Death of the director Joel Schumacher died of cancer at age 80

He fought for over a year against cancer. The director of The experiment prohibited, a film in which he directed Julia Roberts, has finally made the weapons as

Death of the director Joel Schumacher died of cancer at age 80

He fought for over a year against cancer. The director of The experiment prohibited, a film in which he directed Julia Roberts, has finally made the weapons as come to announce it to his relatives. He is off to New York where he was born 80 years earlier.

It should not reduce his career to his two Batman, it would be cruel. And much too simplistic. But rather see this man, an orphan of father since the age of 4 years, as a figure of the thriller of the 90's. And especially as one of the great revealers of talents, Demi Moore, Charlie Sheen, passing by James Spader or Kiefer Sutherland. All the actors called the Brat Pack, this band of brats so named in reference to the famous Rat Pack of Sinatra are passed in front of his camera.

After studying fashion design, Joel T. Schumacher, says Joel Schumacher, discovers the world of tv and film. Debut with a bang as he designs the costumes for the films of Herbert Ross and Woody Allen in particular.

But it was not until 1981, that this son of a protestant of German origin and a jewish native of Sweden, directed his first film, The Woman who is shrinking, science fiction film adapted from a famous novel by Richard Matheson. He knows his first success with a comedy, St. Elmore Fire with Demi Moore and Rob Lowe. Before engaging in the genre of thrillers with the same bunch of actors in lost Generation, a parable vampiric in which Kiefer Sutherland plays the band leaders. Actor that he will regain the face of Julia Roberts in The Experiment prohibited, in 1991, produced by Michael Douglas. A public success, but not a masterpiece in the eyes of the critics. The beginning especially thrillers psychological which Joel Schumacher would become the great specialist. With Free Fall, in which even Michael Douglas dark body and goods in the skin of an average American. And then, through his adaptations are very effective of the novels of John Grisham. The Client, with Susan Sarandon, Tommy Lee Jones and Mary Louise Parker. But also The right to Kill ? with Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L. Jackson and Sandra Bullock.

After a few detours by the romantic comedy and the melodrama, and then the realization of clips, especially for groups INXS and The Samshing Pumpkins, the filmmaker takes a walk on the side of super-heroes. Warner chose him to replace Tim Burton in Batman Forever. A cardboard box-office. A disaster for the purists. More sorry still in front of the fourth component which is also entrusted, Batman and Robin , with George Clooney as Batman, Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze and Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy. The franchise was then re-invigorated by Christopher Nolan in 2005 with Batman Begins. Schumacher will lose if not his reputation, at least a lot of credit in the cutthroat world of Hollywood.

It then removes from the studios, by making two independent films. A violent thriller 8 mm with Nicolas Cage in the shoes of an investigator on a background of a snuff movie. Before a screwball comedy, Nobody's perfect(e), with Robert De Niro and Philip Seymour Hoffman. The camera Phone Game, the give in the saddle with his staging's minimalist. Still a psychological thriller. Adaptation, the fifth novel by Gaston Leroux, the Phantom of the Opera, marks the beginning of the end of her film career. Which ended in a terrible failure in 2007 with the Number 23, turnip horror but especially horrible in which also a darker Jim Carrey.

It is finally on tv that Schumacher takes a taste to his craft directing several episodes of House of Cards, series produced by his friend David Fincher. In an interview in 2017, Schumacher had made his amends. He confided to Vice that he wanted to "apologize to all the fans disappointed" by Batman and Robin, adding that he had had the impression of having "killed a baby".

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I learn this news with sadness.

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free Fall is the movie of his life.

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