applauded the example of two German ministers who resigned after the discovery two plagiarism in their respective doctoral theses. A philosophy that is not now applied to the PSOE.

ABC published yesterday in the copying of whole paragraphs nine other authors that made the president of the Senate, the socialist Manuel Cruz, in one of his manuals of philosophy. The case that is reminiscent of the thesis of Sanchez —senator popular Salome Pradas invited to Cross to "give explanations that do not gave" him— and that, of moment, has equal response: closing of the ranks around the involved. The margin of a "bare-bones" release, the fourth authority of the State shied away from giving more explanations . "What you had to say has already said my team in a press release," he said asked about the plagiarism on his arrival at the Board of Spokespersons of the Camera High.

The above statement consisting of six points and the first three, basically, a summary of the curriculum and the academic success as a professor of Philosophy of the president of the Senate. In the fourth point of the note sent by his press team, is justified by the "coincidences minimum among commentators who have read and worked on the same author," by the character "dissemination" of the work. As points out, it is "statements well-known by specialists", something that contrasts with the previous argument because the works information is written for students, not for specialists.

"If you want to add something more, simply I might add that not everything is politics," snapped Cross giving settled a statement to the media that lasted just thirty seconds.

"I believe that mr Cross has to give explanations. Not to save his image, that does not matter to us, but to save the image of the Senate," said the spokesman of the PP, Javier Maroto, before you read the statement issued by the Cross team. At the meeting of the Board of Spokespersons was the popular senator, precisely, who asked for explanations to the head of the Camera and this, according to several sources, was limited again to teach the release to the different spokespersons.

Maroto, after reading it, he argued that it is "very terse" and claimed a version "thorough and fast" you to clear all the doubts . The popular senator, unlike some of its fellow row in the Congress, surprised by his prudence, and he said he would not give "the shot" to anyone before you respond to the publication. "We're not like the PSOE", stoked.

On a day that was atypical in the Senate, where it is not common to much media attention, even the socialist spokeswoman in the Camera, Ander Gil, he admitted that the words of the communiqué were "concise". "Concise, yes. But clear, very clear."

According to him, Cross has offered to the different spokesmen of the Senate to give explanations "one-to-one"; something rejected Maroto full: "The explanation must be all the that you have read the news."

Sources parliamentarians of the PSOE struggled yesterday between to differentiate a thesis from a handbook, and lamented the "coincidence" that the posting would happen yesterday, when, for the first time in a democracy, a government in functions is subjected to a control session. Sources of the PP, although assisted by the caution of his spokesman, himself pointed out, however, that paragraphs (shown by the ABC seem to be too much.

The spokesman of the parliamentary group Left Confederal, Carles Mulet, calling her a "insufficient and superficial" to the justifications of the Cross. And although the senator from Compromís noted that he is not accusing anyone, yes he put on the face that his explanations were "caught with tweezers".

Same position who moved from Cs and his spokesman in the Senate and in the Executive, Lorena Roldán.

"we Hope that will not hide, that give the face", challenged Roldán following the meeting of the Board, for moments later added on Twitter that ask for your resignation of confirmed plagiarism. Something that reiterated its president, Albert Rivera, in the meeting of its parliamentary group in the Congress.

Government Support

From the Government, to questions from this newspaper, was prevented to perform an assessment on the merits of the case. But the members of the Executive deployed the first hour of the morning by the media had to face the defense of those who parapetaba in a press release.

In statements to Onda Cero the minister's spokeswoman, Elizabeth Celaá , downplayed the issue and said that "beyond the literal text of two lines", a plagiarism consists of passing off as their own "a plot, an idea or a concept" , so that took away importance to the case: "I do Not think a plagiarism," he said. At least Celaá was the only one that gave his opinion on the issue. Because the rest of the voices socialists, sought refuge in a discourse victimista. On the part of the Government was the vice-president-in-office, Carmen Calvo, the chief representative in position: "it Is unfortunate the free bar that has been opened against all and against all. Cruz is a man with a track record absolutely prestigious. I am very concerned that in the public debate through the line of defamation, and it discredits the policy".

Already in the halls of the Senate, were the ministers Nadia Calviño and Maria Jesus Montero, who threw the cloak to Cross . "In fact, not everything is politics. It is a person of recognized standing, very dear and very admired in the professional world," said Montero, with a loa repeated every socialist senator and each minister in the session of control to the Government. The explanations also not convinced in the Congress, from where we also looked yesterday at the upper Chamber.

The Congress, pending

"Picaresque anti-intellectual of the worst kind". It is as well as the spokesperson for popular Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo described the plagiarism carried out by the president of the Senate. Inés Arrimadas, which they deemed "very serious" the allegation of plagiarism, demanded to Cross that offer "explanations" of "voluntarily". "It should not be forced to give them".

Also groups that were associated with the socialists in the last motion of censure noted that the president of the Senate cannot be limited to save silence before the information is published . As well, both ERC , as Junts per Catalunya or Compromís agreed to ask Cross for clarification on the facts. The republican speaker of the Lower House, Gabriel Ruffian, he emphasized his intellectual respect for the president of the Senate, but also added that "if the information is true" must provide "explanations".

Updated Date: 12 September 2019, 04:01

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