Executed and burnt: five years of the crime of Ayotzinapa

The mexican Government will investigate the case judges AyotzinapaUn judge acquits one of the main accused of the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa

Executed and burnt: five years of the crime of Ayotzinapa
The mexican Government will investigate the case judges AyotzinapaUn judge acquits one of the main accused of the disappearance of the 43 students of AyotzinapaMéxico creates a drive for the "Ayotzinapa" after seeing a video with torture of suspects

Van five years since a group of 43 students disappeared in town of Iguala , in the State of Guerrero, and half of those arrested for the crime have already been released. And, in the meantime, Mexico continues with no response to the main questions around the case: what happened, who took them, why, and where they are . Five years from that September 26, 2014, the doubts about the so-called "official truth" and the demands of the relatives of the 43 remain intact: "Alive were taken, alive we want".

The sad anniversary of the well-known as the "case Ayotzinapa", because the name of the municipality where the 43 young people -then about 20 years old - were studying to become teachers, comes at a time when the official investigation of the case is crumbling like a castle of cards. And is that the beginning of September, a judge released Gildardo López Astudillo , aka "The Gil", one of the main accused by the Prosecution of participating in the disappearance of the students. Thus, a judge dismissed 60 evidence against The "Gil" of having been obtained illegally, and therefore, there was no evidence that linked the suspect in the abduction of the young.

The release of "The Gil" is very significant because, according to the office of the Prosecutor -led under the then Government of Enrique Peña Nieto - was the link between the police and the cartel local Warriors States, who allegedly took students to a landfill in the village of Cocula, where they were executed and burned. This official version that he defended the Prosecution of Peña Nieto is based on the testimony of more than a hundred people. However, at the close of this edition have already been released for 77 of the 142 detainees by the case, due to various irregularities in the Prosecution, such as torture on suspects or evidence inconsistent.

"you Are guilty, but for torture and bad practice of the Prosecutor's office are being released," says Cristina Bautista, mother of Benjamin Ascensio Bautista, one of the young people are missing.

proceedings against the prosecutor

Solve the case Ayotzinapa is one of the priorities of the president of mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obradror (AMLO). To do this, a first step has been announced in the office of the Prosecutor -now controlled by AMLO - is going to be pursuing legal recourse to prosecute for malpractice to the then attorney Jesus Murillo Karam, and two officials who had direct involvement in the research: Tomas Zeron and Jose Aaron Perez Cart.

also, AMLO has signed a decree in December in which he ordered the establishment of a Truth Commission to re-investigate this complex case to, as well, to fulfill the mandate of a mexican judge who ordered in June of 2018 the creation of a committee to analyze again the disappearance. "There are enough indications to presume that the confessions and accusations against coinculpados were obtained through torture," he said in his judgment in which he justified the need to create a commission because "in Mexico there is not an independent Prosecutor".

the Baptist is one of the five family members who are part of this commission. According to ABC, the commission has not yet started to investigate the case "will not re-investigated from scratch". In his opinion, there are to focus the research on four areas: the possible involvement that he had the Army, if the students were taken to the town of Huitzuco, to clarify why there were police officers who allegedly had mobile phones of young people and the likely involvement in the drug trade, since one of the theories is that the reason for the assault was the transfer of drugs.

"We are a few days of reaching the age of five and made us feel very sad. It's maddening to take five years without knowing anything of our children," says Baptist, who claims to have recovered the illusion of get back together with Benjamin. "This government opens the door. I have faith and hope that soon we will get to the truth" sentence.

Mexico, a large clandestine grave

The case of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa is one of the crimes in Mexico more internationally known. This crime put in evidence the incapacity of the mexican state to ensure security and justice for its citizens, in addition to revealing the links between government and drug trafficking groups. And it is to be certain the highly controversial and terrifying official version, a group of police officers handed them to the young people of the cartel Warriors United to get rid of the bodies.

In the days after that tragic September 26, Mexico contemplated espeluznado as the authorities were in the State of Guerrero, several mass graves filled with corpses, but did not correspond to those of the 43 young people.

According to official data, there are about 40,000 missing persons in all of Mexico. However, a number of citizen organizations claim that there could be more than 300.00 to be missing, as there are many family members who do not report for fear of retribution from organized crime groups.

The Government of AMLO has launched a plan to search for hallarles. And for the first time has published a report that estimated that there are a total of 3 024 clandestine graves in its territory. Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Guerrero, Sinaloa, Zacatecas, and Jalisco are some of the states that have a greater number of clandestine cemeteries. In Mexico have produced about 223,000 murders since 2006 Felipe Calderón began the war against narco-trafficking.

Date Of Update: 24 September 2019, 12:03

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