Gala Secret Story | Direct | Luca and Sandra saved and Miguel or Cristina will be expelled

After his second exit of the house, Adara has dedicated these last days to attack his great rival, Cristina Porta. Tonight you have lived very difficult mome

Gala Secret Story |
 Direct |
 Luca and Sandra saved and Miguel or Cristina will be expelled

After his second exit of the house, Adara has dedicated these last days to attack his great rival, Cristina Porta.

Tonight you have lived very difficult moments. The most complicated has been the truth room between Cristina and Miguel. She has seen how she was calling, among other things' '' ambitious' '.

And here, the live. We return on Thursday with Jorge Javier in the gala of the expulsions and visit the relatives to the contestants who still remain competing, and where we will live one of the great duels of this first edition of 'Secret Story: The House of Secrets'.

The second bran of the night is: Sandra.

On Thursday he will be the duel between Miguel Frigenti and Cristina Porta. This is just what the journalist feared. '' I stay with the half full glass. I have been very happy, that is why today I feel sad because I have returned to commit the same mistakes. '' Cristina thinks she's nervous because she is going back through the same tension and stays in the unreacted room, while Luis and Dani go to dinner.

A couple takes the romantic dinner award. And the winners are: Dani and Luis. See the prize and get excited.

The video of Sandra and Julen

Before they teach Sandra the images of the use of the exchange privilege in which Julen decided to save Sandra, but it is blocked when it comes to giving another name and decides to leave the nominations as they were. Julen feels uncomfortable with the attitude of Luca and Cristina. He has also hurt him against allegation of Maria Jesús. '' It is a reflection of the relationships that she has had. I'm tired of following the game to Cristina. '' She replies. And then she takes the word Sandra: '' What I have learned from my other relationships is that you just have to take into account important things.

Before knowing the second bran contestant, you see the video of this week's summary between Julen and Sandra. She feels hurt because she was not valued in her previous relationships and she has revived it. Julen has repented and he feels a weird bug ... in the cube she recognizes that she is smart for some things and so 'metepatas' for others. Finally they are reconciled.

The dancing turn of Luis and Daniel arrives. And the last couple Jesus and Miguel. To Sobera, these last two couples have been liked. The public decides.

Sobine calls on the four nominees to get up.

And the saved are: Luca I really want you!

María Jesús Alegtee against Sandra

It becomes a motivational discourse. And at the last moment he throws a cristina pushing and waiting for her to come out on Thursday.

Sovereigle stays very decolored. And Cynthia and Lucia get angry because they have remained strict in what the program had asked them.

Cynthia starts with the allegation against Miguel

"You look like a very unstable person, at any price. You have criticized Cristina in the bucket because she was in another way she had no speech in the contest. Person ill-intentioned. As the second parts were never good, I see you on Thursday: Luck! ''

Adara in his argument against Cristina

"Your body language gives you. We should do you a favor trying to get you out of the house." Adara leaves the script and gives him a message from Miguel.

Gianmarco believes that Adara has returned to talk about the Onesini brothers to continue with his contest. He defends Luca. Sobeña asks him if she likes Cristina, and in shape, she very honest she recognizes that some yes and others do not.

A new video in which Miguel is seen talking about Cristina with Julen and Sandra.

During advertising there has been a rifirrafe between Lucia and Fátima

Lucia: '' With me the right, with me no. '' Fatima asks him to leave her alone. Lucia: '' You give me a shame ... Skinny please you are doing Cristina. ''

Carlos asks that in the remaining allegations they do not pierce the lines of bad education.

Enter a video about the situation of the kitchen.

The allegations are going to be against allegations to ask for the expulsion of one of the nominees. Lucia is positioned against Cristina: '' You have lying all the time. You should not be so ready when you have insulted me three times tonight. ''

Will come the moment of Adara's allegation and Lucia

Carlos tells them with irony that in the house do not forget them and put the video of the conversation between Luis and Cristina. The collaborator is still surprising that Lucia is so aware of her. Lucia believes that the video has been a boredom and Adara believes that they miss them.

When the turn of Gianmarco arrives, he talks about Adara: '' Since I left survivors, I have not talked about you again. ''

Cristina has not stopped crying after the truth room and the presenter asks him to come back.

Gianmarco praises his brother's attitude about approaching Miguel.

On set the nerves are a skin flower. Carolina: '' Miguel's contest is based on being seeing what others do and then go criticize the cube. ''

Miguel asks for forgiveness to the spectators and the team for having left the room of truth ...

Sobine: '' It has been a hard, hard, hard confrontation ... ''

Miguel has not been having a good time at home and Luca has spoken with him. He has told him that he did not want him to feel alone and asked for forgiveness for the words of the previous week.

Miguel: '' I notice that it is aware of me. '' Cristina seems to him that Luca's approach to Miguel has been sincere, just as he did with other companions.

You are an ambitious fucking !!

Miguel leaves a few moments of the truth room. '' I only analyze what I see. The cube is a fundamental part of this house. I have described a cristina porta dictator, superficial, ruin and very dirty. You have no right to say anything about my past. '' Cristina says that this topic spoke at the first weeks of the contest. Sobeign ask for silence.

After watching Miguel's video, Cristina defends himself and the first thing he asks is if there is a video similar about her criticizing the contestant. Frigenti is reiterated in some of her opinions: '' She is a prepotent and a subidita. '' Cristina starts screaming and she complains that Miguel has not told her what she looks in the video.

Miguel no longer considers her a friend: '' The idealicé ... If you do not feel the center of attention drag Luca and the rest ... He victimized to win .. I was very panoli. She is a ruthless choni, to climb her the head of anyone. '' Frigenti is reiterated in what he has said and believes that he has fallen short.

Cristina: '' I'm very sorry this video. I spent a month and a half asking me to come back. Now I see a person who has a rage, mania and hate. She has changed her mind in such a short time ... ''

Arrive the shift of the Sandra dance and Luca Will they end up with a kiss? Finally, no.

The discussion between Luca and Cristina went to more and had Sandra of unexpected spectator.

Cristina and Luis speak and the Ledice collaborator that Luca is not cold: '' It is very sensitive, which is different. ''

Luca complains that Cristina complains for everything, that it is not true that he is leaving her from her side. '' It's not always my fault ... everything has a limit ... I can not more ... ''

These days you have seen disagreements between the two couples of the house. First the fights are shown between Luca and Cristina: Round trip moments, reproaches, approaches ... Cristina asks him for forgiveness ... She believes what happened is that he has taken one thing that has been told in a way that was not. Luca resists, and goes to the bathroom.

Sobera: '' I love those moments when I do not have to ask to get an answer on the set. ''

Luca and Sandra have been rehearsing in the morning and Luca proposes Sandra to finish with a kiss .... My mother! One of the most complicated halls are going to live, according to sovereign. Cristina is going to discover what Miguel of her has said in her cube.

Cristina is nominated for seventh time: '' I have spent two of the three months that I have in the nominated house. I'm afraid to go to plated, nobody is going to talk to me. There are those who have not lived yet being nominated. In the contest I am reviving my adolescence. '' She reiterates in the idea that she does not want to leave and that that is what makes her feel bad. While, on set, Camilo sounds sixth.

Julen complains with Miguel from the top and what Cristina screams. '' And look at that I am patient ... it has no respect! ''

The weekly test begins. The contestants have to put on the heels that have left them in the bedroom and go to the living room, where Carlos explains the test: '' You have to reproduce the choreography of the song 'Heels' of Sebastián Yatra. '' The singer advises them , through the screen, have fun and enjoy. Sobeña announces that they have had to leave the comfort zone and that couples are: Julen and Cristina, Luca and Sandra, Frigenti and Jesus, Luis and Daniel.

Luca and Cristina get angry. Separate the beds and Luca is starting to feel very overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, Adara on Platon: '' It is not understood that Gianmarco has not defended his brother. ''

Gianmarco: '' I am happy for the support I have. '' Adara: '' I do not know what happens to you, you come very angry ... ''

Adara: I'm not going to enter the game. Any woman in the world would have left him for a real man!

There is an empty place on the couch. Gianmarco makes a stellar appearance on the set and sits next to Adara. Sketch believes that there is one thing that unites them: that Cristina is harming in the contest to Luca. The Italian points out that he has not said that. He just said there were moments that he did not like how he tried his brother.

Carolina starts on a set and asks for an applause for Alexia Putaillas.

Sobeña replicates that '' for things like this I have to kiss each program. ''

Enter the Irene Rosales video call. On Thursday, there will be a visit to the family. Irene will go to support her friend Luis Rollán. '' I see him well, she has been a clear person, she has said what she thought of her face. '' Soverea tells him that if he's going to leave Kiko Rivera in Pajama ... She finally appears in Tracksuit and greets !

Irene's allegation is against Frigenti.

We started !!! The percentages have changed. The nominee that had 4.4% has now more than 38%.

Carlos announces that today there will be double salvation.

Adara Miller continues giving game after his expulsion. She was very critical with Julen when she learned about her betrayal to Sandra Pica for not having used the power of her exchange to save her.

If Sandra and Julen had their first discrepancy, the last thing we have seen has been that they have reconciled.

Today, in the countdown, one of the last four nominees will be saved. The percentages are very disparate: 60.5%, 34.8%, 4.4% and 0.3%.

Updated Date: 30 November 2021, 20:35

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