Ethiopia, the other war fed by Facebook

The Nobel de la Paz does not want witnesses. Many reporters have made it desist of asking for visas to cover the conflict that burns the Ethiopian region of T

Ethiopia, the other war fed by Facebook

The Nobel de la Paz does not want witnesses. Many reporters have made it desist of asking for visas to cover the conflict that burns the Ethiopian region of Tigray. The Nobel de la Paz does not want images or international scandals either, that's why it has cut the Internet connection since the shots began. The Nobel de la Paz has long forgotten that even in the war there are rules, that is why it closes the border to humanitarian organizations and aviation of it bombing civil areas, such as the city of Mekele, the capital of the rebel region of Tigray.

The Nobel of Peace of the Year 2019, the Ethiopian Abiy Ahmed, has been committed to destroying his own international image with an armed response in the Tigray region that surpassed with a lot of the shameful silence he practiced another awarded, the Burmese leader Aung San Suu Kyi, before the crimes of his army against the Rohingya minority.

But the lost reputation of the Ethiopian leader is not the only thing that relates it to Burma. The former Facebook France Hugen worker denounced this month before the US Congress as the activity of the social network Facebook had contributed to further inflaming hatred in both Burma and Tigray. "What we saw in Myanmar and what we are seeing now in Ethiopia are only the first chapters of such a terrifying story that nobody wants to read the end," said Haugen in the testimony of her, picked up by the newspaper 'The Guardian'. Haugen noticed that Facebook was "literally reviving ethnic violence" in places like Ethiopia "because he did not adequately guard his service outside of the United States."

The conflict between the Government of Ethiopia and the Tigray Liberation Front exploded by suppressing the autonomy of which the federal regions, among them, Tigray, who tried to convene some elections that were suppressed by Adi Ababa. The tigriña have ruled the country's destinations for 27 years with an iron fist until it came to the abiy Ahmed power, which won the Nobel Prize for signing peace with its neighborhood, but it is curious that both Ethiopia and Eritrea, have been According to reconciliation to crush the Tigray rebels, their enemies of the two governments. In fact, now attacks on the border region come from the two sides of the border.

When we talk about war crimes, what crimes do we talk about? The Government of Ethiopia has closed access to food within Tigray. That means you are using the hunger induced as a weapon of war. According to United Nations, between 400,000 and 900,000 people already suffer from Hambruna Severe. Each day, hunger people dies. For the government, they are just eight people. For the rebels, hundreds. Impossible to know in an area where journalists or humanitarian workers do not enter. Recall the recent death of the cooperating María Hernández, from MSF, in Tigray's territory. In the rest of Ethiopia, the Tigriñas are being persecuted only by their belonging to the ethnicity.

In addition, rape as a weapon of war is extending on all fronts, especially by the erythreas troops, which attack Tigray from the North. In recent days, several inhabitants of Mekele have managed to photograph the aircraft that bombed their city. They are not manned bombers to use but drones. If Ethiopia does not have these devices, what other state is helping the Government of Abyi Ahmed? In the last bombardment, one of those drones left 10 civilian dead.

Despite not controlling the heavens, the Tigray Liberation Front is earning the war or, at least, winning the battles. With guerrilla tactics and ambush they are making thousands of prisoners between Ethiopian troops, coming from regions to which this conflict nor does it come to them. The immediate consequence it has for the Government of Adis Ababa is that it is unprotected vital areas, such as the Southern Frontier, whose neighbor is Somalia, especially an area where the Terror of Al Shabab is. With the withdrawal of the Ethiopian soldiers towards Tigray, that dividing line has been unprotected and the infiltration of the Islamist militia linked to Al Qaeda is multiplied.

Meanwhile, thousands of tigriñas have fled to the border with Sudan, a country that lives its particular convulsion with the coup d'etat perpetrated by the military this week. The price of food is starting to rise exponentially. Hunger can kill more than bullets.

Updated Date: 01 November 2021, 07:34

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