Hardship in Cuba: the Government rationed fuel in view of the scarcity

The repressive regime of Cuba, a "key partner" for the UEEl cuban regime represses with violence and arrests to protests against the rape of DD.HH.Three famil

Hardship in Cuba: the Government rationed fuel in view of the scarcity
The repressive regime of Cuba, a "key partner" for the UEEl cuban regime represses with violence and arrests to protests against the rape of DD.HH.Three families of US include Meliá on the demand for the Cuba embargo

Inaccuracies, nervousness and bravado were the dressing of the interventions of the representative of cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel , and of several of his cabinet ministers who tried to explain to the people the causes and consequences of the current financial and economic crisis that crosses the Island.

During the tv program Round Table, in the afternoon of this Wednesday, Diaz-Canel concluded his appearance with the slogan of: " These are times of fatherland or death ". But not before accusing "criminal and murderer" to the government of the united States, to whom historically the regime of Havana has used, since January 1959, as a scapegoat to cover up the ineffectiveness of his efforts in government.

Said Diaz-Canel, in at least a dozen occasions during their interventions, that the current crisis in transportation, shortages of fuel, food, medicines and articles of first necessity, were not symptoms that might lead to a second episode of the so-called " Special Period " that befell the country after the fall of the soviet regime.

"The situation is momentary, [and] have a plan ", predicted the president, and later reported on the existence of ships of food, and other boat fuel. This last, he said, could not be revealed to their origin to prevent the american administration to prevent its arrival.

These statements of Diaz-Canel go in the opposite direction to the reality that is happening throughout the country, where the famine, the despair and uncertainty propels you to cuban citizens to venture to the most tragic forms of escape from the Island, involving risk of life.

The only answer to its effective management of the government "after being appointed as the Head of State by general Raúl Castro, 19 April, 2018" has been the rise of repressive acts of violent against groups of opponents. At the same time worsened the measures of harassment, blackmail and reprisals against journalists and independent artists, human rights activists and members of civil society, essentially from the private sector.

A call to "austerity" and the "savings" was the requirement of Diaz-Canel to a population that lost all hope when The Havana, entrenched behind its ideological rhetoric, decided to reverse the process of normalization of relations with Washington, and does not correspond to the concessions of Barack Obama in that sense.


The animal traction; the reorganization of public transport; the cessation of activities, " not to mention what "; the displacement of jobs and the multiplication of the solidarity of the citizen, were some of the suggestions by the representative cuban listed as immediate solutions to deal with a scenario that assumes short-term.

Faced with the question about the increase of interruptions in electric power service in the past three months, Diaz-Canel claimed that "it is not a problem of shortages [of fuel], but energy", but then remarked that might occur "blackouts" , and that in such case they also had "plan information" to the population.

Betting on the growth of the GDP, in the midst of a crisis that would force the regime to take emergency measures, was the culmination of a put on the scene absurd, and quite contradictory , in both the increase of international tourism is the main source of foreign exchange earnings, in a country where the infrastructure all walks of collapse in collapse.

however to ensure that there will be a close monitoring to the private sector don't speculate with the prices of products and services , what is certain is that in the last two weeks the prices of private transport rose by almost double, causing the indignation of citizens and the silence of the authorities of the regime.

Even in these circumstances, that the cuban population is referred to as "from bad to worse" in the dissimilar surveys , the electronics engineer Miguel Diaz-Canel said that his cabinet "there is room for creativity, but not for improvisation".

Updated Date: 12 September 2019, 22:00

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