Does the car insurance cover the damage to the volcano in La Palma?

Many neighbors of La Palma are facing the possible loss or damage of their material assets such as homes or cars. But what happens in the case of volcanic eru

Does the car insurance cover the damage to the volcano in La Palma?

Many neighbors of La Palma are facing the possible loss or damage of their material assets such as homes or cars. But what happens in the case of volcanic eruptions?

In Spain, volcanic risk is very low and is mainly reduced to the Canary Islands. However, it is rare that the insurance includes a coverage that takes charge of the damage caused in this type of accidents.

Víctor López, responsible for Rastreator insurers comments: "If the policy is reviewed to see if there is a specific coverage for natural catastrophes as is the case of the eruption of a volcano and does not appear, we must bear in mind that even so, The house will be protected. In these serious situations are not the insurers who assume the cost of the damage, but it is the insurance compensation consortium who takes charge of responsibility even if it will depend on each particular case. "

Royal Decree 300/2004, of February 20 - by which the Extraordinary Risk Insurance Regulation is approved - indicates that in these cases the insurance should benefit from the insurance compensation consortium. It is a public entity attached to the Ministry of Economy and Finance), which is at the insurer's service and that acts on a subsidiary manner to cover the insured in situations such as the Old Summit Volcano.

Thus, the insurance compensation consortium is responsible for the damages at certain events although the events do not affect a large number of insured or to a very broad territorial extension. Nor is it necessary for institutions to declare an area as a catastrophic to access the compensation of the consortium.

All this changes when the fact (in this case volcanic eruption) is declared as a natural catastrophe. It will then be when the government is taken charge, and not the insurance compensation consortium or the insurer. In the case of the consortium, coverage is automatic in the following extraordinary events:

The damage caused by certain natural disasters are covered by the consortium, as is the case of the eruption of a volcano. The compensation is automatic in extraordinary flooding, earthquakes, tumraft, volcanic eruptions, atypical cyclonic storm and falling sidereal bodies and airolites.

In the case of volcanic eruptions, damages are covered as long as the National Geographic Institute has previously issued a certification. The Extraordinary Risk Insurance Regulation clarifies that it is a volcanic eruption when an "escape of solid, liquid or gaseous material thrown by a volcano" occurs.

The damage caused violently is also included as a result of terrorism, rebellion, sedition, riot and popular tumult. As well as facts or actions of the armed forces or forces and security bodies in times of peace.

Víctor López: "Compensation can not be requested without the certainty that damage has occurred. The consortium recommends submitting the request as soon as possible to facilitate the assessment of damage and streamline the procedures, although in this case, it will be necessary to wait To the evolution of the eruption to be able to evaluate these damages. The deadline establishes the law of insurance contract is seven days since the loss occurs, but the CCS will accept your request even if it is presented out of term ".

You can communicate damage to the consortium in your service service or through the website. To do this, we must collect the data of the policy, the policy and the insured, as well as the damaged risk and the bank account where we want to receive compensation. However, to protect the housing before this type of phenomena "a household policy must be hired to access the extraordinary risk insurance of the insurance compensation consortium," explains López.

The insurance comparator explains what happens in these cases. In the conditioners of Axa and Pelayo, for example, there is a compensation clause for the insurance compensation consortium that summarizes extraordinary covered events.

Considers as such the following phenomena of nature: earthquakes and talamos; Extraordinary floods, including those produced by sealands; Volcanic eruptions; Atypical cyclonic storm (including extraordinary waffles winds greater than 120 km / h and the tornado); and falls of sidereal bodies and airolites. However, in order to be covered, indicates that the affected "must necessarily have insurance and be aware of quotas", something that in the case of auto insurance, is mandatory.

"Supposedly all those people whose car has been affected by the volcano (swallowed, damaged by ash, etc.) will be covered, unfortunately, according to the data that the comparator handles, there are still up to 2.65 million vehicles" zombies " , Indicates the platform in a statement.

The insurance comparator explains that the first will be to make a list as accurate as possible of the material losses and damages, as well as presenting the invoices of the expenses that have been resulted in this situation. In this conjuncture it is possible to contact the insurer directly - which will indicate the necessary documentation and send it to the consortium. Or the process can also be carried out through the entity's own website.

In addition to the possibility that the car is swallowed by the lava, it can be affected by the ash. The volcanic ash can damage the body's paint, or generate obstructions in the air filter, and accumulate in the motor valves and its components.

Thus, to protect the car and reduce damage, it is important to store it under ceiling (if possible), cover it, or use waxes that decrease the adhesion of the ash. In addition, the Veniza is corrosive, so it is better not to wait more than three days to wash the car. "That is why it is important to opt for water and a soft sponge, for example, to avoid scratches. This cleaning should include the engine and radiator," explains the comparator.

Date Of Update: 20 September 2021, 21:20

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