Felipe González urged Pedro Sánchez to stimulate the freedom to think critically in the PSOE

Memory and nostalgia are fashionable in Spain and the 40th federal PSOE congress began like this. With a tribute to the past aimed at reconciliation with the

Felipe González urged Pedro Sánchez to stimulate the freedom to think critically in the PSOE

Memory and nostalgia are fashionable in Spain and the 40th federal PSOE congress began like this. With a tribute to the past aimed at reconciliation with the historical memory of the party. The two former socialist presidents of the government attended by Peter Sánchez. He did, or did not need. Felipe González and José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, each in his own way, vindicated the pride of belonging to the party that has ruled Spain more years since the transition.

The discourse of reconciliation of former González president did not disappoint. About to turn 80 years, which recognizes that he was already weighed, changed the passional tone of Zapatero and lowered the decibels to adopt the role of Professor Emeritus of State Policy that gives advice to his successors explaining at the same time some events in history of those who was protagonist.

The former president, whose electoral victory of 82 is 49 years old, seized the scene as if it were the Socialist House Hall to show that it has ideas for the future based on past anecdotes starring him. Jokes, sentences, releases, lessons, warnings, advice, notices, suggestions, insinuations, admonitions.

The sermon of the mountain of Felipe González was extensive, vast, great, interesting, scattered and global. A holistic discourse heard silently for the conclave. The head of Felipe González links a subject with another without continuity solution. It goes from idea at IDEA.

From the Congress of Surersnes to the demolition of a Miami building damaged in its foundations. From the vindication of the IMSERSO trips approved by the Government of him to the lessons given by the former Chancellor Billy Brandt. Of the moderate feminism of Carmen Alborch to the judgments of André Malraux. Citing the french novelist and politician, the former president said: "Never demit the nonsense and infamies that are said of me. Although I endure them less well if they come from ours."

The former president - which was claimed as a proud social democrat of belonging to the generation of the 78th regime - exhorted the "partner Secretary General" - as he addressed Pedro Sánchez - to stimulate freedom "from critically opinating" within the PSOE, because "This is how a match is built."

Very obviously, he wanted to warn him in a congress that is exaltation and null internal debate. González was "available" to lend Pedro Sánchez a hand, but without interfering and bothering. That is, he who thinks if they ask him and it seems that he likes him more to ask him ignore him. "

Forward, "he said as a final phrase dedicated to Pedro Sánchez, who praised the management of the pandemic." The PSOE is an instrument at the service of society, it is not an end in itself, and that is why you have to listen to the Society and integrate with it ".

González had Gonzalez for many people. In addition to tips for Pedro Sánchez. Pablo Iglesias gave him a dart of pride of belonging to the generation of the regime of 78. "A great honor, I am one of the few remaining the generation of the so-called 78th regime". He was held asking him to install an award with that name for the inventor of the 78th regime. In reference to the former welcome leader, he added that the "clumsiness of him" has helped the Socialists.

The PP warned him of the error that he supposes to defend the Constitution, but not fulfilling him by refusing to renew the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), a constitutional body. "We never did it." He also had a few words for former President José María Aznar for qualifying "joke" the concept of "multilevel government" included in Sánchez's speeches and the presentation of Congress. "It's a German joke," said the former president raising his voice.

González reviewed his management as general secretary of the PSOE, position he held 23 years. He recalled that he was elected "by exclusion" in Suresnes in 1972. He made memory as well as his combat in favor of freedom, recalling the Socialist Slogan of the first elections. "Socialism is freedom." In his defense of the concept of freedom he showed his "disgust" because the tyrannies "are enjoyed with the flags that are enjoyed", and called the Socialists not to oppose "neopobricism" to "neoliberalism".

Former President Zapatero - which preceded Gonzalez into the use of the word- recovered his most passionate tone, he who led him to victory against Jose Bono at the 25th Congress against all odds. He showed his pride of belonging to the party that "the most has defended the democracy and the dignity of Spain". "To be a socialist is to have very little and be willing to give a lot. It is not casual that the PSOE is the party that has the most history of defending Spain, Spanish democracy and the dignity of Spain."

And he praised the management of the Covid-19 pandemic of President Sánchez, when "the pandemic showed his worst face" and decided the confinement of the Spaniards despite knowing "that he could cost him everything in political life." That is What they have taught us in the houses of the town ".

Zapatero did not disappoint either in the emphasis of its feminist and Republican principles. He charged against prostitution and against the inequality of women throughout the history of humanity. The former president congratulated the Socialists for the Congress of "Unity" and "Social Democracy" to present a "future" and "decency" project for Spain. And he recalled that in Valencia, precisely, he was given the "last momentum" to the Government of the Republic.

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 10:38

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