For the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, classical music is not racist

The movement Black Lives Matter, which has experienced a resurgence after the death of George Floyd, has caused a questioning of the cultural sector, and in par

For the cellist, Sheku Kanneh-Mason, classical music is not racist

The movement Black Lives Matter, which has experienced a resurgence after the death of George Floyd, has caused a questioning of the cultural sector, and in particular classical music.

in The United States, the musicians of the Metropolitan Opera have issued a series of recommendations to the prestigious institution to be more inclusive in its programming. According to a report published by the League of American orchestras, faculty, Blacks accounted for only 1.8% of orchestra musicians in 2016 and the Latino-Americans 2.5 percent. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Colston Hall in Bristol, which bears the name of a merchant of slaves in the Seventeenth century, will soon be renamed.

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the middle of the classical music is it racist, or at least, less open to people from diversity ? "It is very easy to point the finger at the classical music, but I actually think it starts well before the professional career," said Sheku Kanneh-Mason, virtuoso british the cello that became known internationally after playing at the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Opportunities unequal

Guest of the show Good Morning Britain, the young musician of 21 years is estimated as well as the environment in itself, is not racist or a source of bias. According to him, the problem is more from the lack of opportunities faced by young racialized. "Very few Blacks have the opportunity to experience," he adds.

These opportunities are not so easily accessible to everyone

Isata Kanneh-Mason

Born in a family of seven children, all musicians, he began to learn the cello at the age of six years and déroche a scholarship to integrate the prestigious conservatory of the Royal Academy of Music Junior. It participates by the result of the show Britain's Got Talent and occurs in 2017 BAFTA. "We are very lucky, our parents have worked very hard to enable us to have these opportunities, but they are not so easily accessible for everyone," confirms her sister, Isata Kanneh-Mason piano prodigy.

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In 2019, the superstar of the keyboard, Lang Lang had already pointed out that the situation at the award ceremony of the Global Awards, which reward the artists broadcast on the radio in the uk. "In our world, the course of music [are] become a real challenge. I really want to work with you all to bring back the [course] of music in schools [public]."

according To a survey conducted in 2019 by the British Phonographic Industry, an English association of the record industry, only one in eight schools are among the most disadvantaged of the United Kingdom has an orchestra, compared with 85% in private schools.

When you go to concerts and there is the public, there is very little diversified

Stuart Mason, the father of Sheku Kanneh-Mason

Stuart Mason, the father of Sheku and Isata wants to be far more confident in the ability of the sector to adapt. "We have recently found that things are improving in the middle of the classic. But when you go to the concerts and observed the audience, it is very little diverse and we would like this to change - and our children involved in this change."

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The painting as it is not bad. Take any museum or in any exhibition. Zero percent of people of color in the audience. Not a percent, no: the zero kelvin absolute.

Mauritius Costardle 23/06/2020 15:51

No offense to some relativists, is known as classical music is one of the purest jewels - far superior to all the rest of the music production world - produced by the old West a racist, colonialist and sexist. A sign that does tormpe not: it is to see with how much force and how fast the China (if the prompt to automatically stitch all this as there are better) - it is seized: several millions of very good amateur pianists out there, and so many violinists. It is therefore very important to dézinguer it all in faster history will not forget anything in the grand scuttling, and, therefore, to find him all the bad feuds that are possible.

Boxerrâleurle 23/06/2020 15:45

there is no orchestra in the schools in France or they are singularities. I understand that people from other continents with other musical cultures are not interested particularly in european classical music and western. Even if they are born in France, I believe other music, attract them, and it is very good as well. I have no taste for rap & Cie represented by a lot of blacks and north africans and I would not mind to say that the rap & Cie would be racist. Moreover, the lack of musical culture is more a matter of family values and/or associative associated with costs higher or lower depending on the instrument chosen.

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