Encarna Sánchez, his random personal life and the dark reasons that made him leave Mexico

We are victims of our own circumstances. That phrase Encarna Sánchez knew her well. On the one hand, her working life was the clearest example of meritocracy. A

Encarna Sánchez, his random personal life and the dark reasons that made him leave Mexico

We are victims of our own circumstances. That phrase Encarna Sánchez knew her well. On the one hand, her working life was the clearest example of meritocracy. As a poor girl, she had carved a successful race on the radio thanks to her talent and nothing more about her. No one doubts that. "Now yes, incarnita," she told herself. "You are the undisputed one number. You have achieved it." But her heart and her soul, in a totally unconscious way, pointed out other goals. In the Sparta hardness of her had created a fissure by which the desire to love and, above all, be loved. However, there was a problem. The feelings of her did not fit with what she dictated or her education or her era. Being on dew jurado or the close relationship of it with Isabel Pantoja could destroy all that that had cost him so much. She tried to keep her feelings in the depths of her being. So deep, they punched her heart. As Federico Jiménez Losos says, Encarn died of love.

Your personal life has been the subject of many speculations. The strange robbery she suffered in her's house in the moral in the last years of her life, that testament in which she read all the goods of her to an old sentimental partner ... embodies was surrounded by Mystery and, above all, of fear. Both own and exercised to others. Therefore, today, many remain without pronunciation about him. But the media and the archives talk about the living and also of the dead. The book directly, Encarna Sánchez (Almuzza), written by the journalist and co-author of this article Joanele Zafra, collects hours of recordings, interviews and publications that give validity to the comments, feelings and actions of the characters that star this novel of nonfiction . The story of it allows to lean to a window that visible, now, some light.

For example, what happened in Mexico? At the highest point of her career, embodies does the suitcase and emigrate to the land of Montezuma. Theories are diverse. She would say she was for a good contract: $ 20,000 a month for a Televisa program. Others would point to political pressures. Directly, Encarna Sánchez elucida her own theory of her. At that time, the journalist presented C.S. and good trip. The program was worth helping the most needy and that function embodies it was transferred off the radio with the organization of beneficial parties. In one of them, collection money disappeared. It was not the first time. Carmen Polo, benefactor at that time of the journalist, would point to Emparison as the guilty of her and, to cover the scandal, forced her to leave the country.

The truth about the conversation that both kept stays between the walls of the palace of the brown, but the truth is that Encarna did not return to Spain to Dead Franco.

His passage through Mexico also left several black legends, some collected in the book. "It was heard that Encarna had a relationship with a minor, namely Monica, who was the daughter of a government minister, the presenter received a notice from the police authorities telling him that he would not frequent the young woman, but embodies made deaf ears. The Father, to get her away from her little one, she would have sent her somewhelming, although she did not become assault, "counts one of them.

However, it is not necessary to go to Mexico to count myths and legends by Encarna Sánchez. Here in Spain there were more convoluted stories, like that that the whims of her were those who faced Isabel Pantoja and jurado dew.

The journalist never admitted publicly being homosexual, but did not close the door to the love of women. Therefore, when Rocío Jurado is separated from Pedro Carrasco in 1989, the announcement starts an approach in the form of friendship. Afterwards, she introduces in the courtship that she believes is the best weapon of her: the ostentation of power. She sends the house of dew a white gold ring and diamonds with an envelope whose inner note was of such voltage than the jury, blushing, sends everything back by making a cobra in the distance. Encarna understood that she had taken a false step. She could not afford it. If she dew revealed in the professional circles the homosexuality of Encarna, she could reach ears from the owners of the COPE, the station on which she worked.

After this incident, Encarna is embellished with Isabel Pantoja. They are made nail and meat. The young woman is not sworn dew. As the saying goes, age is a degree. That's why everything works much better. The journalist directs the career of her friend and achieved that Tony Caravaca, until then Isabel representative, is dismissed from her. He already has all the control.

The singer interprets then the soul or injured heart falls in love, but the focus of attention must be put on a particular subject, you are a lie. The letter speaks of a woman betrayed by a friend, to which she does not leave in very good place. Quickly, it was understood that it would have been an order of Encarna to Perales, the author of the song, to humiliate the jury and throw disdain through the throat of Isabel Pantoja. Perales has denied this story and those who know him know that he would not have accepted such a game. However, Encarna could have plotted him without telling the author the true intention of him, since with his tricks and the hypnotic voice of him was able to get anything.

The encouragement among the three women are weathered and, then, arrives azabache, a copla musical for Expo 92. The poster heads jury dew. No trace of Isabel Pantoja. It has been suggested that it was Rocío who vetoed Isabel. Above, adding to the show to María Vidal who, being only four years younger than Isabel, she presented himself as the future of the copla when, really, the trajectory of her paled compared to that of the pantoe. To the widow of Paquirri did not feel anything right: "They will act the most admired, the most acclaimed and the most friends of politicians," she sentenced her as asked about her absence.

He says Carlos Ferrando, who worked as a press in Azabache, who dew was falling in love with someone from the team. She does not reveal from whom, she leaves the rope to tie up others. But neither to be in love with Rocío, who after listening to the controversial letter of you are a lie reacts. "Rocío pulled out of his repertoire all the topics composed of perales for her less one, what would not give me, he grabs him and put him through bulerías, implying that with his art improves it," explains a television directive. The jury was so flamenco that until the revenge it was to the compass.

While, Encarna and Isabel are consolidating their friendship. Even veranean together with the little Kiko Rivera. The Parazzi Diego Arrabal takes them enjoying the sea, but a magazine buys the photos so that they will never be published. Encarn fears that those images do not district her career. It has not been until 2019 when they have seen the light. They did in alive life, the program in which the photographer collaborates.

On the other hand, Rocío Jurado marries José Ortega Cano in 1995. Encarn launches attacks on the bride since his microphone: "At that age you can not take the veil of purity," he said with disdain. It was such the fury that the journalist felt at that time that Terellu Campos has told the life that, after covering the wedding of the commission of TVE, Encarna Sánchez was stating and criticizing harshly: "Until my mother raised the Phone and said: 'Encarn, if the problem has to do with Isabel Pantoja, you do not worry that when I get married I'm also going to retransmit your wedding as she deserves' ", she recovered Teresa's daughter. Encarna reacted by mentioning Terelu forever. Obviving it was another way to hurt him.

Months later, Encarna and Isabel break their friendship. The announcer suffers an advanced cancer, but she refuses that nobody knows. Now they are published pictures of Isabel on the beach, but this time she is with another friend, María del Monte. Encarna sinks from this moment, she will never raise head. A year later, in 1996, she dies in her house consumed by loneliness and grief.

After the death of Encarna, it seemed that the two singers were taking up the contact. An audiovisual producer plans a Gala in TVE in which they would act together. The news transcends, the lovers of the copla celebrate him. However, the largest reculating and rejects the project. In 2006, it is dew who dies. María Jiménez prepares a tribute in Channel south. The producers call the pantoe and tell him the project. After several conversations, Isabel says no: "I would love to be; I would love to sing with her, but if I dew he did not want to life, it is not fair that I do it now." That's how she stayed. What embodied separated, that she does not know or after dead.

The life of Encarna Sánchez was marked by the presence of Isabel Pantoja and Jurado dew, but in his path many other women crossed. One of them was Mila Ximénez, that for some time she led a space of her in the Empario program at La Cope. At that time, the relationship between both was wonderful. The Sevillian found in the head of her the support she needed so much about her after the separation of her from Manolo Santana. Encarn, instead, I saw something more than a friendship in it. The tables changed when Isabel pantoja entered the game board. However, the end of the relationship was not conditioned by the presence of the singer, but for a birthday party in which things did not end very well. According to the book directly, Encarna Sánchez, Mila was in the state of drunkenness and embodied took advantage of the situation to try to have something else. Mila opposed and there she stayed the matter. But Encarna was suffering from that unrequited feeling and that Mila could make her life with other men tortured her. The love of her turned into madness and the last words she, supposedly, told him were: "Vete de España".

While everything that happened between Mila and Encarn is more or less Vox Populi, what surrounds the name of Pilar Cebrián -Aliasclara Suñer- is a mystery. The young woman was a radiophonic actress who worked at the 60s for national radio. She also made some appearance on television, in the TVE program, study 1. She met Encarna when she arrived in Madrid since Carboneras (Almería) and immediately became intimate. When going to Mexico, Encarna became a testament and named as unique heirs to the actress and her mother. She never, nor in the last few years she was aware of her prognosis, she changed her will. Thus, Pilar Camern became the heiress of Encarna Sánchez.

Another name surrounded by mystery is that of Nuria Abad. She being even a minor she came to see Encarna making the dawn of Radio Miramar. When they move the program to the COPE, in Madrid, the young woman is already part of the template and coexists with Encarna. Closer or further, they were always united.

However, not all the names of the women of Empresas entail secret passions. There were also great friends in her life, like Carmen Jara. She and Encarna met in Madrid at the end of the 60s. The relationship of her was always very deep, so much that the journalist died in her arms saying the last words of her, which were for Isabel Pantoja.

Finally, there is Lola Flores. For a shame of both, it was linked by a terrible reality, cancer. When the singer dies in 1995, Encarna is shudder. She thinks that if a woman with the force and claw of Lola Flores has died, she can also succumb. In life they were great friends and confidants.

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