Everything you should know about anticoagulants

Surely once he heard a person saying that the doctor had sent him to put on heparin injections in his belly. You may even have to click yourself, or that a ne

Everything you should know about anticoagulants

Surely once he heard a person saying that the doctor had sent him to put on heparin injections in his belly. You may even have to click yourself, or that a nearby relative has done it before the impossibility of pricking yourself.

It is also likely that you have ever heard of a drug called Sintrom, not in vain, WHO defined it as the second group of drugs that had most improved the mortality and morbidity of the population behind the antibiotics.

For all these drugs, whether in syringe or pill, have a very similar purpose: prevent thrombi formation. They are what is popularly known as anticoagulants, and if you or a family member is taking them you should know that there are a number of recommendations that meet when they are part of the daily treatment.

They are a series of drugs that are used to prevent thrombi formation. Said quickly, its function is to make blood flow more fluid by the blood vessels that run through our body. We will avoid that clots are formed, to increase those that already exist and even favor that these disappear.

This type of drugs have to be prescribed by an optional specialist in the field. They tend to be paused to people who have a particularly high risk of suffering the appearance of clots, something that can happen in patients with a history of thrombosis, with some types of arrhythmias, if they are carrier of mechanical valves ... but also in people who end up From submitting some types of surgeries or racing or immobilized by having to keep resting or carrying a plaster.

The blood coagulation factor is something vital, since it is what prevents us from being disabling when we suffered a cut or wound. That is, when the walls of a blood vessel are broken and the blood begins to escape.

But sometimes, by a pathology or a specific process, the risk that blood is coagulated within the blood vessels and thrombi is formed is higher than usual. If we do not remedy this situation, the chances of suffering, for example, a myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction or pulmonary thromboembolism will increase.

There are mainly three types:

-Anticoagulants injected. Its form of application is subcutaneous or intravenous, with these last only hospital use. The best known are already preloaded in syringes with a small built-in needle, and its administration is subcutaneously in a fold of abdominal fat. The dose is adjusted according to the weight of the patient.

- Classical oral salating (Sintrom and aldocumar). In this type, it is where the SINTROM filed (Acenocumarol), which is the most used anticoagulant in Spain is encompassed. They have the disadvantage that the patient must undergo periodic controls to adjust the dose of the drug and with it the intensity of anticoagulation (the INR). If this value is above or below the desired, the patient's health runs a significant risk.

-Anticolagulants oral direct action (Pradaxa, Xarelto, Eliquis and Lixian). They are also known as "new anticoagulants", as they appeared less than ten years ago. Unlike classics, it is not necessary to make controls every short time since its effect is predictable. They have the great advantage that they do not interact with food and just with other drugs.

The problem is in vitamin K. An excess or a defect of this vitamin in our diet will alter the anticoagulant efficacy of SINTROM and ALDOCUMAR, so patients should avoid making drastic modifications in their usual diet.

Most of Vitamin K comes from food of vegetable origin, especially dark yellow vegetables or green leafy vegetables: spinach, broccoli, cabbage, Grelos, Roman lettuce, nabizas ... These foods are not prohibited, But it is important that patients always eat the same amount avoiding sudden changes.

If possible, we will always avoid the intake of alcoholic beverages. A high consumption of alcohol would increase the effect of anticoagulants, as well as other negative effects it has for our health.

The main risk is to suffer a hemorrhage, that is why the anticoagulated patient should go to a health center without delay if intense headache and sudden onset appeared, or if suddenly it suffers vision disorders or difficulty for speech. As if it bleeds abundantly after suffering some type of accident.

And always, whenever you go to a medical center or any surgery, dental extraction or diagnostic test, should notify that it takes an anticoagulant.

Date Of Update: 25 September 2021, 21:48

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