Erika Choperena: More from Athletic than from Barcelona

It's been a while since the term reductionist term (English acronym referred to women and brides of footballers) stopped making sense. Surely because he neve

Erika Choperena: More from Athletic than from Barcelona

It's been a while since the term reductionist term (English acronym referred to women and brides of footballers) stopped making sense. Surely because he never had it. The couples of the players are businesswomen, artists and professionals who develop their lives autonomously and independently and no one is strange about it. What is more rare is that it transcends the logic influence that these women have in the professional decisions of their partners. And that this influence makes you the new idol of the hobby. A rare Avis called Erika Choperena (31), Antoine Griezmann's wife (30).

Because in the middle of the stiring that he was the return of French to Atlético and the murmur that part of the Upgrade of the Metropolitan is still dedicated to the player, Erika has imposed as the perfect instrument for healing the wounds between the hobby and Griezmann. The admiration of the swollen by Erika began after the issuance of the documentary the decision, that quasi-reality, produced by a Piqué company, with which Griezmann announced in 2018 that he would follow in the Atlético and who rejected (that year, to the next one would leave ) The offer of Barcelona. The decision, as the name of it indicates, told the process by which player and family came to the determination of following the Atleti, an outcome in which Erika's opinion was vital. "If you win the Champions there you will be one more always; if the desire here you are going to enter the story," is the phrase that Griezmann's wife pronounced and who dazzled and connected with all the hobby mat, turning it into Trending Topic and appearing even In t-shirts and profile photos of the tubers.

The surroundings of the couple sees the reaction that at that moment had the documentary and the influence of Erika in that decision in a "natural" way. "What was transmitted in that documentary is true, great truth, and a lot of transparency and a lot of authenticity. And it is a conversation that is normally private and that in this case it became public. A conversation in which between the two were solving their doubts "It has Loc your surroundings. A conversion arising from "naturalness", but that marked the beginning of the Erika-hobby idyll, which has continued to consolidate even during the two years that Griezmann has been in Barcelona. Now, back to the Atleti and after knowing what was learned with the documentary issuance, few doubt Erika's influence on the Griezmann family's return to Madrid has always "been the house of her ".

His house in a literal manner, as they have moved back to what was his residence in the estate in the first stage of Griezmann in Atlético. There are the neighbors opposite Simeone and Carla Pereyra, a good friend of Erika and with which she forms a tandem that many point out as another of the struts so that it fructified the return of French. After the return of Griezmann and the corresponding Erika post on the Instagram of her, Carla and Beatriz Espejel (Couple of Koke) were the first that welcomed him and congratulations. "With them there is a lot of closeness, always there and has never stopped having," they confirm in the environment of it.

That return to the known is what has made the return of the Griezmann family to Madrid easier. "They have a fantastic life because it is a city that worship, it is a place where they have been fully integrated and in which they have been delightful of life," affirm Loc. A happy life that they share since 2011, when they began to come out after knowing in the dining room of the residence of San Sebastian to which she came as a student of pedagogy arrival of El Navarra Natal of her and him as emerging star of the real.

Now, the return to Madrid is only marred by the resistance of part of the hobby to forgive Griezmann his march. A murmur in the stand that can only appease a sum of factors: goals, time and, of course, Erika. "Antoine has always worshiped the Atleti's fans, when he arrived, when he has been and when he has been in Barcelona, and the family therefore exactly the same, is a family love," they say since his surroundings, convinced that everything will be fixed .

A love for the Atleti that Erika not only demonstrated with the documentary but with its multiple winks to the Rojiblanca Hobby in its publications on social networks. The most viral this summer, when still in Barcelona wrote on Instagram "I know you are making a huge effort, which sometimes costs you twice, but patience, because the one who knows how to wait always receive what he deserves", a message that the Atlético's hobhouse performed as a prelude to what was later his return.

It is that she feels very comfortable with the fan of Atlético de Madrid. She loves the athleti and the people of the Atleti, "say the friends of her. And the athletics love her.

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 00:38

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