Ecstasy and condemnation of athletic in the metropolitan

He pulled his fists the athletic on a night that seemed designed for eternity, but was lying, with the claws of Liverpool pointed out on his face. He pulled c

Ecstasy and condemnation of athletic in the metropolitan

He pulled his fists the athletic on a night that seemed designed for eternity, but was lying, with the claws of Liverpool pointed out on his face. He pulled courage and soccer, that he should not walk just this year, got up from the canvas and ended up hurting by Griezmann's expulsion, a recorder previously of a redeemer, and a penalty that Salah did not shake his foot. Defeated, but with the head high.

They needed athletic two slaps, two good slaps, to relieve that initial shy, perhaps by being seen in front of the machine that runs Jürgen Klopp. It was not a new experience, but the rojiblancos, redesigned for that night of Gala by Diego Pablo Simeone, with Luis Suárez awaiting from the bench for the first time in Europe, with Joao Felix, Griezmann and Lemar in charge of unleashing the storm, they needed a room Time to know where they were and who were actually. To understand that they already have the ability of an exchange of blows with anyone. Included that Liverpool that has recovered the football virulence that helped.

The night, of those that let go something special, with the smoke of the flares from the outside and the glow of the moon by completing the rarezzo, started dark for the athletic. And that everyone knew that with Salah there are no jokes that are worth. To give him a meter to the Egyptian is little less than delivering the soul. And that was what Carrasco did. Neither Lemar found the way to stop him, perhaps for fear of committing penalty. Koke could only observe the whiplash, that Milner diverted enough for Oblak, that giant in Anfield, during the recalled 1620 oighth elimination, certifying the wound. The two palms of Simeone moved simultaneously towards the lawn to ask calm. Because the easy thing in front of that unrestrained style of Liverpool is losing it. And lose it fast, as it seemed to happen to athletic during that hedgean dawn.

They had barely raised the rojiblancos when Keita snapped like never from outside the area. Felipe spat with doubts a ball on the area and the midfielder Red nailed another arrow into the local spirit. Simeone's palms climbed again and down, looking for calm under the hurricane.

And it was then when, with the painted chin, the athletic was raised on the back of a metropolitan that rather seemed that boiler who was Vicente Calderón. The prairie from which Griezmann began to take off, the idol fallen, determined to be again the totem of his hobby. For that there is no other recipe that is worth not goals. Just what he found before Liverpool, as it looked like an almost cinematographic redemption. He ignored, like the rest of the stand, what fate had prepared him at the start of the second act.

He needed little more than half an hour Antoine to return to memory that lethal version that took him to imagine sitting around tables that, perhaps, were not for him. He was incognito in the area when he walked a shot from Koke. The Var had to take an eye before confirming the joy of French. Then Joao Felix's furious race came, with Keita hanging on her back. The LUSO discovered Griezmann, whose shadow barely spotted the giant Van Dijk. The crossed shot of him reconciled him, probably forever, with the Up of the Metropolitan. The stadium where nobody has marked more than him. From 'Hat-Trick' pushed him away Alisson, who was closing the door to those who approached after the tie.

Everything seemed idyllic until, with the second part, still stretching, without knowing who there was around him, he raised his boot to the firmino ear. In Europe there are no lookouts and Atlético had to face the Klopp minotaur in inferiority. In spite of everything, while Simeone took the demons, he went to the costume under an ovation.

He touched back to Liverpool again, something that is not new in this recent exchange of episodes between the two. And of that suffering, where Athletic was allowed to see the countergolpe by Alisson's goal, the penalty of beautiful to Diogo Jota arrived. Llorente, Suárez, Lodi and Correa wore a good time waiting for her turn in the band. They saw from there how Salah mocked Oblak. It was the definitive thrust.

The night appeared dark when Giménez fell in the area and the referee, as had happened at the other end, minutes ago, said Penalty. He did it convinced until the VaL called him a chapter. There was pushing, but the coin left cross and the metropolitan was hard.

It was the story of a defeat in which Athletic has little to reproach. He already knows that he has pride, soccer and, too, that he should not be afraid. Last night he trembled the Liverpool and the door of Europe is still just open.

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