Garden area instead of arable: the public Park as a neighbor terrible

The expert speaks of a "one-dimensional use". After all, one that makes sick and tired, you might say, in view of the long rows of growing grain. What would b

Garden area instead of arable: the public Park as a neighbor terrible

The expert speaks of a "one-dimensional use". After all, one that makes sick and tired, you might say, in view of the long rows of growing grain. What would be a multi-dimensional use, in the invitation to tender for the feasibility study, the city of Bad Homburg for the state garden show in 2027 will apply: space for pavilions and halls during the garden show, lawn and a sports Park with areas for ball games and a skate Park. Even the smoke and noise of the public Grills, on the edge of the forest nearby Bush meadows residents, there is always the chagrin, could find their place. The Whole is embedded in a historical context, because what today is arable, is one of a series of Parks between the Bad Homburg castle and the edge of the Taunus, along the landgraves ' garden landscape.

Bernhard Biener

correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the high Taunus district.

F. A. Z.

The surface from which the speech is located to both sides of the fir forest Avenue. To these ends, this piece of the agricultural traffic as well as cyclists and pedestrians and reserved, in the Gothic house in the suburb of Dornholzhausen. As Elizabeth lane, the axis then runs in a still straight line in the forest. Between the Gothic house and the current B 456 Philip gardens once lay. Other than the Small fir-tree forest, as Ferdinand and Gustav the garden, he was passed mainly with fruit trees and not to a greater extent landscaped. His 1846 died namesake stayed mainly in Vienna. A horse grave and a rotgestrichene Board hut are the only what were later called at an auction as the special characteristics of the Philipp garden. Since the end of the house in 1866, he is used for agriculture.

"New Philipp garden"

This could fundamentally change, should Bad Homburg be with his application successfully. Because of the heritage-listed parks, such as Spa and castle Park, as illustrative of the objects are good, but a little leeway can be used the area as a "New Philipp garden", the Central exhibition area of the state garden show. After the end of a 35-acre public Park that would be close in size to the Kurpark without the adjacent jubilee Park would remain.

Yet another Use could be made of the redesign of the surface. A "sculpture garden" will be purchased to provide space for the works of art, the biennial of Sight-an exhibition of the city. Recently, the search for a location for the 2.40 m wide "Big Half Foot" by Fredrik Wretman, you are now standing in a Parking lot in dornholzhausen revealed, the Dilemma with the purchase of Art.

"Harmonious Coexistence" in danger

The proposal of a citizens ' Park can be found in the letter of application for the country garden look to the Ministry for the environment, which is attached to the invitation to tender for the feasibility study attached to it. As the "Taunus Zeitung" recently from it, under the headline "city of 35 hectares is planning a large public Park of the fir tree forest Avenue," quoted, showed the SPD in the neighbouring Oberursel area of upper stedten "deeply confused" and surprised. The Oberursel city have adopted prescribed after a long struggle, a land use plan that allows for on the outskirts in the direction dornholzhausen, although the construction of some houses, the fruit orchards and horse paddocks but keeps.

In a communication, the upper stedtener SPD provides for the "harmonious Coexistence of recreation-seekers and residents, agriculture, and natural recreational use" is in danger. "What does that have to do with the basic idea of the country garden look?", the Rhine, the Chairman of Elenor Pospiech wonders, given the Bad Homburger plans. The Look should improve structures and not upgraded often, particularly beautiful landscapes. There are, according to the SPD but. The Avenue will used a great deal by people seeking to be close to nature. This is not fit for Pospiech, with skaters, a mountain bike obstacle course, BBQ and ball game areas.

Date Of Update: 10 July 2020, 07:19

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