Genoa marks the course towards centrality and asks the party to fight for the moderate voter of the PSOE

One of the main objectives of the National Convention of the PP was the "relaunch" and the "rearme" of the "refoundation" project of the centroderecha.

Genoa marks the course towards centrality and asks the party to fight for the moderate voter of the PSOE

One of the main objectives of the National Convention of the PP was the "relaunch" and the "rearme" of the "refoundation" project of the centroderecha. The prefix "re" as a repetition augury of the steps of José María Aznar and Mariano Rajoy. Because if something is looking for the direction of the popular in this long conclave is to prop up the "Ensanche" operation of the party "on the basis". That is, to absorb the electorate of citizens and, even, to play the PSOE that fertile squid from the moderate center-left, where the PP barely fish since the alluvium of votes rendered to Rajoy in 2011 would occur.

This strategy is, therefore, an explicit distancing of VOX, a party to which the PP wants to leave out of any government equation. The syllogism at the Noble Genoa plant is as follows: "If we monitor the center electorate and we clearly win the elections, VOX will have no other choice to support ourselves from the outside; The goal is to govern alone ».

In this sense, the PP already prepares a "platform" to agglutinate all the "moderate" space that is discontent with the PSOE or disenchanted with the fall in disgrace of CS. The creation of that instrument, revealed by the world on Friday, will begin next week. «That, starting on Monday This goes by phases, "they pointed fountains from Genoa yesterday, asked about this platform. "It's going to be done, of course, but now it's the convention," added other sources from the national PP to this newspaper.

The Speech of Teodoro García Aegea at the National Convention of the PP served yesterday to calibrate the political course of the Party and make it aim more towards the center than to the postulates of Santiago Abascal. "What space should the PP occupy?" The Secretary General was asked, aware that that is the key question that the party of him must answer in this Convention. "If we aspire to be a great match match that configures a new majority, we must occupy that space precisely," he answered himself. That is, without "renouncing the principles" for having to agree with VOX, for example.

"No covenant can get away from the majority party vocation for which we were born. That is why we decided that the governments of freedom would be with CS and only with CS, "said Aegea, in a clear message to the match pictures.

"Pact with two partners that do not talk to each other is not easy, but three years later we see that it was worthwhile to be firm" and not give in to Vox's demands, he said.

In fact, García Aegea assured that the PP needs "a border electoral space with the PSOE to facilitate the permeability of the Social Democrat defrauded with an increasingly radicalized Sánchez." This is key to the expansion operation that you want to stage Paul married with her speech of this Sunday.

Aware of the interest generated in a part of the Bases of the PP the ideological battles that Da Vox, García Aegea called to look at the past of "management" of the Party: "Every time we have doubts about where to walk, let's go back to our principles more Deep. We will never fail, "he said, in a new reference to stepping on the traces of Aznar and Rajoy.

The general secretary of the popular influenced that the useful vote is the key to banish the PSOE of the Moncloa: "What the most fear Sánchez is the Union of Spaniards around the PP, whatever the territorial scope." For this, yes, he demanded not to sell only the management marchboard ("our party is not only an administrator"), but to try that everyone "identifies the PP with our deepest principles." Give the ideological battle, in short.

But, of course, the PP does not speak with the same voice in Madrid than in Galicia, for example. García Aegea justified those differences in criteria in which "whenever you have to choose between defending our land or defending the acronyms of our party defends our land first, because it is the best way to be from the PP». "That is one of the reasons why the Galicians vote on the PP," he emphasized.

The number two of the PP pulled chest by married organic renovation. "During these three years we have built a great match." And he claimed himself and the collaborators of him: "Today it is easy to see that the strategy has been adequate, but when the storm is only the great teams are able to see behind the clouds," he met him.

Date Of Update: 02 October 2021, 21:09

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