Frosted showers, a meal a day and Bitcoin as a religion: This is the life of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

"The Bitcoin will join a deeply divided country sooner or later. And at some point, the world." No, it is not Elon Musk who pronounces these words, but the

Frosted showers, a meal a day and Bitcoin as a religion: This is the life of Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey

"The Bitcoin will join a deeply divided country sooner or later. And at some point, the world." No, it is not Elon Musk who pronounces these words, but the peculiar CEO of Twitter.

Twitter is one of the most important social networks in the world, although increasingly loses more ground before Facebook (preferred by the older people), Instagram (the preferred by the Millennial) or Tiktok (the one who uses younger people). Even so, it maintains great relevance for its immediacy and its informative value.

But Dorsey is not known both for his work by keeping Twitter afloat as for his tone departures. For example, she is able to devote a complete yarn to her 2018 vacation to meditate silently for 10 days in Myanmar, ignoring that the UN declared that the population was suffering from ethnic genocide.

Dorsey's eccentricities have marked his last years, but before deepening them, it is convenient to begin with what everyone comments as soon as they see him: his appearance.

Dorsey's aesthetic evolution has been very commented, because he has come from his fourth member of a rock group of the nineties to remember the infamous monk Rasputin, with his short hair, his eyes lost and a very long scruffy beard. It is a mote that has been pulled in recent years and that, say the bad tongues, a lot of doors in Twitter.

Its external evolution fits almost perfectly with the path it has followed. Dorsey's biography is similar to that of other Silicon Valley executives: a programmer genius that began his colleagues' project and ended up swimming in money and away from all those who helped him reach the top.

Over the years, his appearance more and more of guru and his stranger habits of life, such as extreme fast, ice water baths and working 16 hours a day, have become such an interesting figure for a few Bold for others.

At least he is a good son: every day, the first thing he does when he woke up is to send a message of good morning to his mother.

That is positioned in favor of Bitcoin is not something new, but its arguments, increasingly abstract, are worth mentioning. This 2021 will be remembered not only by the battle against the Covid-19 at a vaccine stroke, but by the war of cryptomoneds. On the one hand the Bitcoiners, like Dorsey, who seem to have blind faith, almost messianic, on this virtual currency. In the other side, the cryptesceptics, among which are some Nobel prizes and the old guard composed by the most traditional banks, and, in the middle, Elon Musk, who supports it or criticized according to the day.

Coinciding with the blockade of an amendment to the United States Senate infrastructure package, which would have expanded government participation in the cryptomoned, last August, Dorsey Twitteó, which for that is CEO of Twitter, which "Bitcoin will join A deeply divided country. (And eventually: world) ". Of course, without more clarification, nor if he wants to specify the country to which he is concerned.

A vague affirmation that tries to sell the idea of how a cryptomon, whose creation is a great environmental cost, can be the magic solution to all problems. "My hope is that Bitcoin creates world peace or helps to create it. Elon already said it. We have all these monopolies and the individual has no power. In addition, the cost and distraction that comes from our current monetary system is real and remains attention Of Larger Problems. Some like the one that Elon is trying to solve, reaching a multiplanetary humanity, "said Dorsey in July, during a participation in a virtual event panel 'The B Word'.

Is the least curious mention to Musk, who managed to make the cryptomoned when he announced that he would not allow him to use it as payment in Tesla, and in turn, he shot his courage to the rise when shortly after he announced that he would accept this virtual currency as soon as his Process of creation was more sustainable.

But going back to Dorsey, winks to Bitcoin are something usual in their interventions. For example, when it appeared by videoconference at the US Senate Hearing, on a part of the US law that protects Internet companies from legal responsibility for the content generated by users, behind it a clock was seen with the Real-time value of the cryptomoned. Within the second company, Square, he opened a business unit for Bitcoin. And three years ago, he ventured to vaticinate that in 10 years it will be the only currency that would be used in the world. We have seven years to destroy the euro.

Jack Dorsey was named one of the worst CEO of the US for two consecutive years, in 2016 and 2017. The employer has been criticized in a multitude of occasions to give priority to his private life, his hobbies (such as meditation) and even his second company , Square, ahead of Twitter, who at first threw up at the top

Complaints come from both investors and the workers themselves of the company. The latter have said Dorsey that it is difficult to deal with him and who usually changes his mind about the direction of a product, suddenly.

It is not surprising that they have canceled products with less than a year of life recently. The failed 'Fleets', which are not but Instagram Stories for Twitter, could have died in one of these CEO mood setbacks.

As the song that sounds over and over again in the main social networks, Dorsey is also CEO, 'Entrepreneur' (entrepreneur) and masseur, licensed, while never ending the technological university career that began. He also tried luck in the world of botany and modeling.

This early programmer, amateur the violin (as revealed by the tattoo he has in his arm), created the first Twitter prototype in the year 2000, which abandoned due to lack of interest. Good thing that years later, working in a podcast company, he knew those who would be co-founders of the Twitter version we know.

In 2011, he participated in an event called 'Twitter Townhall' in which Barack Obama answered the questions of the citizenship carried out through the social network. Dorsey was in charge of moderating, remembering the president on more than one occasion, that he had to respond with only 140 characters, the same as the tweets as then. But this has not been the only Head of State that Twitter CEO has known, on traveling it is usual to see him assembled with the president of the country that he visits, who also gives a bag with corporate details.

As for their fees, it is expected that Dorsey receives a worthy salary, but in 2018, he won $ 1.40. A figure that would be celebrable since, in previous years, she refused to receive any salary. So what does she live? Are it the long beards of it that she with that almost dollar and half she can not buy shaving blades? In 2021, she sold her first tuit for almost 3 million dollars, through NFT, a digital asset stored in Blockchain technology, which is associated with a certificate of authenticity. For what 'cash' does not lack.

It also has shares of the social network worth 557 million dollars and a great fortune that reduced by 28% deliberately, since it donated 1,000 million dollars for the fight against coronavirus. This happened just a year after appearing as a guest in a podcast of a Fitness World celebrity, Ben Greenfield, a recognized antivacunas.

Far from not wanting to be linked to such a controversial person, both talked about advanced stress mitigation tactics, extreme workouts to save time, homemade water baths, Hormesis and ingest a meal a day. Dorsey thus thanked the invitation: "Thank you Ben! Great conversation, appreciate everything you do to simplify the mountain of research, focusing on increasing life expectancy!"

But that was not the only controversial of the meeting, when the programmer told his experience with fasting: "It was a strange state in which to be. But when I did the next twice, I realized how much of our days they focus on Meals. A feeling that improved when I fasted for a long time, "caused strong criticism. Several people accused him of normalizing eating disorders.

Neither was it retracted this time. Dorsey is a great defender of fasting and reducing daily food intake. In a back interview in Wired, he stated that he performs only seven meals a week and all at dinner time. A routine that completes two hours of meditation daily, 52 minutes of training and a few minutes of sauna combined with ice water baths. Even with such a tight agenda, there are gaps for several eccentricities such as sending the singer Azealia Banks an envelope with beard hairs as a protection amulet, something that Dorsey himself has denied on more than one occasion.

Date Of Update: 05 September 2021, 09:52

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