Festivities, Dance and Cups Tracks: This is the Pillar Bridge with the end of almost all restrictions

The autonomous communities continue to take steps to return to normal prior to the pandemic, so that much of them have raised virtually all restrictions since S

Festivities, Dance and Cups Tracks: This is the Pillar Bridge with the end of almost all restrictions

The autonomous communities continue to take steps to return to normal prior to the pandemic, so that much of them have raised virtually all restrictions since Saturday, coinciding with the Pilar Bridge in many territories.

Thus, Spain faces a new weekend with more and more regions limiting its measures exclusively to the use of the mask indoors and the recommendation of the personal distance of 1.5 meters.

The low incidence of recent days in Spain, which is below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants at 14 days, united to the high percentage of Spanish population with the complete pattern of the vaccine, has caused the autonomous communities to be decided to put End to many restrictions.

This is how the restrictions flexible map in each Autonomous Community:

Andalusia has practically recovered the normality prior to the pandemic of the Coronavirus, reaching almost all restrictions, except for the mandatory use of the mask in certain spaces. The last flexibility has to do with the authorization to consume drinks or food in the public area in public entertainment or multitudinous events that are held in municipalities at zero health alert level.

Aragón will face the parties of the pillar at Modulated Alert level 2, which means that nightlife and hospitality will be able to open up to the time they allow them their municipal license, as long as they do not exceed four in the morning. As for the capacity, it is still limited to 50% inside and is still prohibited from consuming in bar.

Asturias has also raised all restrictions against the pandemic in all sectors. Yes, the state measures of the use of mask, hygiene and interpersonal distance are maintained. It will also be kept the ban on hospitality terraces and in public spaces less than 2 meters away.

The Government of Balearices places the community practically in the "return to normal" with the new measures that have entered into force this Friday, which, among other things, allow us to reopen the night leisure with a maximum capacity of 75% and with the Compulsory to wear mask on the dance floor. The maximum closing schedule will be at 5.00.

Canarias published a few weeks ago a decree law that unifies the regulations around the Covid. Specifically, this standard points out that the nightlife can open in all phases of alert but only to provide your hostel activity, without allowing the dance. In addition, it has expanded the schedule of nightlife premises that decide to demand the Covid certificate.

Castilla y León is already in a situation of "controlled risk", so the Board has approved that restrictive measures are relaxed so that sloping are eliminated and only the masks are maintained in the interior of establishments and the interpersonal security distance 1.5 meters.

The Board of Castilla-La Mancha has eliminated the crafts in public spaces and schedules in hospitality establishments - where it authorizes the use of bars and tables in its entirety - allows dancing activities in nightlife premises, as well as congresses and Meetings, and the presence of public in sports activities as long as remaining sitting. Of course, the use of the mask is maintained when the safety distance can be maintained.

The Cantabrian government will eliminate next week all the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus, such as those of capacity and schedules, except for the mandatory use of mask indoors and in agglomerations, and the prohibition of smoking on terraces.

The Generalitat of Catalonia has advanced this week in the recovery of ancient normality after allowing the reopening of the night leisure sector after months of restrictions by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Since last week, Extremadura no longer has capacity and schedules. He also lifted the alert level measurements 1 and eliminated all schedules and aprote in the establishments.

Euskadi left behind the situation of 'sanitary emergency' behind this Thursday, so that almost all restrictions have declined, except for the limitation of 80% aprote in closed spaces with greater than 5,000 people, and the obligation of the use of masks indoors .

Galicia has entered from this Saturday at 'new normality' levels. Thus, indoor capacity is expanded, as well as meetings in hospitality premises to 10 people within and 20 abroad - now they are in eight and 15, respectively - while there are no changes in night leisure.

La Rioja is ranked since last week at level 1 of the measures plan according to indicators. Specifically, in the hospitality and restoration the maximum capacity indoors is 75% and without restrictions in open spaces, although a maximum of 10 people is recommended per table. The closure of the premises will be according to your license.

The last measure announced by the Community of Madrid is the authorization to be able to dance on the clues of the nightclubs. In addition, all crafts have been eliminated in all sectors of economic or social activity, both indoors and outdoors.

Murcia has expanded this week until 4:00 pm the maximum opening schedule for all non-essential activity, "taking into account the limitations of licenses granted for each activity."

The Forum Community recovered the asorous and schedules prior to the pandemic last week. However, basic preventive measures such as the use of the mask in interior spaces and in outdoor spaces when the interpressonal distance can not be respected will remain mandatory.

The Valencian Community has also eliminated the restrictions of schedules and aprote. Of course, in hospitality, the number of people who can meet per table is 10.

Date Of Update: 09 October 2021, 19:38

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