Do you also think you do not eat so much for how fat you are?

"Doctor, not as much for how fat I'm and the exercise I do. What am I doing wrong?" This is one of the affirmations (and questions) that Carlos E. Rodrígue

Do you also think you do not eat so much for how fat you are?

"Doctor, not as much for how fat I'm and the exercise I do. What am I doing wrong?" This is one of the affirmations (and questions) that Carlos E. Rodríguez Jiménez, head of the Immunometabolism, Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit of Beata María Ana de Madrid, in the consultation of him every day.

Tanned in a thousand dietary battles, this eminent endocrine is very clear that there is always a why and that the secret to defeating overweight is to find out: "The first thing we should know is that feeding disorders are not the only agents that act on The body weight although it is true that, many times, we are not aware - or we do not want it to do what we eat at the established hours or what we picked out of them. "

Without flagellar, but not without 'feed' our self-deception. Rodríguez Jiménez invites us to take away from the blindfold to analyze how and how much we eat, "Because it is as important as the amount as quality". And he warns us that "it is enough to win 100 grams weekly to get greater 5 kg in a year."

In the same way, it would be advisable to tell us the truth about what we drink. "The intake of alcohol during meals or outside of them incides negatively on the functioning of the intestine-liver-pancreas circuit".

An exercise of sincerity with ourselves to which, since we are, we should face us to analyze the space we dedicate to physical activity in our day to day. "The Great Pallizones in the Gym serve little if we then spent the rest of the day sitting," he reminds us, once again, Martín Giacchetta, CEO of Boutique Gym (Madrid). His recommendation: «Adopre-taring a style of Most active life to enable our NEAT (Non-ExerCise Activity Thermogenesis), that is, the caloric expenditure produced by our body by carrying out all everyday activities that do not fall within the pure and hard physical exercise. How? "Fucking less The car, walking, climbing stairs, etc. ".

Giacchetta takes advantage to point out another of the details that dynamite our work in the gym: "Always train the same or, what is the same, without following a plan designed by a professional according to our physical condition, age and objectives, will make us stubborn and We thread the towel. "

For Dr. Rodríguez Jiménez, both sport and daily physical activity are "two authentic medications for our health and extraordinary tools to 'grease' any biological exchange and enormously improve the immune system."

That yes, send a message to those who think that 45 minutes of race or one hour of bike are a passport to put on their boots: "Physical exercise can be a double-edged weapon, because it improves metabolism and opens the appetite; one He thinks he can eat more and that's not like that. "

An essential element when diving in the causes that prevent us from losing weight is, as this galeny point, "that state of stress, sometimes imperceptible but constant, with which we live in our day to day and that acts negatively on The neurohormonal appearance or neurotransmitter, altering those hormones related to emotions that are so important for our health: serotonin, cortisol, oxytocin, etc. ".

"Hypernutrition, sedentarism and stress are three main causes of weight gain," such as Rodríguez Jiménez but there are "other actors as a possible alteration of the intestinal microbiota".

In this sense, he says, "is more than demonstrated that the existence of imbalances -sbiosis-in quantity and quality of intestinal microbes influences metabolism, in fluid retentions and disorders related to the assimilation of what we eat and drink, both To gain weight to lose it. " Also, there are "overwhelming evidence of the repercussion in the intestinal state not only of excessive food but of its nutritional value."

The possible existence of "hormonal and metabolic disorders, derivatives of malfunction, for example, of the thyroid gland or the ovaries, in situations such as menopause, the chronic use of anovulatory or cysts" should be taken into account.

This wise doctor invites us to review "our customs and we plan to adopt a healthy but flexible bioostile in which we know how to play with a system of compensations, since it is almost impossible to always work with the perfection of a Swiss watch."

How does that take place to the field of practice? "With an agile mind as opposed to stress; a coherent physical activity; a nocturnal break not less than seven hours; and a healthy eating based on orchard (fruits and vegetables), sea (fish and seafood) and farm (eggs, chicken, chicken, etc), with an abundant water consumption. The rest, to compensate or negotiate! "

Updated Date: 07 November 2021, 17:21

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