Cybersecurity threats to which are exposed the autonomous cars

These are steps toward a future with cars autónomosEl autonomous car before an accident: what saves the driver or the pedestrian? the arrival of The autonomous

Cybersecurity threats to which are exposed the autonomous cars
These are steps toward a future with cars autónomosEl autonomous car before an accident: what saves the driver or the pedestrian?

the arrival of The autonomous vehicle, still in phase of study and improvement, is one of the innovations that are common in the trade fairs of automotive. However, so far, has not become the great protagonist of our roads. Before this revolution, the automotive industry bet full for enhance their development, relying on the potential of new technologies , which leads to a positive impact on the security and a new challenge in relation to cyber crime.

TÜV SÜD has estimated that, in 2030, 13 million vehicles will be highly automated and in 2040, 33 million autonomous cars will be sold in all over the world, thus improving the flow of traffic and safety. Although not all the news is good, the increase of communication interfaces violates the principle of the effectiveness of these vehicles, so that it is essential to establish a series of measures of cybersecurity that show strength. The company specialized in solutions studies the possibilities to improve the effectiveness of these groundbreaking technologies associated with autonomous vehicles.

Its main feature: to control the driving without the order or management of a person safely. Although all of your progress will support you in the certainty of saving more lives on the road, the growing variety of software is increasing its complexity and connectivity, making them more vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

According to the Vienna Convention on road traffic in 2014, the automatic system of the vehicle may be disconnected at the time that the driver requires. The responsibility falls on the driver at the instant that takes control of the car, being able to reconnect at any time.

despite the fact that this driving model eliminates any human error which may make during the driving, the whole software process can suffer from attacks or viruses that manipulate the orders imposed on the vehicle, causing a situation of risk that does not contemplate possibilities of backtracking. In addition, autonomous vehicles will coexist with cars driven by people, which will put in doubt the guilt in case of collision or accident.

For all of this, TÜV SÜD has been explained to during the IAA 2019 Conference all the test methods that are developed from the gap analysis and assessment of cyber-security, to ongoing monitoring of risks and participation in global projects. In the first place calls on the need to ensure all the procedures, putting on the table the services they offer and the knowledge available in the automotive sector. is The consequences of a cyber-attack to an autonomous vehicle starts in the theft of personal data or damage to the brand and end up in a failure in the functions of the driving, or an accident involving serious injury and even death of the driver.

One of the main novelties presented by TÜV SÜD, is the so-called Digital Vehicle Scan (DVS), a scanner, which in just 20 seconds complete the evaluation optical of the condition of the vehicle. The cameras 360 degrees and scan the drive from beginning to end, including condition of tires and the lower part of the vehicle. Obtaining DVS is part of the digitization process that puts in place TÜV SÜD to confirm the efficiency of the processes of adjustment of damages and directed to reduce the time of making the sale of vehicle remarketing.

in Addition, the certification body has spent years leading the digitization of processes. Some examples of digital resources that will be undertaken in this field are BlueNOW!, system for viewing digital vehicles in remote and for the expert opinion prior to the return of the vehicle; BlueButton, portal of administration of damage on-line that gives customers instant reports of damage assessment, Photo Fairy, pictures tool to make professional photographs of vehicles used; and finally, the Blue Digital Index, a tool that measures the relevance of a car dealer on the internet , and offers recommendations to improve your service. These instruments allow the digital control of the registration of vehicles and shorten the response times for the vehicles used.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 09:01

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