Has the coup d'état triumphed in Sudan?

Tonight, over 4:00 in the morning (Jartum Time), armed soldiers have broken into the residence of Prime Minister Sudanese, Abdalá Hamdok, and have kidnapped him

Has the coup d'état triumphed in Sudan?

Tonight, over 4:00 in the morning (Jartum Time), armed soldiers have broken into the residence of Prime Minister Sudanese, Abdalá Hamdok, and have kidnapped him with his wife by refusing to recognize the new authorities and read A statement on television. A new coup d'etat is underway while vehicles of the Sudanese armed forces patrol the streets of the main cities of the country.

It is still early to know but at the moment it has achieved its objectives: retaining the power, incarnated in the Prime Minister and its ministerial cabinet, taking televisions and radios to prevent them from being informed (while they sound well-known military marches), grabbing the Internet network across the country so that the opposition is not organized and occupied ports and airports to avoid unwanted leakage. All this is in a book that Edward Luttwak, strategy expert, published in 1968 entitled 'Status Status: a practical manual', a volume of reference where key guidelines are established so that a dictatorship triumphs. At the moment, Sudanese coup is complying with Rajatabla.

General Burham, one of the most influential leaders of the army, assured the Special Envoy of the White House yesterday that they were going to support the transition executive. Tonight's events mean or not all the army is involved in the blow or who have been lying to the international community until today.

Definitely. Since the fall of Satrapa Omar Al Bashir in 2019, the country has tried to shake the military guardianship and rehearse a civil transition government, even with many problems. The United States has offered its economic aid and its promise to take the country from the list of terrorist states if it took steps in the good direction. This coup is supposed to return to the exit box in that attempt. The international repulse for the blow is already massive.

Each time the military has tried to stop the process of democratization, they have come to the street despite the repressor of many high controls of their armed forces, who have not hesitated to shoot royal fire against the protesters. In these moments, the few images that come from Khartoum because of the cuts on the Internet show thousands of Sudanese marching on the avenues with flags and banners against the blow and in favor of kidnapped democracy. "The withdrawal is impossible because the people are stronger!", Sing the protesters in burning tire barricades. The tension rises in the streets and the political parties and workers' unions call the protest and the general strike. Throwings are heard on the streets, without until now it is known if there are dead or injured.

If in the next few hours the couponists do not manage to consolidate their power and convince the rest of the army units so that they join them, their position will begin to weaken. One of the most important issues is that the rival leader does not communicate and that has not achieved it, because the office of Prime Minister Hamdok is emitting messages. In the last, he assures: "I will sacrifice my life before sacrificing the revolution. Allow all to the streets." It may not be the prime minister who writes these lines, but in those moments, it matters. Government profiles on Facebook also continue to post information, which is a problem for counters.

The triumph of this asonada can be lethal for some countries that maintain precarious hopes of democratization in the area. Mali, Guinea, Chad ... Many African governments now look at what happens in Jartúm knowing that, to succeed the blow, it will encourage other military to do the same if there is no international pressure that prevents it. In addition, this can pose another diplomatic defeat of the Biden Administration, which had opted for reconciling Jartúm after decades of disagreement.

Updated Date: 25 October 2021, 15:01

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