Hamilton and Mercedes, against the strings: the factors that presage the end of his dynasty

More than 50,000 enforcement spectators booked an entrance on Sunday for the DJ Kygo concert, which prolonged Red Bull's party at the Rodríguez Siblihood Autod

Hamilton and Mercedes, against the strings: the factors that presage the end of his dynasty

More than 50,000 enforcement spectators booked an entrance on Sunday for the DJ Kygo concert, which prolonged Red Bull's party at the Rodríguez Siblihood Autodrom. Max Verstappen had become the first pilot in history with three victories in the GP of Mexico, while Sergio Pérez listened to the national anthem in the honor of him, by achieving the best result of an Aztec in Patrio soil. The euphoria on the team of Christian Horner, to the cry of the scream "Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé! Czech, Czech!", He sharpened the climate of nerves in Mercedes, forced to trace 19 points in the last four races of the World Cup . These are some of the factors that explain why the eighth title of Lewis Hamilton seems to be increasingly difficult.

Cavernous tone Hamilton in his radio communication was only a foretaste of what would happen before the microphones strategically placed in the bustling Foro Sol . "I absolutely gave everything , but his car was much higher during this weekend and no we could do nothing , "admitted the seven times that for the first time in a long time, would not keep his thanks classics to the audience. "When you have Czech detrásde you know that the car he is fast ," he added mischievously true.

In any case, 16.5 seconds back at the finish line before Verstappen may be assumable for Mercedes . The inability of the W12 to generate downforce and the superiority of the Honda engines , also powerful under the hood of Alpha Tauri- in the stifling altitude of Capital Federal , do not bode well for the Silver Arrows .

In the accumulated of the last three careers (Istanbul, Austin and Mexico), Hamilton has lost 21 points against Verstappen. It is the worst stream for the British from the end of June and arrives at the most delicate moment. In fact, if he returns to lose the particular duel in Interlagos, Mad Max would be enough for him to occupy the second place in the last three appointments of the World Cup to proclaim himself champion.

This circumstance would a return to the painful past of Hamilton , who lost the 2016 championship against Nico Rosberg in a similar situation . Of nothing then they served his last four wins chain , since the second German ever crossed the finish line to wear the crown coveted .

Saturday's enthusiasm, when he signed a fantastic pole, vanished too soon and the scarce resistance of Valtteri Bottas against VersaPpen was criticized without ambagins in Mercedes. Asked in case the Finn could have completed a better job in the first round, Toto Wolff was resounding: "Yes, that should never have happened," said Mercedes's head. "We have opened the door to get ahead of us on the outside. After the Trompo we have lost many points, we could have been third or quarters with him, so at least it is disappointing," he added.

In very similar terms he spoke Hamilton, who expected much more about his partner: "I have seen a Red Bull in the mirrors and I wanted to keep him back, I thought Valtteri would do the same, but he has left Max the door open." After his rebellion conato at the Netherlands GP and the ad of George Russell as the substitute for him for 2022, the situation of Bottas has not stopped worse in there. The weakness of this link becomes even more evident before Pérez's strength in Red Bull.

Wolff, who uses the word "momentum" [impetus] of wildcard for almost everything, has not been able to splash the good wave these weeks. And the downhill has finished plasmando in the World Constructors, where Mercedes already has a half point of margin. A factor that can accentuate panic on a team that last year ended up from the Red Bull in 254 units.

This climate of despair was patent yesterday with the two last Bottas attempts for fast lap. When shooting in the fifteenth position, the Finn could never add the bonus, but only snatch it to Verstappen. And this decision, no matter how much within legality, has unleashed criticism in the paddock, where some consider it, simply, an unsportive behavior.

The expected triplet of November will be completed the next two weeks in Brazil and Qatar, before closing the World Cup in Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi. Like Mexico, Interlagos "usually promotes Red Bull", as Wolff himself admitted yesterday, who could only commit to put everything on his part to "break that pattern". In 2019, the last time he was ran in Sao Paulo, Hamilton could not even go up the podium, because of an incident with Alexander Albon, while Verstappen and Pierre Gasly showed the supremacy of Honda propellers.

The horizon does not seem clear for Mercedes in Losail and the streets of Jeddah, two circuits that are released on the calendar. In fact, only Yas Marina seems like a favorable scenario for Hamilton, which adds five victories there, for just one of her great rival for the title.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 09:04

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