Exhibitions and Jergians, the Olympic Aura of Luka Doncic: He is the best player in the world

They will not dazzle the spotlights to Luka Doncic, because since he was a child he has perceoded them. Since its first day at Real Madrid, since before reach

Exhibitions and Jergians, the Olympic Aura of Luka Doncic: He is the best player in the world

They will not dazzle the spotlights to Luka Doncic, because since he was a child he has perceoded them. Since its first day at Real Madrid, since before reaching the NBA and, of course, since he stepped on the Olympic Games. His response was, invariably, the same. Dazzling, smiling above expectations.

Its amazing deployment against Argentina in the debut (48 points, 11 rebounds and five assists) will already be one of the great moments of these games. It rarely saw anyone thus dominating, more in contrast to the impotence of the preliminary day of the TEAM USA to France. There is no talk of another thing in Tokyo other than Doncic, competing in popularity with Biles, Osaka and even Djokovic. Although against the Serbian surrendered in the Olympic Village, where on Tuesday dawned with the filtration of images of his spree (playing poker, without a t-shirt, without masks and with alcohol): "I am making many photos yes, but could be More. He asks him more. "

Even that controversy increases its media magnetism. It was revealed, by the way, without pretending it by the Spanish player Cristina Oviña, who later asked for: "I was wrong to share this part of my Olympic experience, but I want to highlight that all athletes we are in Tokyo are aware of the pandemic situation in The one we live and that we should not relate to anyone alien to the great bubble of the villa ".

Associate a somewhat frustrating season with the MAVs, after its splendid initiatory year. With the selection of him he had a pending account, as he could not help in the classification for the world past. He always felt Slovenia, who already has three medals: a gold (Benjamin Savek in Slalon canoeing), the bronze of Tadej Pogacar in cycling and the silver who obtained Tina Trstenjak in Judo. And if other companions NBA are traded by FIBA basketball, to him, on the return of him, it is as if he reinforced his superpowers. He already demonstrated him in the pre-olympic who came without rest time behind the playoffs and in which he eliminated Lithuania against prognosis in Kaunas with another historical boast (31 points, 13 assists, 11 rebounds) -. And he is endorsed by the sand saitama.

With so easily, there is talk of tame a game, but rarely be done the way Luka Doncic is showing him. "It can sound excuse that we could not do anything against a single player, in my career I can have had some other situation like that, but I do not remember it, there are many years and I do not remember it," the shell Hernández was picked up before his executioner.

Doncic stayed at seven points from the Oscar Schmidt annotation record -55 points to Spain in Seoul 88, but he was 31 minutes on track. When the coach of him sat it in the absence of four minutes, with all sentenced, he could have twisted the gesture. But Luka is aware that he is in Tokyo for something more than to look individually. More than the numbers of him, stratospheric, and that the ability of him to subdue the rival, he draws attention to power to make his colleagues believe in the mission. A team that without it could not go too far. Before Argentina, Klemen Prepeclic, Vlatko Cancar and the nationalized pivot Mike Tobey.

The story with which the Argentine coach began its press conference after the defeat reveals a higher intelligence. "We had prepared a defensive idea that was to separate it from the rest of the team, assuming that I could score points, but trying to do not better their colleagues. He detected that plan immediately and murdered us with 15 points in two or three minutes. , Even though we had decided to have patience and maintain the rule, to have to change the rule. We tried to double the brand, he began to play his companions. We changed again: challenged our greats ... when he wanted to be the post Low, when I wanted Pick and Roll played, "Sergio Hernández, who raised one of the debates that becomes more and more sense:" For me, and I said it two years ago, Luka Doncic is the best player in the world. "

So with that Aura of Inadable challenges Spain on Sunday. And with a lot of at stake, whatever happens on Thursday on the second day: the first place of the group and the possibility of avoiding a suicidal quarters. From afar they already observe it in the selection, those who well know how to have shared costumes or have faced him. "I've been playing for many years ... what is doing is very difficult, take the team as it takes it is a pass," said Sergio Rodríguez on Monday, which was expanded in the praise to his former companion: "He is still surprising everyone. It's amazing. We all knew that I would do a party, but but it has doubled or tripled the expectations. As an amateur I love seeing him. But I know him well and I hope that when he plays against us, he does not have the day. "

Date Of Update: 27 July 2021, 20:34

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