Eric García, persecuted by chaos

Eric García is living this new stage of his career in a somewhat chaotic way. After finally closing his return to Barça after seeing how the signing of him st

Eric García, persecuted by chaos

Eric García is living this new stage of his career in a somewhat chaotic way. After finally closing his return to Barça after seeing how the signing of him stayed in the inkwell in the two market windows of last season, the plant is giving one of Cal and another of sand. On the one hand, he is fully compliance with what is demanded when he participated in the start of the construction of the game. But, on the other, he is also seeing the seams in some defensive actions. Something that, given its age (it will be 21 years old on January 9), can be understandable, but that, at the same time, it is also a heavy ballast to shine in the elite, both in its club and, especially, in the Selection that directs Luis Enrique.

With the Asturian coach it has become one of the usual of the last calls of La Red. Luis Enrique has opted to include him on the list of him, so far, in a total of 19 occasions. And, of them, he stayed without minutes in seven. Eric García, today, has played three friendly meetings with the Spanish national team, two corresponding to the League of Nations, three in the past Eurocopa and four in the classification phase for the World Cup 2022. Three of them began them in the dock. In nine, while, he was part of the eleven holder. In Him, he adds six victories, four draws and two defeats. One of them, by penalty, in front of England, in the semifinals of the continental tournament and when he had already been replaced by injury. The most bulky triumph, while, corresponds to the duel against Germany of the League of Nations played in the Cartuja. The team, then, was imposed by 6-0 and the azulgrana jumped into the field as relieved from an injured Sergio Ramos.

The defeat against Sweden, which greatly complicates Spain's options to qualify directly for the Qatar World Cup, uncovered which maybe it is its greatest lack: speed. In San Mamés, in his second official match with Barça, the Williams brothers took him on the path of bitterness. Up to such a point, that he had no other than slowing down with the least of them, Nico, in the final moments of duel, to ensure that his team took at least one point. The action cost the red, but he did not hesitate a moment at the time of playing it. As he did not hesitate to jump to the playground either, even though he had been communicated that same afternoon the death of his grandfather. Before Sweden, while, it was another fast player, Isak, who exploded again and again the skinny point of him.

The main weapons to combat this lack, among others, are placement and anticipation. Something that the current coach of him is very well at Barça, Ronald Koeman. The Dutchman did not shone because of his rapidity throughout his career as a footballer. And even he commented without upholsters along the length and width of the geography that his waist resembled a tractor wheel. The physicist of Eric García, in this case, is not as forceful as that of his technician. Neither nor, the way to stop the internship of the rivals. With the red, in fact, he has not yet seen any cardboard. Like him, however, the participation of him in the construction of the game is one of him's strengths. There it shows the imprint of the formation of it in the Masia. The great goal of him is to maintain the possession of the spherical.

In the last eurocose, for example, he managed to complete 277 passes from 288 attempts. The vast majority of them, 184, 188, were average distance. The ideals to ensure the possession of the ball and, with it, the elaboration of the attack. The short pass, with a total of 52 completed in that same number of attempts, by the part of it, usually serves to counteract the pressure of the rival. Finally, the young central Barça completed 41 displacements over 48 attempts. The best way to break the rival defense and, in addition, the seal of the house of a Ronald Koeman who, like Luis Enrique, has full confidence in the possibilities of him, even though he sometimes looks imbued in chaos.

Date Of Update: 03 September 2021, 14:35

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