Full of the best king Rock in Logroño

Andrés Roca Rey left on Tuesday on Tuesday the Coso de la Ribera de Logroño after achieving a resounding triumph of four ears on an afternoon in which the stret

Full of the best king Rock in Logroño

Andrés Roca Rey left on Tuesday on Tuesday the Coso de la Ribera de Logroño after achieving a resounding triumph of four ears on an afternoon in which the stretches also vibrated with the Excelleno Toreo of Diego Urdiales, which curdled an exquisite task, although badgrade to Last minute with the sword.

And that the afternoon did not start well with a first impossible bull, a "cup" that already showed a few strength and that, so and everything, gave him too much layer with a chicuelinas of fair and replica By aprards of urdiales, which caused the animal almost lifeless to the last third, where the Arnedo of Arnedo nothing more than could justify himself with technique and trade.

It was the fourth bull followed that it did not serve Urdiales at this fair, after crashing also with the three that corresponded in luck in the cumshot of the day, but, what things are, the fifth was the defeat.

Because this quarter of Cuvillo was a good bull and with him emerged the great Tauromaquia of Diego Urdiales, which curdled the best task in what he is going from fair with a relaxed bullfight, embedded, a lot of aroma, making it all very slowly, very much Truth and with that classic seal that puts the whole world in agreement.

Always lie to more and summit also to the natural, with a lot of Hondura and tremendous sincerity. He had a big triumph in his hand, but his bad sword left everything in a large ovation.

The one who did manage to "touch hair" and double-departed in his first was Roca Rey, who, nevertheless, made a more effective bullfighting but that, unlike urdiales, he had timely by enduring with the Tizona, salvoconduct for the concession Of two generous ears.

It is true that the delivery of the Peruvian was total, showing himself very varied of cloak and initiating the task with a changed by the back and several series of right-line right, long and below. But he missed lace, more sincerity and also more cleaning to the natural, which covered Roca shortening rapid distances with the usual arrival of him and endless boosters.

But in the sixth yes the king's right emerged in front of an extraordinary bull who set up from start to finish in a task initiated with an exciting series of knees, followed by a resounding bullfight, embedded, very powerful and sweeping the albero with the crutch before an animal that was an attack machine.

Peruvian Summit Faena for the delight of some crazy lyrics, even more after an immense series of the natural and a final also of fennel, Bernadinas and a protruding. They asked him to the tail, but the box left the prize in two ears, now, unquestionable.

Emilio de Justo was presented in Logroño and soon left his letter of presentation with a long changed and a beautiful lances to the Veronica to receive the bull of his debut, a noble nasth in which there was pique of removes with the Capote: by Chicuelinas Roca King and by Tab Extremado.

With the crutch he showed a good level of just, very seated to lighten the mutters for the right, although the best would come to the natural with two very resounding series, executed on a tile and pulling the "cupillo" with great sufficiency. Well-structured task, measured and awarded with an ear.

The fifth was the most complicated bull and with him the firmer and righteous version of Right saw himself, who walked very committed to try to round out one afternoon that the box took care of spoiling him by not granting him an ear that had earned him .

Faes of the celebration.- Six Bulls of Núñez del Cuvillo, correct presentation. Very soft the first; noble and righteous also of second and third forces; with class and repeater the room; Complicated the fifth and extraordinary the sixth.

Diego Urdiales (GRANO and GOLD): Pinchazo and rear thrust (ovation) and defective thrust that spits and four overlooks (great ovation after warning).

Emilio de Justo (Green and Gold): List (Ear); Middle (return to the wheel after strong request).

Roca King (Catafalco and Gold): List (two ears); Middle (warning and two ears with tail request)

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 13:53

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