Daniel Ortega consume the ballot

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo assume his fourth consecutive mandate, plus the 10 years of the last century at the head of the Sandinista Revolution, after s

Daniel Ortega consume the ballot

Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo assume his fourth consecutive mandate, plus the 10 years of the last century at the head of the Sandinista Revolution, after starring an electoral farce of the worst dictatorships. Death, repression, torture, censorship and fear have accompanied voting rigged and without rivals, that the Nicaraguans rejected this Sunday in a massive way: staying in their homes within the country and protesting in exile.

Road of the 30 years of a despotic exercise in Crescendo, only surpassed by Fidel Castro in Cuba and by the Paraguayan dictator Alfredo Stroessner, Ortega came to vote from his bunker in Carmen at an electoral point designed for his protection, surrounded by escorts and With the company of your supporters put there. To the side of him, as always, the Vice President Murillo, who will become his own desire in co-president, an unknown figure in the Nicaraguan order.

"The vote does not kill anyone. These elections are thanks to God, a commitment of the Nicaraguans to vote for peace and not by war and terrorism," the candidate for the country without blushing. Neither was it necessary to wait for the final result. In front, the five false rivals assisted without full or glory to a day knowing that his work will be rewarded.

The contrast was lived in the streets of the country, semi-strands, a cry of freedom in full face of "Murillian Orrtechism", as defined by the intellectuals to the regime that has submitted Nicaragua. Despite harassment against activists and journalists, the absence of international media and veto the electoral observers, citizens reflected reality through their mobile phones, the same as they have collected since 2018 terror imposed by the dictatorship.

The strategy was clear: that there is no evidence of the electoral fraud and abstention, which was sloping massively thanks to the day of "closed doors" start-up by the opposition. "You can already tell the world, the regime failed. The streets are empty," said Father Catholic Edwing Román, chaplain in Masaya.

Precisely against the rebel city of Masaya, the Orteguista Forces were thoroughly employed, which arrested and persecuted activists and journalists, forcing even several of them to embark on the flight through the nearest border. Despite the persecution, the images of desolation were repeated in Managua, León, Matagalpa, from almost all the points of Nicaragua in what looks like a "palled" country, as the Nicas say when there is no atmosphere of anything.

"It is essential to redouble international pressure to demand the liberation of political prisoners and to restore democracy," said José Miguel Vivanco, director for the Americas of Human Rights Watch (HRW), after highlighting the massive deficiencies of the electoral process.

"These elections can not be legitimized, the world should ignore them. We repudiated this electoral circus. That the photo of the murderers appears in the ballots, everything", summed up for the world Yadira Córdoba, a member of the Mothers of April, A The head of the great protest that today stars exile in San José de Costa Rica. The paramilitaries burst the head of the Orlando of it during the protests of 2018. She was only 15 years old.

"The police now travels on the streets of our Masaya, my family is all involved at home," added Azucena López, Erick Jiménez's mother, one among the more than 300 mortal victims during the wild repression of the Sandinista government. "We have a lot of faith in the world, even Europe has sanctioned them, but we need more tough hand against the repressors," she culminated.

In all the mobilizations they were "present" the 158 political prisoners and, especially, the seven pre-attendants arrested by the regime because any of them would have defeated the caudillo without greater difficulty, according to all the surveys. Former Ambassador Arturo Cruz, the Activist Félix Maradiaga, the economist Juan Sebastián Chamorro, the journalist Miguel Mora, the leader Medera Marena and the conservative leader Noel Vidare remain between bars, most in the sinister jail of El Chipote. Christian Chamorro, the daughter of the violet neighborhood expresident, remains under imprisonment at her own home.

The arrival of 250 peasants to the march in San José was greeted with joy, as if it were the seventh of cavalry. It is the group that has raised a new home in Upala, very close to the border. In front, the leader peasant girl Ramírez, who already got up against Ortega and the construction of the gigantic channel that crossed the peasant lands.

The Bryan student, 19, has been with the peasants for two years. He fled for the hairs of repression and found a new life in Upala since 2019. "I just hope we can return at some point. And that Spain does not forget about us!" He culminated.

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 15:29

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