Daniel Muriel and Candela Serrat see it strengthened your relationship after you find the yes, I want to

Daniel Muriel, happier than ever, next to Candela Serrat Candela Serrat and Daniel Muriel are living in one of the best moments of your life. The couple ma

Daniel Muriel and Candela Serrat see it strengthened your relationship after you find the yes, I want to
Daniel Muriel, happier than ever, next to Candela Serrat

Candela Serrat and Daniel Muriel are living in one of the best moments of your life. The couple married last June in Menorca. There, they enjoyed a celebration that they shared with their family and closest friends. But marriage not only smiles at the life in the personal realm, but in the work also, as both continue to develop your career and are dumped in their professional projects.

last Thursday, Serrat and Muriel, as ambassadors of the model Pulsion of Peugeot Motorcycles, attended the event organized by the automobile company and was offered an interview to "ABC", in that exposed details of his relationship and his life work.

How they discovered their passion for the field of interpretation?

C. S.: In my case I have many artistic references, so that culture has always been very present in my life and I knew I wanted to be a part of it somehow, but I didn't know very well how to, so I wanted to get trained in a broad scope, and I studied music, theater and more things. However, in college, I started studying theater, and I realized that what I liked most was to interpret.

D. M.: What's mine is very vocational, so it happens that I come from a family of fairly humble, so dedicate myself to the interpretation that looked like something that was not within my reach. However, I was doing theatre from a young age and always knew that was what I wanted. When I grew up I decided to leave Valladolid, I went to Madrid and everything worked.

how would you like to share more professional projects?

C. S.: To me yes. Not by the fact that we are a couple currently, but because we met working, we met as colleagues and one of the things that I could have fun in that time was to get to know different teammates, including Dani, with whom I understand myself perfectly working and you always want to have a companion as well, and if you have the luck of sharing life outside of the filming with him is something even more wonderful.

D. M.: Yes, I love it. In fact, we have led in a certain way, because we are working together on the play "An ideal husband" from Oscar Wilde with which we are touring. When the rest of your projects you have to work separately, and find something that can work at the same time it is also a very good way to see us and spend more time together.

why did you choose Menorca for the celebration of your wedding?

C. S.: Menorca for me is like my home. We chose a little what that meant to me, besides we also thought that the island would help us to be able to bring the link with a greater intimacy. These things you have to do them in places that mean something to you and that was the more beautiful place we could find to get married.

D. M.: it's Also what we chose because it was a lovely enclave.

what has changed life the fact of being married?

C. S.: there was No need for that promise, because I already felt part of Dani before, but yes it is true that there is something behind that makes you see that something has snapped better at home as a family.

D. M.: life changes you, mostly because we took a lot of time living together, but strengthens the relationship and creates a feeling more of computer. It is a promise of love and fidelity to another person, and that you'll always be there for her, then yes that makes you change something.

do They plan to have children?

C. S.: there is neither a "no" or "yes". Is to let things flow.

D. M.: we don't have any plan set for do something as well. Is to let things happen, but there is no rush.

Now is very booming the movement "Me Too", Candela as a woman have you ever witnessed any act macho in your profession?

C. S.: I have had the luck of not having to go through that, but yes there are cases nearby. I think this movement goes a long way, because I think that there are that express things and I think that is very necessary a revolution in the industry of interpretation, since I believe that there are women with a lot of voice to write, direct,... and who need to be acknowledged at least at the same level as men.

do You support the development of their professional projects?

C. S.: If you are lucky enough to have someone who is dedicated to the same thing as you I think I hear more. However, if your partner is not dedicated to it and not just understand what other cuts your work that you can hear it, but not in the same way.

D. M.: Yes, we give advice and we give you our points of view. In addition, many times we are asking for your help.

What sleep they lack to fulfill?

C. S.: I would like to work in another language and not necessarily speak English. I'd like to get out and get to know cultures and to work in cinemas and theatres from outside of Spain.

D. M.: personally, I would like to do a long trip like honeymoon, which is something that we have pending, and rest. Professionally I would love to continue working for years and to play roles powerful and to mark to the people.

Date Of Update: 27 September 2019, 13:03

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