Doubts, ignorance or eternal fight against modernity: so are the 'insumpes' of bizum

Virtually anyone between 18 and 40 years old who meets with others to go out to dinner, buy a gift or pay the rental signal of a floor on a vacation has lived a

Doubts, ignorance or eternal fight against modernity: so are the 'insumpes' of bizum

Virtually anyone between 18 and 40 years old who meets with others to go out to dinner, buy a gift or pay the rental signal of a floor on a vacation has lived a similar situation: you have to settle debts. In recent times the Proverbial Cazo has become a telephone - any, whenever it is intelligent - with Bizum, which this week celebrates its fifth anniversary. However, and despite adding more than 17 million users, it is also common to meet a payer or collector that rejects the application. Halfway between ascetics, hermits and revolutionaries, the 'insumpes' of Bizum resist now, although some not forever, to the invader.

Pablo and his brother Javier had a lot of this opposition gala, but they ended up cloking against the benefits offered by the Romans. "We resisted using Bizum by pure boomerism," he recognizes, and let himself be helped by "comfort".

Actually they do not belong to this generation-due age, at least, they would be Millennials, although it admits that it is possible to frame the reason for its rejection in the stereotypes of that of their parents. The arguments are two, but by weight: for being "something new and that started using everyone" and "our hatred to social networks and new mass use technologies". In the group of friends there are several of these insumpes that reject - or rejected - combine bank and agenda.

Among the reasons that are led by everything. María Isabel, 25, is a bank client who is not in Bizum and, in any case, she does not draw her attention: "It does not seem necessary." For the part of it, Antonio, of 35, has nothing against the application in itself- "I'm not Hater" -, just do not convince him: "I do not think I need it." On the other hand, he is quieter "without having bank information on the mobile".

Francis, 38, was another one until, literally, two days ago. "Until now I had not had a bizum because I had been lazy to investigate how it worked," he explains. In addition, it had not arisen the need to resort to the application of payment of banks: "Just once to pay track to play basketball and once I sold by Wallapop." At the beginning of the week, a new debt emerged, the part corresponding to him on a municipal sports team, who had advanced a partner, and claimed it by Bizum. He downloaded the app to pay him.

It is already one more among the 17 million customers who, according to the latest data of the application, have carried out more than 627.5 million operations in which a figure that has already exceeds 31,275 million euros has been transferred. Recently, the possibility of paying purchases and donations was introduced, which accumulate 234 million and 15 million euros, respectively.

For a long time, the group of the insumpes also included the involuntaries: Banking users like Ing that took something more to enter Bizum. Luis, 40, is one of them. "Once the service was adapted, I started using it immediately," he admits.

At first he did not suppose discomfort because he saw that payments were made between friends, so "not having it was uncomfortable but not a handicap." "However, then there were already payments even with third parties, not friendships, who could be done that way, so it was a kid not to dispose of it," he explains.

In general, the tool is of young people, who are also those who oppose more forceful arguments to the use of the application. According to data from the company, almost half of the users are between 25 and 44 years (49%, divided by 25% between 25 and 34 and 24% between 35 and 44). Those who least use it are those of more than 55 - the 15% of its users - although their percentage is growing as the customers themselves do. In this environment, the ones 'happen' of Bizum are usually done by ignorance or lack of interest in new technologies.

That does not mean that among the elderly there is also no reluctance of young people. Carlota, vural, 62, acknowledges that she does not like to "have the whole bank connected and money with the mobile". Thus, although she has discharged the application of her entity to consult the account or make transfers and even use social networks, "I do not like to connect the transfers with the mobile number." "I do not trust me a lot," she summarizes her.

Anyway, in your carlota circle it does not usually find problems - "we get more of the money in hand," he admits- because in his age range there are not as many users. She's sister, she explains her, she has it and uses it to send her little amounts to her daughter, that she studies outside her. But Carlota does not kneel or her affiliate needs: her son, independent in Madrid, should wait several months to settle, in cash, the debts that he contracts between visits.

Updated Date: 08 October 2021, 13:21

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