Golden girls: jealousy and superiority complexes between their four actresses

In the middle of the 80 Bill Cosby was the king of home comedy thanks to his Sitcom Bill Cosby's time, but his power would soon be eclipsed by four mature bapt

Golden girls: jealousy and superiority complexes between their four actresses

In the middle of the 80 Bill Cosby was the king of home comedy thanks to his Sitcom Bill Cosby's time, but his power would soon be eclipsed by four mature baptized like gold girls. The cocktail ingredient for this unprecedented success was based on scripting the four personalities so that a comedy works: La Ligona (Blanche, Rue McClanhan), the Smart (Dorothy, Bea Arthur), Lockers (Sophia, Estelle Getty) and the Boba (Rose, Betty White).

With the passage of time, the internationalization of the series highlighted that Betty White, who died last New Year's Eve at 99, was neither remotely silly. When the invention would change the consumption of the show, it had not yet reached practically any home of the country, she Betty had already performed an experimental retransmission in Los Angeles, where she played the waltz of the cheerful widow. She was radiant with her graduation dress from Beverly Hills High School, quarry from Richard Chamberlain, Rhonda Fleming or Tori Spelling.

In 2014, the GUINNESS BOOK of the records certified that it was the most active longeva artist. In spite of its more than eight decades of trajectory, in the collective memory of the history of Entertainment White will always be remembered by two emblematic roles, that of Sue Ann Nivens at the Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-77) and Rose Nylund in Golden Girls (1985-92). The latter was released in the United States on September 14, 1985. Those granny sweet would go worldwide.

The Making of could have given for another series. Reasons? Estelle had a scenic panic and forgot part of the dialogue, so she wrote the phrases on cards or she did it with a permanent marker on the kitchen table and adjacent objects where they gathered to eat cheesecake; The tablecloths of that table were sometimes settled with the dresses, so there were about 60 pieces behind the refrigerator as a spare; By contract the actresses could be left with several garments, but Rue wore with all and in the daily life of it he looked at some of them.

The rattan sofa and bamboo of the room where another important part of the plot was passed, was thrilled periodically in the store; The porch plants were originally made of plastic, but as they folded and dirty continuously, they were replaced by others natural and the sheets of the Babank bed that imitated the design of Don Loper for the Beverly Hills Hotel Restaurant. One and cost such a fortune that the art director, John Saffner, used it for his house during summer breaks.

The exterior of the house was inspired by one of Elitista's houses Angelino neighborhood of Brentwood, where Betty White owned a property of 300 pictures rated at 6 million dollars with five bedrooms, six bathrooms and a nice garden in whose entrance it was erected A small statue of a dog since it was a faithful defender of animals. The house where she died on December 31 while she slept (seventeen days later she would have fulfilled the 100) is just two kilometers from which she served as an idea for that of fiction. Her close friends have assured that she did not want to die there, since she considered her the true home of her who built next to her third and her husband located in front of the coast of the village Carmel by the Sea, from which It was Mayor Clint Eastwood.

In that Behind the Scenes the cold relationship that existed between Bea and Betty could also be reflected by its way of being and acting. To the first she made her nervous that her companion was always in a good mood and she would approach the audience to talk to him after shooting the scenes. Bea, the interpreter of the high and intelligent Dorothy, was in favor of isolating and concentrating and Betty of contaminating the atmosphere with her jokes. In a sense, Bea considered a superior actress because it came from the prestige that Broadway's boards gave, while Betty had reached the notoriety for other series and television competitions as Password (the Spanish adaptation presented Luján Argüelles), where he met the presenter Allen Ludden, his third husband and the great love of his life with whom he was married since 1963 until he died of cancer in 1981. When Larry King asked the veteran interpreter because he had not remarried, he replied: "When you have Have the best, who wants the rest? "

For much of the team of the Golden Girls, Bea Arthur was a hard bone of Roer. She did not like to wear shoes and she wanted to walk barefoot, so producers demanded that she sign a contract for which she would not engage in legal actions in case of injury. Also, she hated birds and chewing gum and about was to fire a shooting member for chewing it. On the contrary, Betty was the personified sweetness that dazzled millions of fans with their stories of Saint Olaf.

Betty White was the last survivor of the girls, who died consecutively, Estelle de Alzhéimer in 2008, Bea of Cancer in 2009 and rue of a stroke in 2010. That same year, the interpreter presented for one night the iconic Saturday Night Live for one night. Becoming an 88 years in the hostesta longest by which he achieved his fifth and last emmy to the best guest actress in a series of comedy during time of maximum audience.

Before becoming the television reference of several generations, Betty always had his idol, Jeannette MacDonald, for his versatility as an aristocratic Hollywood actress and singer.

He assured that the secret for his longevity was to savor every moment of life, not to give anything for granted, to give some sips of vodka martini and a love so disproportionate by the animals that refused to accept a role in better .. . Impossible (1997) since in one of the scenes one of the characters threw a puppy through the laundry duct.

With its peculiar sense of mood dyed of sarcasm and irony come to say: "Why does everyone say 'Ten eggs' to show strength? The eggs are weak and sensitive. If you want to be strong, have a vagina. That yes It is something that knows how to fit a blow. " The last great role of him has helped him on the last cover of People magazine that went on sale on the same day of the death of her and the owner: thus lived the first lady on television.

Throughout 180 chapters distributed in seven seasons, Golden Girls obtained 68 nominations to the Emmy of those who won 11. The comedy saved Saturday night in the United States, whose last episode saw it 27.2 million people . In their frames, they spoke of unpublished issues and taboos at the time such as AIDS, homosexual marriage, interracial marriage, erectile dysfunction or the abandonment of the little ones.

In Spain, success was so overwhelming after its premiere on September 30, 1986, which TVE decided to produce two adaptations. The first was together but not revolt '(1995), directed by Antonio del Real, with Amparo Baró, Monica Randall, Kiti Mánver and Mercedes Sampiero, and in 2010, Golden Girls, with Concha Velasco, Lola Herrera, Alicia Hermida Carmen Maura, who, said, in his first episode came to hoard 22% of the audience fee reaching at times to 8.5 million spectators. Despite these data, the two versions were an absolute failure. After issuing the first season TVE decided not to renew the series for the impairment of audience that suffered along its thirteen chapters.

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