Die at 80 years Charlie Watts, drummer and Rolling Stones engine

Nothing predisposes less to be one of the necessary scores of the Rolling Stones that the almost mystical temperance of Charlie Watts, legendary band battery, w

Die at 80 years Charlie Watts, drummer and Rolling Stones engine

Nothing predisposes less to be one of the necessary scores of the Rolling Stones that the almost mystical temperance of Charlie Watts, legendary band battery, which has passed away at a London Hospital at 80 years. Watts was always the margin of the cavalry noise that for five decades for five decades. He did not share Satanism, nor passes, or insomnia, or desquicate. He never gave a problem at home. Nor inside the band. He was a professional of his own: sophisticated, cultured, elegant, silent, capable of being invisible when he agreed.

And, nevertheless, it is an unnobornable purity Stone. Although it was not drugged, although it only drank beer (and no more than two or three cans), although it stayed with its first woman until yesterday, Shirley Ann Shepherd, with whom she married in 1964. Charlie Watts was never handled in life With the establishment of Bestal Stamper of the other two essential bugs of the group: Mick Jagger and Keith Rochards. If he could have, this man would have preferred to be a drummer in any of the formations of the Charlie Parker saxophonist. Or accompany with the drumsticks some of the splendid nights of the Thelonius Monk counterbaby player. Charlie Watts had jazz as a unique true God, but he understood that he had touched him in life to be the percussion of the Stone and assumed that destiny with admirable temperance.

He was the largest of the band. He was born in Wembley on June 2, 1941, the same month in which the Nazis invade the Soviet Union and the world jumps through the air. It is not bad either. He is making room in the dumps of Rythm and Blues of the city with the same attitude he kept during his life: discreet, disciplined, scholar. In January 1963 he knows Brian Jones, Jagger and Richards and joined the Stone. He was not the first battery (that position he ran fleeting Tony Chapman), but he is the only one. By then he studied art at Harrow School and had begun to work in an advertising agency. He had his own group of him, the Blues Incorporated, but the Stone loved him and threw him an offer to which he put the clauses.

In 1963 the Stones started a sonar to Stones. Charlie Parker was the base of his sound. The angular stone. The spirit of what he took off. In 1977, Keith Richards made it clear: "Charlie is always there, but he does not let him notice. There are few batteries like that. Everyone thinks that Mick and Keith are the Rolling Stones. If Charlie did not do what he does with the battery, This would not be like it's at all. You can discover that Charlie Watts is [like this, uppercase] the Stones ".

Not only was the most elegant of the group, the Dandi of that 'troupe' ready to devastate and let themselves destroy, also the one that maintained social peace when the barge that were the Stones decompensated. He had, when necessary, a sense of immoderic responsibility. He was that of the last decision. He was the one who was never stepped on him in the word turn. He was the one who knew most about how to be a stones without having to prove it out. They are only known, according to Richard's biography, two or three moments when he came out of the mold. One of them was in Amsterdam, in 1984. When Richards and Jagger came out of acknowledgment after a concert. They arrived at the hotel. Eve at five in the morning they spent a joke to Watts, who slept from mid-night in his room. Jagger picked up the phone, marked the Charlie's suite and when he picked up he asked, is my battery out there? "Twenty more evenings, Charlie Watts, dressed impeccably, with shoes flashing, knocked on the room From Jagger and when opening the door he put a punch with a single Get: "You never call me 'your battery'". Musically was also unwavering.

When the Stones were already the planet's planet band, Charlie Watts spotted again more time in his love for jazz. He touched several formations and founded a Big Band, the Charlie Watts Orchestra. And then formed A, B, C and D of Boogie Woogie, with sound to the old woman and that it integrates next to Axel Zwingenberger (piano), Ben Waters (voice and piano) and Dave Green (bass), childhood friend. You could see it in Garitos of pure jazz, as one more, touching, without throwing away the roll, alien to the devicious purple of the Rolling Stones.

He was a musician who wanted to be in what he liked most, that it was not exactly his first office. The addiction that is known is blues and jazz. And only in the 80s, the chair was moved: "My problems with drugs and alcohol were my way of dealing with family problems ... Looking back, I think it was a middle-aged crisis, everything I know is That I became totally in another person around 1983 and left that around 1986. I almost lost my wife for my behavior. " He said it as the one that is redeemed outside the music downloads and the stadiums with that discharge of nature that make up the fans of the Stones. Charlie Watts had her own style, her own and splendid sound. The most morbous wish of him was to have touched Miles Davis and John Coltrane, whom he discovered as a child. He said it as the one that is redeemed outside the music downloads and the stadiums with that discharge of nature that make up the fans of the Stones.

What was the impact of Watts in the band? Obscured by the charism of Jagger and Richards, the rhythmic section of the group, work of the bassist Bill Wyman and Watts, was a root that connected the Stones with the tradition of blues, which gave him something more than differentiated by contemporary bands of his . After living the beat fever of half of the 60s and the fervor years of psychedelia, the Stones became little by little in a band with a lot of sense of the history of rock, very oriented to inspire himself and to investigate in the past of his gender . And that was one of the merits of Watts. When Mick Taylor came to the band with a very similar sensitivity, the drummer was the best ally of him. They were the best years of the Rolling Stones.

"I do not like battery alone, I admire the musicians who are able to do it, but, in general, I like more batteries that are integrated into their band. The challenge at Rock and Roll is regularity. Convert the rock the sound of a dance. It should consist of sliding and throwing out, "Watts said in a 2009 interview.

And more or less this has been the character of Watts during the last six decades: to work almost invisibly by the common good. Watts was the photographic negative of his colleagues, an almost picturesque figure for his discretion: neat, professional, monogamous, unable to the slightest apaviness (he worked with a surprisingly small team).

His patience came to extremes close to holiness. When the band recorded It's Only Rock 'n' roll, after some essays that did not finish fitting, Watts's companions were infidel and called another drummer, Kenney Jones, from the Small Faces, to record the song. When he knew it, Watts said it did not matter. "Actually, it sounds similar to how I would sound."

For years, Watts, beyond jazz and Stones, raised pure horses in his Finca de Dolton. In June 2004, Watts was diagnosed with throat cancer, despite having stopped smoking at the end of the 1980s and leading a healthy lifestyle. He underwent a six-week radiotherapy treatment and managed to return in time to record the album to Bigger Bang, released in 2005. In June 2005 he was also part of the gate of hell by a car accident in Nice.

Since then he has been drawing relapses and skids. Bracendo against cancer, that she peeked and disappeared. She has spent more than 50 years touching give each gossip the same songs every night. While Jagger and Richards keeps swallowing on stage, Charlie Watts behaves like an impeccable professional who fully complies with him but one step more. This man is reliable, serious, quiet, fatalistic and stoic. It has all the ingredients to trust the company to it.

Will a last incognita be resolved: Did you report a pleasure to stay in the circus of being a stones? Probably not, but above what he liked was that scarce in his unleashed guild that is summarized, perhaps, with this last word: loyalty.

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