From the source, the resistant: make champions and more weights that I trained

"Luis we armed a team with what he has, he has always done it, because he won the footballers, first, with his clarity, he is in front; then with his personali

From the source, the resistant: make champions and more weights that I trained

"Luis we armed a team with what he has, he has always done it, because he won the footballers, first, with his clarity, he is in front; then with his personality and work." Juan Elejalde, former Athletic manager of Bilbao, knows Luis de la Fuente well. He was the lawyer, but also the trusted person who accompanied him at his departure from San Mamés to sign for Sevilla. "In 1987, Athletic told him not to renew him and Luis did not reply, not a single complaint, he sought his life, gave a lot of football still and, four years later, he returned. That is another of its characteristics: Does not complain, It's positive, look forward, "Elejalde adds. The story of the construction of the Olympic Selection that can match the Gold of 92 gives the reason to the friend of the Riojano technician, who saved difficulties, negative players and changes in the Federation to carry out a group that has been treated, since they were Teenagers, in the different selections. The final of Yokohama, before Brazil, is, according to the coach, "the moment you enjoy it" and close your cycle in gold.

It is finished with a great match for most of this generation, already incorporated in a large part to the absolute. Vallejo, Asensio or Ceballos are some of those who played the first final to which a selection of from the source arrived, the sub '19. was champion against Russia, in 2015. The Katerini trip, in Greece, Yokohama has not It been easy for Balearic, nor as Madrid or as an international. In fact, he resigned the following European sub '21, who also conquered the same technician, and for which he found alternatives. They were Dani Olmo and Oyarzabal. The first was a personal betting of the technician; The second began to move as' false 'nine'. The two have done the same with Luis Enrique in the Absolute.

Far from complaints or to pass invoice for its previous absence, from the source said that if Alensio was not well, what he did was an exercise of honesty. For games, on the other hand, he called him again and he realized what he has called a "psychological commitment". He wanted the response of the footballer, the personal claim of him at an adverse time. After the goal in semifinals against Japan, party in which he was not a starter, he insisted: "I want more, because you have more, not just a goal". Asensio accepted the challenge and ordered people from him to isolate him from the media. He is a starter or not before Brazil, he has a mission.

Actually, from the source he does what he already did as a footballer, when Athletic's directive, then a stage with two leagues and a drink, told him to take his things from the costume. The same happened to Urquiaga. Unlike others, the current coach did not lose a minute. In Seville he was four years old, in which he left two at a high level and others in which he was substitute. It was what today is understood by a very offensive lateral, which in Athletic played the left band to Chato Núñez.

"You will not find anyone who speaks ill of Luis, has no folds and has proven to be a guy with a sixth sense to treat young footballer," adds Elejalde. In the same sense, José Ángelriaga, former President of the Portugalete is expressed, the first team to which the source directed when his stage began on the bench: "It is not just a great coach, but a person who understands the situations of a club , your needs and things you can not do, which is not easy with the technicians. " "Even if he directed a modest team, as was ours, he did it as if he were a great, with a lot of professionalism, outside in the schedules, the workouts ... in everything," the former director continues.

The discipline experiences it with itself, in an enviable way at 60 years. When they told him about the strength of Traoré, he said, ironic: "I do not know if he would resist a session of weights with me."

The call of Athletic, once again, took him to the banquillo of the subsidiary, although he alternated with other functions, such as being delegated from the first team, with Joaquín Caparrós as a coach. He also had a step through the technical structure of Seville, in which he directed Juveniles, in one of the best quarries in Spain.

In football that has no visibility, his good hand warned the Angel Villar Federation. From the source he arrived in 2013 and the name of him was the first place on the table after the exit of Albert Celades, who directed the sub'21. The endeavor of the fountain was Ginés Meléndez, someone who has seen everything in Lower selections. It was the last service of him before being invited to leave the Federation of Luis Rubiales. From the source is one of the few that has resisted the profound changes in the organism. The victories have many parents.

Date Of Update: 06 August 2021, 20:23

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