Few goals, many faults and a bargain: the thickest league numbers in Europe

In the absence of the four postponed matches that will be played during the Christmas break , the League has completed thirteen days , a t

Few goals, many faults and a bargain: the thickest league numbers in Europe

In the absence of the four postponed matches that will be played during the Christmas break , the League has completed thirteen days , a third of its competition. enough time to assess surprises and disappointments , analyze moments form of equipment , pointing to major players and consolidate a general idea about the kind of football being played in our country. A course more even than expected, exciting for balance in the top of the classification and continuo on the strengths and weaknesses that make up the Spanish Liga lot of possession , fouls and too few goals . a more tactical football coach stiffer than virtuoso , where the defenses bow to the attacks and where buildings are not built equipment through the roof.

Of the five major European championships , telling the Premier League, the German Bundesliga , the Italian Serie A and Ligue 1 of France, the Spanish league is the fewest goals per enjoys meeting that fewer shots per game notes , the third in turns bereavement and the first game misconduct . Four statistics that summarize very well these first three months of competition, where the Real Sociedad leads with a point lead over Real Madrid and Sevilla , who have a game in hand. Spanish is a talented scorer who lacks championship , with just 2.4 goals per game , by Premier 2.7 , 2.8 Ligue 1 , the Bundesliga 3.02 and 3.05 of Serie a trend that had already been given in the last two seasons and a course remains more . No goal in the league . Only Madrid, with 28 points , is inserted , sixth, within the European top20 leading with 40 , Bayern Munich .

A situation with a high protagonist over the rest: Karim Benzema. The French, Pichichi National and Max Assistant of the League, is the second scorer of the continent with 10 goals, only behind Lewandowski (13), and is the only player of the Spanish championship that appears between the ten scorers of the season. Luis Suárez, Raúl de Tomás and Vinicius, with seven, follow the shadow of him.

The couple of Front Madrid is, statistically, the best duo of what we have been tournament. French and Brazilian add ten and seven goals each, for the seven and three of Luis Suárez and Angel Correa and the six and three of Oyarzabal and Isak. Mikel Merino and Oyarzabal lead the real, great surprise of the season. The first is "the best footballer of this league," according to his coach, imanol sheriff. The second is his captain and one of the referents of the selection in the last Four Four of the League of Nations. Both are, next to Benzema and Vinicius, at the ideal eleven of the league according to the Whoscored Statistics Web, with Luis Maximiliano (Granada) in the goal, Maffeo (Mallorca), David García (Osasuna, another of the revelations), Elustondo (Real) and Dest (Barça) in Defense, and the Barça of Jong and Memphis Depay accompanying them in attack.

Barca , the team with more possession in Europe ( 65 % ) , is the great disappointment of these months . Qualified ninth ten points leader without turning that control the ball successfully scorer . Villarreal and Sevilla also have the ball more than 60% of the time and are in the continental podium but inglorious to door. La Liga is the least shots made, with Madrid as the only one that appears on your top20 16.3 releases, ranked fifth .

An explanation to the first positions in possession and the last in attempts at door and goals can be the large number of faults that occur in the Spanish championship. It is, by far, the tournament in which there are more interruptions: 27 per game. Up to eight national teams appear on the top15 of faults in the major leagues: Valencia, Getafe, Levante, Osasuna, Ray, Real, Mallorca and Alavés.

Hugo Guillamón, Del Valencia, is the second player in Europe that most faults performed by match: 3.1. And the podium of yellow is also of the league: Alderete (Valencia), Verdú (Elche) and Balliu (Ray), with seven, six and six. Spanish arbitrators have had a job. They have distributed almost five cards by encounter and have taken a red one in one of four games. Getafe, with 43 yellow and four red, the worst in this aspect.

A locked football, without dribbling or continuity where 9.3 Dribblings per team is carried out, with Vinicius as a better footballer in this section (three per meeting).

The title seems that it will be delivered for less than 90 points for fourth consecutive course, and the descent will be freed for less than 40. The 28 points of the Royal Society, leader, project a champion that will be around 85, and 11 of the Elche, Third for the tail, they seem to ensure a salvation in 33. A bargain of which the Levante is far from the moment, who has not yet won, and Getafe, Colist. The two teams, next to Barcelona, who have changed coach in these first months.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 21:55

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