Direct | The island of temptations: Álvaro and Sabela pour all the limits

Tonight we have lived the first bonfire of the boys. If they were surprised with their images last week, today we have seen one of the contestants. For the

Direct |
 The island of temptations: Álvaro and Sabela pour all the limits

Tonight we have lived the first bonfire of the boys. If they were surprised with their images last week, today we have seen one of the contestants. For the first time this season, the aspirants to the prize have expelled the singles with whom they have connected. The entry of two new tempting has occurred below.

The parties have given new surprises. Rosario and Suso are still intimating, but the contestant does not have just decided how to move forward in the relationship. Álvaro and Sabela, on the other hand, have been clearer and have not hesitated in kissing passionately.

Zoe has initiated a relationship with Simone, one of the new singles.

The next program is very hot. Do not miss our direct. Until next week!

The next program will see a new bonfire of the girls. Zoe infringes the program rules by appearing in the bonfire of the boys.

Another more kiss between Álvaro and Sabela. He does not stop thinking about her. Rosario and Suso did not just take the step.

The relationship enters the contestants and their new appointments continue and speak envelopes the new relationships that are advancing on the island.

Nico makes him a lot of Miriam ... and he recognizes it before the cameras.

Álvaro and Sabela continued to intimately in the jacuzzi.

Rosario and Suso continued to intimately. She believes that Suso is more romantic than she appears, but she has not just believed.

Alejandro believes that when the light of temptation has sounded is that something had happened with Tania.

Sabela and Álvaro pierced all the limits, and kisses on the arm or in the neck passed to a championship morime.

Zoe, on the other hand, began to intimately began with Simone, her new appointment.

At the feast of the Gal girls. She stayed in her room, but then decided to join the group and choose Miguel for the second appointment. They played the game of the bottle, and the alarm ended up sounding at Villa Beach. He went to Álvaro whom she most affected him. He recognizes that he becomes very nervous with ... The alarm also sounded in Villa Paraíso, and in this case it was Rosario who showed more concern

Nico had a good time with Miriam and established distances with Rosana who told him he was not going to waste his time: '' We're going to enjoy. ''

We see images of the last party 'Flower Power' in Villa Playa.

Zoe tells the boys that she is rare ...

The girls choose their second appointment. Tania returns to choose Steven. Rosario, as she could imagine, he will repeat with Suso that she hopes to keep going well. Gal. He wants to distract and laugh, and for that reason she is Miguel. The shift of Sandra is arriving that Choose Hugo with whom she feels can be herself. In Zoe's case that she has not managed to connect with any of the boys, she chooses the new newly arrived single.

Simone is the new single in the house. Sandra Barneda tells the girls that by not connecting with one of the singles, they will propose some new guys ...

The first single singer is Victor, the second bachelor eliminated is Ivan because there has been no Feeling with any, Rosario explained.

Sandra talks to the girls and Zoe assures him that he will not leave the bonfire again. Rosario wants to continue knowing Suso and Sandra wants to keep going well and tested. The girls have to choose the singles who have to leave Villa Paraíso.

Joshua's election does not seem to have bothered Diriany, although the comment on the bracelet has raised certain reluctance.

The boys choose the favorite single with whom they are going to have their second appointment. Alejandro chooses Carol: '' We have connected a lot ... '' Álvaro chooses Sabela because she is beautiful and I want to know if she can spend something. Nico and Miriam are the next choice. '' I have had deeper conversations with her ... '' And Rosana feels affected. Darío wants to have the appointment with Vanesa, he just wants me to enjoy it. Joshua wants to have the opportunity to learn more about Claudia, who did not expect it.

A new single, Jennifer, enters the house of the boys. Joshua knows her in HMYV and she is sure that her couple will not react well when he knows that Villa Beach has arrived.

Czalina is the first single eliminated. The second one is Carmen, although Álvaro says that he gets along with her.

Sandra reminds the boys that today is Elimination Day. They have to give the name of two single to leave the house.

Tania remembers the macho words of Alejandro dedicated him in the first statements she saw in the bonfire, '' when me fail me. Although I do not want I'm going to death. !!

Sandra Barneda tells Álvaro who expects her friends to take care of him. Its bonfire has ended.

Álvaro: '' I expected my girl to love me. After four years I do not understand what I do not look her in her eyes ... She is going the perola with her she ... '' she asks: '' Sandra That was a kiss? '' And She begins to cry.

It is the Tuno de Álvaro. She came to this experience waiting for her to show her love towards him.

Nico says that Gal.The took out the best of him. Sandra: '' There are no images for you. '' And Nico is happy. He is only worried about what she has been able to see him in the village.

The Turn of Darius arrives. He has reached the island of temptations to strengthen the relationship. He sees the images with his companions. Nico says '' I have seen a friendship. '' Darío: '' I think he has not connected with Hugo. '' Sandra says that her boy has not shown her feelings in the relationship '' Are you going to do it now? Darío recognizes it but '' I've always taught them ... if you think that about me I do not know what this is coming. Sandra has reinforced the relationship. ''

Zoe: '' I like the aunts ... '' Joshua: '' It was one of my fears at the beginning of the relationship. Surely he likes Tania ... 'Alejandro are hallucinating. '' Zoe is not a good influence for Tania ... ''

Joshua did not like the images of Zoe doing twerking. It is something he does not like ... either what he has seen in the jacuzzi and the moments of perreo. '' It is not good enough that you embrace other kids ... '' Follow the videos: '' Joshua: '' This is a no living ... '

Joshua: '' I would not like to see Zoe badly, and neither in Rono's attitude with one of the singles. ''

Alejandro is the first to see the images of Tania. He does it with his companions because he believes they will see the positive side. The second round of images arrives. Tania: '' My conversations with Steven have been very quiet. I think he does not worry too much about me. Someday I can tire me. '' I do not feel it that way Alejandro says. I love her with all my soul. ''

Nico is only worried about whether he is not interested in his relationship. Alejandro believes that there is nothing that makes its relationship endorse.

Sandra remembers the rest of contestants who has not been an easy night. She advises you not to come down and get something positive from the experience.

Zoe desolate on the beach decides not to continue on the bonfire.

We see the first advance of 'the island of temptations 4'. The alarm does not stop ringing in the girls' village. Stress ???

We started !! Sandra welcomes the boys to the first bonfire of it. Some of them believe that they have thrown four years of their life. Who will it be?

Tonight come two new singles Are you going to surprise us?

Joshua has commented among his companions who perhaps Zoe is bisexual and that is why his relationship does not progress.

Another thing that we have been able to see these days is the approach between Zoe and Tania Are we facing the first lesbian relationship of the program?

After the intense end of last week, in which Zoe left the bonfire after watching Joshua's video, today we will see the replica. The girls, in addition, will star in a flight from Villa Playa to go to Villa Paraíso.

Welcome! In addition to the bonfire of the boys, we will see the escape of the girls to look for the singles to their village.

Updated Date: 25 November 2021, 15:24

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