Feijóo announces that the nurseries of Galicia will be free from the first child from the next course

The demographic challenge is "the number one problem" in the short and medium term in Galicia, which fights against aging and depopulation, and the Executive

Feijóo announces that the nurseries of Galicia will be free from the first child from the next course

The demographic challenge is "the number one problem" in the short and medium term in Galicia, which fights against aging and depopulation, and the Executive of Alberto Núñez Feijóo has decided to take action. From the next course all the children's schools of Galicia will be free 100% for all families.

The announcement has been one of Feijóo's effect beats during his speech of the state of the state of autonomy held on Wednesday in the Galician Parliament. Galicia was already a pioneer in implanting the gratuity for the second children, which affects 10,000 families, and moved a proposal to the central executive to universalize it, but, at the lack of response, he decided "not to expect more" and implant it in the community.

According to the Galician leader, the gratuity will be for "all children", the firstborn, and in all centers, "all public, those of social initiative, private and also municipalities". It is one more step in the same path that the first law of demographic impulse of Spain approved this year and in which he regrets that "unfortunately we do not have the support of the opposition."

Feijóo was congratulated that "once again, Galicia stands at the forefront of Spain" with a decision that exists at another point in the country of the country and sheds other measures of what defines as "recovery to the Galician" post pandemic, a Recovery "just really, that brings out our values and perspectives to the changes that are taking place and fully incorporate Galicia to the paths of sensible progress."

The debate has been marked by the absence and the sudden death of the autonomous head of Finance, Valeriano Martínez, died last week while working in his office. In the seat of him now empty of him, a copy of the Constitution, another of the Statute of Autonomy and a Hydrangea.

President Gallego began his speech with a memory towards him and with a gratitude to the BNG for his willingness to a proposal that finally did not come to a good port by misunderstanding with the Socialists, to postpone the debate five days for the sudden death. Feijóo wanted, before the debate, recomposing the Government of Him and closing the budget of 2022, some accounts that Valeriano Martínez had already left "practically ready" and that will be presented next week.

Of Valeriano Martínez stressed that "rigor, normality and stability" were for him rules of "unappealable" conduct and that this debate that was finally celebrated when it was scheduled is, perhaps, the best tribute that can be done, because the community faces it " When it corresponds to you "and you will have budgets for 2022" when you touch ".

In these accounts, Galicia will remain "the place where the government's priorities are the priorities of our people" and Feijóo presumes that the community is right now "at the point closer to what we had in February 2020". According to the Galician leader "it looks, now, the light at the end of the tunnel", and although measures such as the mask and social distance will continue, next week, the sanitary emergency state declared in Galicia one day before the first state of alarm, on March 13, 2020.

He also announced that the community will erect a monument in memory of the deceased during the pandemic and tribute to those who have helped fight it, so that "serve as a memory for the upcoming generations of what happened," and also of " Example for how we respond. " Feijóo showed the rejection of the massive tax rise announced by the central government and guaranteed, as a contrast, that Galicia will lower taxes next year. In addition, he announced that public services, which were already for him a priority before the pandemic, will return again in the accounts of 2022, in which social spending will rise again and will mean 71%, putting healing , education and social policy.

Another of its priorities will be completing the recovery plan for common healthcare and announced a mental health plan that will have a budget of 83 million euros for the next four years. In addition, upcoming annual accounts will collect their commitment to primary care, which will mean a third of the total health expenditure.

Thus there are also higher residences will have news from 2022, with a new model in which the centers will be divided into units of coexistence of 25 people, which will serve as small homes within each center. For the elderly it also guarantees more places in projects such as the home help service, 'Eat at home', attention in day centers or the houses of the major.

In the line of post-pandemic recovery, he took the chest of the resurgence of tourism, because Galicia was perceived as a safe destination and experienced the pull of Xacobeo, and announced a new call for his rescue plan for the sectors most affected by the crisis that " Correct the deficiencies "suffering from administrations and affected" by the conditions that were marked in Madrid. "

Additionally, a specific financial support program for companies will be promoted, for the first time, there will be "partially reimbursable loans" so that investors who are welcomed do not have to return them totally if they materialize an investment that generates wealth and employment . In addition, the Xunta, among other measures, will continue to encourage consumption; Maintaining the bonuses to acquire industrial land and accompanying business projects.

Updated Date: 14 October 2021, 23:09

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