González Sainz: The bull of the pandemic has walked us out of the beautiful

"We have not taken charge or as an eye of what all this supposes, of everything that is at stake in our societies at this time. The crisis caused has not been

González Sainz: The bull of the pandemic has walked us out of the beautiful

"We have not taken charge or as an eye of what all this supposes, of everything that is at stake in our societies at this time. The crisis caused has not been deepened or faced as it would be necessary to be spiritual or intellectually, neither social nor Culturally. That bull of the pandemic, which we would have to have caught the horns, has walked and shaken of the beautiful one and some activities. "

A book like the one that concerns us is the result of a lifetime of reflections, readings and walks with eyes wide open, with the senses alert; But it has been precipitated, has curdled, in these months of forced recollection. And in Soria, where life has another compass. There he resides, J. A. González Sainz for five years after doing so in Madrid, Barcelona and most of all more than 20 in Venice, Padua and Trieste. There the look is different. Necessarily. Like time: it has another dimension, at the margin of the rhythm of the metronome that each one carries inside. Of this, of silence, flight as a need and as impossible, to rethink the world in which we have worked, of speed and calm, González Sainz in small life. The art of leakage (anagram), first installment of a trilogy that gives you to think.

The philologist is still speaking, the translator of Claudio Magris, the writer who won the Herralde of novel with an exasperated world (1995), the author of the ambitious and managed to return to the world (2003), of the brave eyes that do not see ( 2010) and also admired by Antonio Muñoz Molina and Felix de Azúa: "But others, many, many, those who for the most inri built a good stage of our country, no longer tell it. He has moved his life to hundreds of thousands of People, has decimated us. It is also the drop, the Gotaza, that we lacked for the full glass of ways to live, to produce and consume, of understanding and ignoring, that they need urgent review or reconsideration. Rethink many things, recover many realities and the meaning of reality. "

The small life addresses the small life, the apparently nimio, often but that it has a larger sweater than the mantle that sustains it. The author adds words like "espabilar", "take advantage", "Templar". Let's see the reach of this book that deserves to be on the bedside table, well by hand, through some phrases:

- "Reconsider the life we had before, it means examining it attentively (...) it also means to attend to other things that maybe we did not pay attention to the best, and of course stand, stop to see again, to hear New, to be ".

- "One thing is to impose silence, not let talk, and another keep silence, treasure it, make treasure of it."

- "One is also a dark background that as soon as you neglect you take you from the reins, it is also disappointing; You can not fall well many times and, however, you have no choice but to spend with you life. The learning of that disappointment, Felix of Azúa said, it is paramount. "

- "Silence welcomes, silence cue, render, concrete, itself, silence provides and take advantage."

In the trial, several chapters are dedicated to flight, to the leak. The flight as a need, as a remedy, as an alternative. "Also as an impossibility, as a lure, as an ethics, how important it is where to flee and where do not run away from the fight sometimes but to the fight, not run away from reality but to reality, to real."

Real is far away, out? We said that González Sainz lives in Soria, transmano. And it is necessary: "In small sites it looks good, everything is in a rapid, visible microcosm, and today the spirit of the world, including their sheriffs of stupidity, arrives everywhere immediately. Our measurement of time is to squeeze a key. But being withdrawn, a little apart, a little, we are not going to exaggerate, it's great; It has its inconveniences for those who always want to be in the garlic or at mass and at the same time, but contact with the field, with a Breathable air, with the extension and the weather, with loneliness when you want or with friends every day ... All that daily is a lot. "

That a book in this tone goes for the fourth edition says, and not little, that something moves. That something worries us and worries us. Perhaps because, as the director and founder of the Antonio Machado International Center (CIAM) of Soria and the unprotected driver reviews Archipelago, we should Templar: "Templar is to agree and put at its point, for example the strings of the Viomas or The tubes of the organs, explains Covarrubias [In his treasure of the Spanish language or Spanish (1611)]; Also water and iron are templed, and even hawks. Everything, we can deduce, each action, must have its point and his own chord ".

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 20:21

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