Diego González Rivas: The surfer surfer of the nine thousand operations

Five hours of operating room in Burundi exhaust anyone, even Him, who is accustomed to breaking with the worst tumors, technically complex cases. Surgery has

Diego González Rivas: The surfer surfer of the nine thousand operations

Five hours of operating room in Burundi exhaust anyone, even Him, who is accustomed to breaking with the worst tumors, technically complex cases. Surgery has been a success and the patient, a man with a complicated endobronchial tumor, will go to his house in one or two days. Diego González Rivas (47), the Coruñés surgeon who saved his life, is "of rose", as he recognizes Loc from Bujumbura, the capital of the African country, where he has been received as a rock star. "It has been a very difficult case, I suffered a lot ... I have operated without proper material and on top of the camera was horrible. But I'm used to being alone before danger, I already have call it." The intervention has been a success, but he is frustrated because he has not been able to do anything for a nine-year-old girl with a giant tumor in the hemithorax impossible to operate. Even for him, he takes the slogan of him to Rajatabla: "Nothing is impossible".

González Rivas is the most international doctor in Spain, inventor of Uniportal Vats, a revolutionary technique of video surgery that allows to perform thoracic operations with a single incision of three centimeters. Since he developed it, in 2010, he has traveled a million kilometers and has operated on 9,000 patients - among them, kings and presidents - in 124 countries, a graduate record that he assumes with a hazardous naturalness.

Only the pandemic slowed down something the frantic rhythm in which he lives since then, but things are going back to normal. That which, for example, took him in 2017 to go around the world on 11 occasions, or who made him 800 major surgeries in a year (the average is 100) or to go through what can be considered his house, in La Coruña, a week every three months.

"Yes, I'm going back to the walk ... I know I'm going to die young of a heart attack or something like that, I'm aware of the level of stress I have". She speaks again with surprising naturalness. Have you not thought about taking the brake? "Is that I am very happy like that, I need to operate, travel, I can not be still, it is my way of being and I do not know how not. If you call me from Siberia, there I will operate."

Nairobi is its next scale. They have warned him that an anti-terrorist alert has been unleashed by the threat of attack and that comes out of the hotel's essential. Nor is it immuniated. He is used to making him escort and also accustomed to death, that he has seen "very close". Not only for the work of him. He himself escaped from her for the hairs on two occasions. The first time at the Bali Attachment of 2002, where he got rid for a few minutes of the explosion that killed 200 people. The second was in Indonesia, three years later, because of a huge wave that insisted on catching with the surfboard of him. "That helped me to learn to measure the risks and value the fundamental things."

After Kenya awaits a relaxed week in Greece, Portugal and Spain, where it will take care of several cases of hyperhidrosis, the excessive sweating of the hands, with another revolutionary technique that a Portuguese surgeon discovered him during the confinement. After he operated David Broncano in 2020, patients accumulate. "The state of alarm caught me by chance in La Coruña, it was a radical change in my life and had a monkey of operating room. A Portuguese colleague called me to go with him, I took the car and I planted in Lisbon. There I saw how it operated of hyperdrosis with a technique that in Spain was not used, "he says.

With so much Trajín Diego acknowledges that he does not have time to link although he is very successful, especially among Chinese doctors and nurses, a country he knows better than Spain for his work at Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital. He had a girlfriend, years ago, but his way of life is incompatible with a family. The parents of him, the sister of him and the nephews of him are the point of reference. Also the aunts of him, who took care of him when his mother, Pilar, a well-known nurse in La Coruña, had guards.

He was a very moved child, so much that his mother took him down the street with a harness. He liked to make people laugh and at school he always got into all the sinks. He even led a panda of gypsy kids. He counts it as impossible is nothing (the sphere), biography written by Elena Pita. "When I was small, from 10 years more or less, I was left with the grandparents for many weekends and, arging in the area, I discovered the gypsy town and I joined them with them, they accepted me because it dared with everything", remember.

When he had to decide what to do with his life he opted for medicine, he studied as he put glasses in a glyph. He knew he wanted to be surgeon, and although his first choice was the plastic, he finished in the thoracic, who opened the world and has taken him to the top of the profession. The recognitions are accumulated, among them the Top Doctors Award during five follow-up calls and he has been a finalist of the Princess of Asturias in 2018.

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 14:49

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