Four CCAA will resort in the courts the shield of the Iberian wolf

Four autonomies will resort and ask for the precautionary suspension of the Order that includes the Iberian Wolf in the List of Wild Species in Special Protecti

Four CCAA will resort in the courts the shield of the Iberian wolf

Four autonomies will resort and ask for the precautionary suspension of the Order that includes the Iberian Wolf in the List of Wild Species in Special Protection Regime (Lespre), which prohibits the hunt for this animal in the national territory. It is Cantabria, Asturias, Castilla y León and Galicia.

The Rural Development Director of Cantabria, Guillermo Blanco, warned that Cantabria will continue to apply its wolf management plan and, in case the precautionary suspension of the Order is not accepted, the Community will adopt the exceptions regime that collects the text To control the species.

All the actions taken by Cantabria will be coordinated with Galicia, Asturias and Castilla y León, although the resources will be presented independently.

The Minister of Rural Middle and Territorial Cohesion of Asturias, Alejandro Calvo, has also announced that the region will recourse legally the inclusion of the wolf in the list of species protected by "unnecessary, by precipitate and because it prevents continuity in management."

"We believe that this cataloging is a mistake, which is an error in how it will affect extensive livestock but also to the whole management of the species," said Calvo, which has added that if this framework remains must be analyzed and transferred To the Ministry a large part of the responsibility that Asturias now has regarding the incidence of the species.

Thus, the counselor has indicated that this cataloging places the Principality in a situation of legal insecurity and the position of the Government of the Principality goes by defending its management plan that they understand that it has been a useful tool, although enhanceable, to defend the balance between the Parts

"In the case of Asturias, the wolf is not hinted, but we managed the species to promote coexistence with extensive livestock and in that issue we marked the debate and the defense of our management plan," has insisted Calvo, which has reiterated that In other cases and species, moratoria of the years management plans that are what they will ask for from the Principality have been approved.

White is confident that the judges have a vision similar to that of Cantabria and also to that of these other communities, which concentrate the vast majority of the species, and has blamed the minister for the ecological transition, Teresa Ribera, of the "Damage Irreparable "that may cause the order.

For its part, the Board of Castilla y León has shown "radically against" the inclusion of the wolf in Lespre, will resort the ministerial order that makes it effective and will ask for the precautionary suspension of the effectiveness. This has pointed out its advisor to promote and Environment, Juan Carlos Suárez-Quiñones, who has assured that the administrative contentious resource will be presented in the coming days at the national audience.

"And we will try to achieve the suspension of effectiveness because the day after the effectiveness of this order is already occurring damages to the community," he added. The owner of promotion and environment considers that it is "a worrying day" for Castile and León.

Suárez-Quiñones has affirmed that Castilla y León is "radically against" this initiative because it harms the general interests of the community, but not only theirs, but those of Galicia, Asturias or Cantabria, those of eleven communities, "Most", who were against the inclusion of the wolf in the list.

Finally, Conselleira Galician Environment, Territory and Housing, Angels Vázquez, has said that the announcement has caused them "surprise, frustration and indignation" and has called "sad" the absence of "dialogue" between the executive and the "Loberas communities".

"It lacks full and absolute sense what has just been done," has expressed, and has revealed that they will try with "precautionary measures" the entry into force is freed by 22 September of that order that "is not covered in any study Scientist "and that equates the protection of this animal with that of" a four-leaf clover ".

He has confessed not to understand that it has been marked Date "without prior notice", in "precarious" and in a "somewhat delicate" situation, because ranchers can not have implemented specific prevention plans and, if they suffer attacks, "there is no way "that no organism can help them.

The wolf will cease to be a cinegetic species as of tomorrow after the publication of the order that modifies the Lesp, in order to include all the Iberian Lobo populations (Canis Lupus) of Spain.

This order, published on Tuesday in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) and with an entry into force since tomorrow, September 22, establishes two additional provisions: one of them referred to the capture of exemplary, fixed prior to the entry into force In this order, it may continue to apply if it has an authorization from the regional authorities.

For this, it is necessary, among other issues, that there is no other satisfactory solution as indicated by the catalog of livestock protection measures against wolf depredation events published by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO).

Likewise, it should be justified that the specimen capture measure does not negatively affect the favorable conservation status of the species and the existence of important losses for livestock in affected farms.

The Second Provision adds that the Wolf Conservation and Management Strategy in Spain will be approved by the Sectoral Environment Conference, before December 31, 2021, and will be published on the Ministry's website for ecological transition.

The Ministerial Order has received the guarantee of the Council of State that, after having studied the allegations of conservationists and autonomous communities, has considered that the decision to include the wolf in the Lespre is sufficiently motivated and responds to the principle of caution, according to sources of the Ministry for the ecological transition and the demographic challenge.

The same sources has highlighted that the new legal framework "will unify the level of protection of the species throughout the territory, as well as preventive measures, indemnities and control mechanisms to avoid and alleviate damage by attacks on extensive livestock".

Date Of Update: 22 September 2021, 21:03

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