David Bustamante, a career in danger of cancellation

Bustamante suspended their concert in Fuenlabrada and "unworthy" to the City it Has Johnny Cifuentes, the leader of Burning, which has never canceled a conce

David Bustamante, a career in danger of cancellation
Bustamante suspended their concert in Fuenlabrada and "unworthy" to the City

it Has Johnny Cifuentes, the leader of Burning, which has never canceled a concert because of health reasons in 45 years of trajectory. And yes, the rockers are made of another paste, but in reality they are as human as the poppy more balladeer and mellow. For this reason, when one looks at the history of cancellations of the triunfito David Bustamante, thinks that there something happens . And that is not good.

In the collective musical rumour has it that the singer is suffering the consequences of some excesses, but not leaves of be just that, a rumor, not confirmed. What begins to seem obvious, is something which also comment on the bad language of business: that to David, he was still horrors to turn the page with the subject of his divorce from Paula Echevarria . What is more, there are times that when she returns to the limelight, he suspends concert. So it has happened this weekend.

last Sunday, hours after a jump the news of yet another possible new pregnancy Echevarría (disproved by herself on Tuesday), "Busta" became to piss off his followers to cancel your concert in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), just a few minutes before I started. The excuse offered to the respectable, an indisposition. Attendees at the show felt cheated and hurt with the singer, but not only them.

The city Hall of Fuenlabrada issued a statement where he showed his discomfort by ensuring with all the reason that the artist "should have communicated before," given that a lot of people had been hours waiting for you , and to make matters worse holding a tremendous downpour . "We are outraged by the attitude of David Bustamante, who, minutes before the start of their concert scheduled for tonight, has been communicated verbally and through their agency the suspension of the show," he wrote to the Consistory.

we Said that became to piss off his fans because this is not the first, nor the second, nor the third, nor the fourth time that doing something similar. Since the breakup of Paula in April of 2017, and especially since I divorced in march of 2018, the singer has cancelled too many actions giving explanations very unconvincing .

Fragile health

Maybe Bustamante do not lie, and it is true that it is a boy of fragile health and with little predictability. The 26 may 2011, being happily married to Echevarria, canceled the concert that was going to give the next day in La Nucia (Alicante) . Did the same thing with the one that was going to give in Alzira (Valencia), on November 23, 2012. Later, in 2015, Bustamante canceled other two concerts in less than 24 hours . In particular, the one that was going to offer the 28 of February in the Palace of Congresses of Granada (coinciding with the Day of Andalusia), and the scheduled for the 1st of march in Murcia.

In October 2016, when their marital situation was already allegedly delicate, has canceled his performance at the concert bloopers just three days of its conclusion. Shortly after, in January 2017, he suspended his concert at the Sports Palace in Santander by "production problems" (read: low ticket sales), and already in September of the same year, five months after separation, and with the tabloids speculating on new romances Echevarría day yes day also, left planted to the public that waited for him in front of the stage in the municipality vallisoletano of Laguna del Duero .

A doctor will diagnosed in the emergency department with a sore throat and acute provided by a medical part , but the document sparked doubts. As confirmed by the ministry of Health of the Junta de Castilla y León, that proof was investigated in doubt of whether it would have been falsified. At that time, the office that represents you, Global Talent Services (GTS), issued a statement that expressed his "absolute outrage at the desagrable questioning of the state of health of the artist." But the promoter of the concert did not believe the excuse and denounced , although his lawsuit was later filed.


That same year, David Bustamante was removed at the last moment in the christmas gala of operación Triunfo . The reason for his absence, another sudden "illness" that caused all sorts of speculation. And the worst came the next day. While the triunfitos they rehearsed for the gala, Bustamante was photographed together with his friends, sitting on the terrace of the House Abel of San Vicente de la Barquera.

In February of 2018, Bustamante had it intended to grant a private concert in the Hotel de Las Letras Gran Via (Madrid), for a number of fans who had travelled from all the points of Spain, on trains, in hotels and asking for days on the job. And a few minutes from start... what a guess is? Indeed, another "ailment" . The organiser reported that the artist was "unwell, vomiting, with back pain and unable to walk." But Busta made a terrible contradiction a few days later, when a reporter, he addressed them in the middle of the street asking for the cancellation: "it Was wrong of the throat, that's why I couldn't make the concert. And a singer can't do a concert if you have hoarseness". A few months later, in August, someone tossed a rock onto the stage during his performance at Elche, and David took the drastic decision to abort the show before more than eight thousand people and leave the hotel. It was two days before obtaining the judgment of divorce.

All of this affects his credibility, obviously.

Maybe that's why they no longer see as often giving concerts in large halls, and is increasingly present in the posters of the festivities of small towns. And maybe that's why there are times that even a depleted inputs in these villages. Last July 19, we had to suspend the concert in the Lavender Fields of Almadrones (Guadalajara), due to the low sale of tickets.

"get Away from Bustamante," he said in the networks to Ana War , a triunfita who has collaborated with him recently. The social perception begins to be the of a failed, and some months ago it was rumored that their record company, Universal , gave "a new little touch of care" to better manage your career.

In Universal neither confirm nor deny that "touch", and rely fully on his ability to keep falling in love many fans. But maybe it's him who need to be in love with truth . Only he and his current partner -a Russian ballerina Yana Olina - know if you are on that path.

Date Of Update: 19 September 2019, 03:01

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