Definitive guide to know and avoid fines more common day after day

Fines that you can get even with the car stopped them ten reasons more strange that you can get a ticket in the carreteraPor what you can get a ticket if you'r

Definitive guide to know and avoid fines more common day after day
Fines that you can get even with the car stopped them ten reasons more strange that you can get a ticket in the carreteraPor what you can get a ticket if you're not wearing the registration clean

At some point, the fruit of the disengagement or relaxation , we commit certain offences. In addition to lead to penalties, make us a danger to ourselves and those around us on the road. From Multayuda in detail tell us what the penalties are that most are repeated every day:

- Drive barefoot or with flip-flops : either in the winter to get rid of the heels, or in the summer to go with flip-flops, drivers often end up barefoot. Although the legislation does not specify expressly the footwear that should lead to the steering wheel, yes specifies that you have to go in the most comfortable way possible and that allows the driving to perfection. We must, therefore, carry a footwear that hold well the foot and we do not assume any type of problems. This violation involves fines of eur 80.

- Driving without a t-shirt : This is a bery common as temperatures rise, and we might assume a big risk. The belt or the air bag, if we do not have t-shirt, we can make serious burns on the skin with any braking without importance in addition to suponernos a fine of 80 euros.

- Throwing a cigarette out the window : This is totally forbidden "to throw it into the road or nearby objects that may cause fires, traffic accidents or hinder free movement". If you do the fines amount to € 200 and 4 points.

- Eating and drinking at the wheel : As we mentioned earlier, the drivers must be fully concentrated on driving without any distraction. For this reason, eating and drinking at the wheel supposed to fines of 200 euros and 2 points.

- Manipulate electronic devices : we are All aware that the use of the phone involves a serious offense. But what not all know is that use any type of electronic device, involves the same infringement. The hands should be always on the steering wheel, so any kind of distraction to make us remove them entails a fine of 200 euros and 3 points.

- to Touch the horn without good reason : For the lovers of the horn, you have to know that it can only be used with justified reasons, and provided that it is strictly necessary. Use the horn when there is no reason it can cost up to 80 euros.

- does Not carry the driving license : Another violation that we can be a displeasure. If we go in the car, an agent asks us to do and not what we have, this forgetfulness we may assume penalties of 10 euros. If it is expired, the fine will reach 200 euros.

- Get the arm out of the window : In the summer we like to take the window down and one of the gestures most repeated, is to remove the hand or arm for her. This done we can go expensive, since it may lead to a fine of 80 euros.

Fines for poor maintenance of the vehicle

The vehicle is a tool that you should always be careful because we can bet life with him. The poor maintenance of the vehicle to us can mean massive fines. We explain the most common:

- Rush the tyres too much : The tires are the only contact of the vehicle to the road. If you are not in good condition may pose accident hazard to us and to those around us. The fines for tyres with a depth of less than 1.6 mm are of 200 euros for each tire.

- don't put correctly the lights : With the lights you must take into account, in addition to that they are in perfect conditions, that always go on when correspond to the rest of drivers we put. Circular with lights evil entail a fine of 200 euros.

Penalties for circulation These fines are charged directly to the driver by a poor circulation on the roads. The most frequent are the following:

- speeding : we All know that we go where we go we must respect the traffic signs, especially speed. We will, in case of any mishap on the road, moderate speed and even stop. This infraction leads to fines of up to 260 euros.

- Not using indicators : The intermittent, as we have mentioned in other articles is a very important tool signaling that we should use to warn others circulating, the maneuvers that we perform. Not using them is considered a serious sanction are sanctioned with fines of 200 euros.

- Not riding in the right lane : On dual carriageways and motorways we can cycle through any lane of the free form. But if we talk about roads with more than one lane per direction, we must always circulate on the right and not hinder the progress of other vehicles. Not to do so, we can be sanctioned with fines of 200 euros.

- Make a STOP as if it were a ceda : it Is very important to make the STOP properly, because if they are there is because it is an area of little or no visibility and it is necessary to stop. Skipping a STOP is a serious offense that we will bring to € 200 and 4 points.

- Loads badly secured : loads that are not secured pose a risk to the vehicle behind. Must always be securely fastened and, if it does not go well, the fine will amount to 500 euros.

Fines for parking

we Always have to look at if our car, to the park, hinder circulation. The traffic fines are more frequent in these occasions are the following:

- Stop at the bus stop : This violation is serious because you put in danger to the users who catch the public transport. Users have to go out to the driveway to catch the bus by putting his life in danger and, therefore, this violation involves fines of 200 euros.

- To open the door of the vehicle without looking : This is indeed very dangerous to both of us, which can lead us ahead of the other vehicle, as for the other vehicles. This violation is a fine of 260 euros.

- Park on the sidewalk : The sidewalk is entirely reserved for pedestrians. If we park in it, do these have to leave the roadway to pass, putting your life in danger so that this also is a violation that poses 200 euros fine.

Date Of Update: 17 September 2019, 13:01

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