Dottenfelderhof in Bad Vilbel: More space for organic products

In the middle of a with fruit and vegetables well-stocked Stand, offering customers plenty of space to View and Select stands, on the wall is a counter with che

Dottenfelderhof in Bad Vilbel: More space for organic products

In the middle of a with fruit and vegetables well-stocked Stand, offering customers plenty of space to View and Select stands, on the wall is a counter with cheese, meat, sausage and bread. In-between shelf to shelf in line and fully equipped, with a wide range of products from food to cosmetics. Also here the customers can fill their cars safely to their baskets and shopping. This was previously often the case. Especially in the late afternoon and on Saturdays, when a lot of families come, it could be tight in the Store on the Dottenfelderhof. In fact, the sales area of the approximately 2500 items are available has doubled with the opening of the new business, with nearly 800 square meters almost.

tungsten Ahlers

correspondent of the Rhine-Main newspaper for Central Hesse and the Wetterau.

F. A. Z.

Built the new Store on a plot of land in front of the entrance to the courtyard is directly on the access road. Which has the advantage that customers no longer have to drive their cars on the yard, with its narrow Paths. They can now be loaded on to one of the more than 60 Parking spaces in front of the entrance of the building undisturbed the trunks. Who comes with the bike, in front of more than two dozen pitches, and some even have a charging port for E-Bikes. Also of the delivery traffic stays outside. The Situation has become unbundled, as stated by Peter hollerbach. He is the head of the Hofladens the operating community of the Dottenfelderhofs for management and marketing of the products of the bio-dynamic criteria-run agricultural estate on the edge of Bad Vilbel responsible.

Yet more provisional

The Disentangle of agriculture and the sale of them benefitted from the approximately 100 residents who live on the farm, and the approximately 150 people who work there. For the operations of advantage is the integration of warehouse and cool rooms. With the new construction brackets in different Places now accounts for between location on the farm, the products come directly to stands on racks and shelves or can be invited to the sale of vehicles for weekly markets. Space, offices for the Management of sales, purchases, and sales under one roof also. In the old Shop, the business community wants to bring to the renovation, the courtyard Café, which is set up so far rather tentative.

The design of the new building had the business community, of course, not only in the sense of, to present better and to make structures more efficient. It was also about ecological concerns. So you chose wood as the main material, and left the building for the low-energy standard building. A lot of natural light and for avoiding the use of artificial lighting glass provides abundant, on walls and on roofs. The power supply to a large part of the farm's own block heat and power plant, the waste heat from the operation of cooling systems for air conditioning and hot water use.


With investments of around three million Euro it is one of the largest projects that has been implemented by the operating community of the Dottenfelderhofs for a long time. The Build and Set up went in about a year relatively quickly. However, it was previously passed for a decade, until it was ready to go. As long as the Plan existed for a new farm shop already. It is a plan that was only through a lengthy procedure to create but was missing initially. Because the terrain for the building and outdoor areas located on the so-called priority area for agriculture. As a result, this Status was first, to change with some effort in the land use plan.

The yard gate is an economic mainstay of the Dottenfelderhofs. It was begun more than five decades ago with the sale of milk and bread, first in a converted cellar. Soon, the garden and the field crops were added. The product range steadily grew and needed more space. The living and working community set up in the eighties, the former cowshed to the farm shop. Because the product range was always greater, since the own range of goods and products from neighboring organic farmers, and products from natural food producers were added, showed that a further move was required.

Date Of Update: 10 July 2020, 19:19

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