Discourach strap to athletic in Balaídos

From the punctum in Pucela to the two shoeboats in Balaídos. Three months later, the athletic, at its long-standing with the crown, is still grabbed at the sa

Discourach strap to athletic in Balaídos

From the punctum in Pucela to the two shoeboats in Balaídos. Three months later, the athletic, at its long-standing with the crown, is still grabbed at the same deals. In this case, paradoxically, those of an angel, strap, who has the healthy habit of peeking the bangs when the drier is the throat. Under the rough Vigo Sol, at the look of 7,000 spectators, the Argentine striker, the only Rojiblanco arriete that started at the beginning, illuminated the dawn of his team in this league. While Luis Suárez sharpen lungs and legs, while Atlético waits for a '9' to shoot on the market, Correa continues to write a story dotted with goals, of goals. With the first he ripped the car, with the second he could leave it parked in the garage because blades, for a general surprise, he got scared with the shadow of him when he spotted the tie. In the absence of gunmen, the rifle of it remains one of the most reliable weapons for a team that continues moving reliably.

Although, everything has to say, Correa, which adds 48 goals and 47 assists such as Rojiblanco, broke it for the first time because Lemar has not forgotten the lesson that so many times raised elegantly last season, when it seemed that the history of the French will lead to a precipice. Sin (just) defensive ties, with the security that he transmits to hear Kondogbia's breath at your back, Thomas crossed the prairie of Balaídos as if he went on horseback through the far west. He found the accurate strap and found some more partner, but the aim and the arguer of the Argentine resumed the march of the champion. Sitting on the bench, Rodrigo de Paul did not lose detail of everything that was happening on the grass, sighing because the ball, as it would happen later, passed through his boots.

In front of the Atlético there was a team, El Celta, who maintains that warrior spirit who insuffled him the Chacho Coudet less than a year ago. Coudet, sanctioned, was not on the grass, but his boys, like blades at his head interpreted the script with care. During the initial quarter hour, they tightened the rojiblancos trying to short-circuit their game. And in that, Renato Tapia was found, that Peruvian 'Stopper' that gives meaning many aspects of the Celtic and bitter game to those who approach him. However, except for an innocent shot of Iago Slabs, which Oblak cradled comfortably, the viguesses barely altered the pulse of the champion. The celestial captain, in addition, would avoid under stick what would have been half a sentence after a beautiful head.

They rode as Rojiblancos Llorente Marcos Lanes and Saul, who, declared the intentions of one another, few were waiting for him at the start of the course. And few, he the first, awaited him on the left side, where he not only did not unfortunate but he ended up in luck to execute the double of him. It was calm after prior start.

Because when it seemed that the issue of hands in the area had been resolved, with the regulations last Thursday of the Technical Committee of Referees, the arm of Llorente reopened the debate. What seemed like an involuntary hand, after touching the ball on the chest, ended up becoming a penalty after consulting on the screen of Munuera Montero, whose decisions had been going on to the Rojiblancos. Hands in the area there is no one who decreases it. Neither the players nor the referees nor the fans or the chroniclers. Iago ASPAS raised dust by mocking Oblak at the release, but Correa would end up appeased the controversy.

He had his moment of Paul (25 minutes), in which Atlético missed the ball, and he reappeared Luis Suárez, the same one that had lowered the shutter in Zorrilla with his poison. All of them, also Oblak, become the goalkeeper with more games in the history of Atlético (304), rubbed his eyes to see how ASPAS threw the well a draw that would have turned that polemic penalty into a capital question. The afternoon, intense, led to Gresca, with several expelled (mallo, beautiful and the Ortega Profe) and a duel of almost 100 minutes. But A Atlético gave him the flutter of his angel, strap. With him stifled any fire.

Date Of Update: 15 August 2021, 13:56

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