Desire to be a martyr

humanity is divided between those who are vying for the martyrs and those who they happen to be without asking. So it has been since the beginning of time, for

Desire to be a martyr

humanity is divided between those who are vying for the martyrs and those who they happen to be without asking. So it has been since the beginning of time, for reasons unfathomable to have to do with the functioning deep within the brain, that mystery that only half we have managed to clarify. It is also mysterious that the martyrs most celebrated and jaleados are precisely those sought to be: not just to be very clear that you have more merit who goes to a penalty that did obtain and that is in a rush to sell at the market in the compassion and admiration of the public similar, to the side of those who eats a brown that did not want or did by merit, without windows to the street, and without waiting for nor ever receive any reward.

The newspapers offer every day a good example of martyrs unintended. Women who are pushed to cross the desert on foot, suffering violations without story by the way, to end up exploited and sold as fresh meat and cheap in the polygons that come to quench their dissatisfaction with the depressed and the desairados of the affluent society. People who are going to evict for non-payment of rent, for the second or third time, and that may not endure the shame and jumps in free flight from the fifth floor to a certain death. Children or mothers or the elderly who die in an ambulance or a waiting list because someone has decided that it is preferable to save on to save the life of those who are in danger -cutting templates, eliminating shifts or closing hospitals - to do it in pomp, bureaucracies, clientalism, comfort and privileges of the tribunes or epics in place of assertion patriotic.

Any of these martyrs could be with all righteousness beneficiary of flows from mercy available, and the object of the attention of those who by vocation or trade, feel called to reduce human suffering. However, their martyrdom taking place under a cloak of silence and, beyond the brief that if it draws up a report of them, they slide straight away into an oblivion stone and irrevocable. Meanwhile, those who provoke and advertise your condition, even infinitely smaller than that of these anonymous supliciados, are echoed immoderate and benefit from a constant reminder, that in the limit, that is, you can end up materializing on a page in the History books written to the extent of his drive and his ideas.

it is as Well as can happen, for example, that the news of the strike by despair of the primary care physicians of a health care system abandoned for years, their fate is buried by the announcement -even, even - of a hunger strike for two inmates who until yesterday were part of the ruling elite that decided on the allocation of public resources to the detriment of the health expenditure. Two inmates have not been tried yet, which always imposes any reserve, to the deprivation of liberty, but that they are there after porfiar in carrying out acts of whose serious illegality have been warned time and time again, and that they receive the treatment in prison, benign a country where there are no dungeons uninhabitable that are the daily bread of the vast majority of the prisoners of the planet.

Perhaps because these conditions of confinement are not enough to turn them into the martyrs they want to be, maybe because they know that the other knows that any grievance that they may be victims will be ultimately elucidated, sentenced and repaired by an independent tribunal and humanitarian law, with headquarters in Strasbourg -would like to those seen in other prison systems have a similar warranty, they are required to give a twist to your own situation. A twist that has the advantage of being in his hand. Lucky they don't have the martyrs that form the legion of those who do not wish to be.

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Updated Date: 04 December 2018, 20:01

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