For restaurants in paris, a return to normal in a trompe-l'oeil

"do you mind, if I do something at the same time?" It is 10 o'clock in the morning past, we are at the restaurant Monbleu, specializing in cheese, in the Nin

For restaurants in paris, a return to normal in a trompe-l'oeil

"do you mind, if I do something at the same time?" It is 10 o'clock in the morning past, we are at the restaurant Monbleu, specializing in cheese, in the Ninth arrondissement of Paris. Lola Colon, head of rank, is pressed. She prepared a laminator on a high table and slips the menus of the restaurant, one by one, so that they can be disinfected after each use. A card spring is buckled to the other side. Lola sighs. "I would never be an expert on the laminator."

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The night before, the president of the Republic, has finally announced that restaurants and bars could reopen fully to their rooms as soon as this Monday. The Île-de-France, up here in the "orange zone" is the last metropolitan area to allow restaurants to regain a sense of normalcy. Until now, customers could only be accommodated on the terrace.

"We knew it was going to be able to open today, we had wind of innuendo in this direction", explains Lola Colon, who does not hide his pleasure to see return to a semblance of normality. It remains to reopen a room in a half-day meeting all sanitary measures is a challenge. "Take the jars: now, it is necessary to go in the dishwasher between each use," says the head of the rank. It is also necessary to respect a distance of one meter between each table, wash the hands as frequently as possible, wear a mask, "even if for cut the cheese, it reduces frankly visibility", tick Olivier Rupé, head cheesemaker.

The re-opening of the rooms of bars and restaurants was supposed to start a new phase towards a return to normal life in paris. It does not guarantee a rapid recovery of activity in Monbleu : a lot of employees of the office are always telecommuting, or part-time unemployment; services from noon in the terrace, these last few weeks have been quiet. In the summer, in addition, there is never a period of strong activity in Paris - eating less cheese in good time.

Cards in QR-codes and planning the day-to-day

What will happen to those long months of confinement, which have forced restaurants to change their practices ? Chosen by many restaurant owners, the takeaway was not convinced at Monbleu, which will stop without regret this activity as soon as the on-site dining will resume colors.

"The only ones who succeed at making the sale to take away, it is Mcd, slice Christophe material source, the boss of the restaurant, The Comet (IXe arrondissement). We offers dishes of bistro traditional, we didn't even try." The Comet on the other hand might keep the containment system of menus is available via a QR Code, indicated by a sticker on the tables. "It's wonderful, it. For our customers who come from the hotel of sales, Drouot, and who are often older and relatively refractory to the technology".

Will also, in the coming months, a schedule with holes and constantly amended. Many of the employees of The Comet have been kept to partial unemployment, because the customer is not yet at the rendezvous. "We must try to do more tables, but with the rules of detachment, and less staff. Now, it is necessary to do planning according to the activity of hotels, the resumption of international flights. It is unbearable to work like that." The boss monitors the strategies back to the office businesses surrounding the milk on the fire. "Beside, BNP Paribas intends to continue teleworking at least until September," notes Christophe Ogene. The central agency has 2000 employees. And as many of potential customers who do not come to lunch.

First suitcases

customers who do not come back again, deferred charges, but that he will have to pay a day : the reopening of the dining room of the Corner Café (Xe arrondissement) has not alleviated all of the fears of Samir Smail, who, posted behind the bar, is the subject of the cafes in the dropper. "Even the suppliers don't make us a gift. And it must be acknowledged that the recovery is not there." We then search for weak signals. The return of the regulars, for example. Pascal L., troubleshooter by profession, is a daily customer of the Corner Cafe "since 1981". "I continued to work throughout the containment. I was going to buy a coffee to take away to the side, and a croissant at the bakery across the street. And then, there was the poverty in the streets. It was sad". On Monday, he takes with happiness his first coffee at the zinc since the beginning of the confinement.

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still Missing the visitors, travelers, tourists. Serge Melloul directs The Villa Andrea, in front of the gare du Nord. "I have thirty-five years of business behind me, so I am optimistic, he argued, hands on her hips. We saw other". Posted at the bar, we noticed a whole table waiting for her pizza in a corner of the room. "Beside them, you can see suitcases, he breathed, excited. They are the first that I see in the last three months."

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And social distance ? For the menus and the elderly, a glass plate on the table and menu placed below it. No one touches it, and the table is disinfects quickly.

anonym2018le 16/06/2020 at 01:02

dibs, dibs, dibs ! The international tourism is not a viable activity for a country like France ! It is a plague in the cultural, ecological and economical ! Not to the bars and restaurants !

dijonnaisle 15/06/2020 22:03

More business lunches before September or October...

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