Emmanuel Macron tends the hand to Vladimir Putin in Moscow to Start a despaired

Russia and France have seated today at the table and, without touching or moving solutions, congratulated themselves for the good mutual purposes while the Krem

Emmanuel Macron tends the hand to Vladimir Putin in Moscow to Start a despaired

Russia and France have seated today at the table and, without touching or moving solutions, congratulated themselves for the good mutual purposes while the Kremlin and the White House ensure weapons for a second assault. The president of France, Emmanuel Macron, is the main Western leader in visiting Moscow since Russia began to concentrate troops on the border with Ukraine. Macron told the Russian president he was looking for a "useful" answer "that, of course, allows us to avoid war and build confidence, stability and visibility."

Putin, meanwhile, said that Russia and France shared "a common concern about what is happening in the field of security in Europe." "I see how many efforts is the Government of France and the President personally to resolve the crisis related to providing equitable security in Europe from a serious historical perspective," said Russian leader.

Russia has deployed more than 100,000 soldiers near the borders of Ukraine. Denies that it is preparing an invasion, but it says that it is ready to take "technical-military measures" not specified if their demands are not fulfilled, including NATO's promise never to admit Ukraine and withdraw troops from Eastern Europe. This crisis, derived in part that it closed in false with the Peace Accords on Ukraine in 2015, Macron tries to place Europe in a game from which Vladimir Putin had excluded it. But the French leader was welcomed by Putin at the beginning of the conversations in the Kremlin: low profile reception at the airport before being greeted by Putin from the bottom of the room to sit on a kilometric table. Extreme anti-Covid measures that are eloquent when you take into account that Putin does not put a mask ever.

Macron said that his goal is to avoid war and generate confidence. He also hopes to "start a description". The French President added that he wanted to "start building a collectively useful response for Russia and for the rest of Europe." Putin, for his part, said that Russia and France had "common concerns about security in Europe" and greeted the "efforts" made by the French authorities

Macron tries to take advantage of his own relationship with Putin, a bond that he has been trying to develop without success for four years but allows him at least to be an interlocutor. Try to keep alive the so-called 'Normandy format', which quotes France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine to seek outings about the Donbore conflict but does not include the United States. The problem is that in Kiev there is less willingness to fulfill The Minsk agreements, which establish free elections in the occupied areas but disconnecting them from their umbilical cord with Russia. And in the current climate of distrust, Russia does not seem willing to release the pressure lever it exerts through these territories.

Macron is playing to be a mediator in this crisis adopting a less alarmist approach than the United States. In that message he is going to coincide tomorrow with the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky, who has been asking for a less apocalyptic tone, an approach that does not notice every day of the imminent Russian invasion that continues without occurrence.

But that does not mean that the Ukrainians go tomorrow to give in anything that Macron proposes. In fact, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Dimitro Kuleba, has insisted on the red lines of him, which are the sovereignty of the country or the refusal to sit down to speak directly with the prorbous separatists who occupy several territories in the east. And of course Ukraine does not think to give up entering the NATO.Kiev is not left with allies. Germany announced this Monday that it would deploy 350 soldiers in Lithuania to reinforce a NATO combat group against an eventual russian threat. But at the moment Berlin refuses to give weapons to Kiev, which is not resigned either. "Germany has repeatedly and publicly explained this decision, we consider that these explanations about Ukraine are unfair, we believe that there is a broader space for Germany to act," said the Ukrainian chancellor.Although Ukrainians galas these days of a calm greater than the Of its allies, every day, disturbing signs arise. A separatist leader said today that a large-scale war could burst there at any time. Another influential prorrous commander in the east of Ukraine urged Moscow almost at the same time to send 30,000 soldiers.

Date Of Update: 07 February 2022, 15:59

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