Historical US defeat in its premiere against France

France defeated the United States on Sunday in its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 (83-76) and exposed the seams of an American set built to forced marches that set

Historical US defeat in its premiere against France

France defeated the United States on Sunday in its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020 (83-76) and exposed the seams of an American set built to forced marches that set up its first Olympic defeat in 17 years, since when it fell into the 2004 Athens semifinals Before Argentina.

Like the Emperor's costume, the Galo set showed that the 'Team Usa' was naked, or at least it was not well stitched enough to resist a first level duel, with several last minute changes and three players, the finalists of The NBA, arrived less than 24 hours ago. One of them, the Champion of the Milwaukee Bucks Jru So Holiday, was the best with 18 points.

Led by a spectacular Evan Fournier (28 points and 4 rebounds), well seconded by Nando de Colo (13, 5 and 5 assists) and with good times of Rudy Gobert (14 points and 9 assists), those of Vincent Collet endured the rushes Individuals of the talented players of the bars and stars team, who accused their leader, Kevin Durant (10 points), was charged too soon, and did not know how to play an adjusted ending.

Thus, the NBA star team fell on a stage with an intended NBA aspect, not only in the lights of Saitama Super Arena, but in constant music in each game interruption and even the species of background noise that He accompanied the duel, as a kind of replacement musical thread of fans stolen by the pandemic.

Perhaps imbued with the atmosphere, France tried to play the United States as if it were also: practically without defending. No faults did in the first quarter. The punishment of Durant and Bam Adebayo did not wait (11-18, min. 7). Collet moved the quintet, put pounds in the painting with Mousetapha Fall, and although Jayson Tatum came to put a 13-22 to the race, he slowed the gap to close quarter 15-22.

Fall's good work seemed to encourage the French attack, who recovered circulation, but at the same time Damian Lillard recovered the success: he scored two triples, those who had failed before. Durant committed the third failure and had to go to the bank, which allowed Gobert Campar under rival rival without opposition (33-37, min 16).

The variety of resources from the United States caused any jam in annotation to have a new uncoator: before it had been tatum, now it was Zach Lavine, with a triple and a race finished in a hand. The 37-45 at rest was not worse news for France, but Guerschon Yabusele's injury, who retreated sore from the left knee into a shock on his knees with Holiday. Fortunately, Real Madrid's new player could play again later.

A boiling Fournier, with ten points in four minutes, put France on the way taking advantage of the fourth lack of Durant. Vincent Poirier equaled it (52-52, min. 26), De Colo Did Devils Before the Tibia North American Defense and Thomas Heurtel topped him with a triple that put 62-56 in the absence of the last quarter. The partial had been 25-11, a first level challenge to the Almighty USA.

He had to come to rescue the American team a NBA champion, Holiday, who like Khris Middleton and Devin Booker was practically from the airplane to the court -Legaron less than 24 hours ago-, saving the bars and stars team Scoring baskets of all colors: triples, personal faults, trays, capturing rebounds.

The Bucks was a partial 1-13 practically alone, from 62-56 to 63-69, which restored the tranquility of Gregg Popovich, a guy usually hieratic, unalterable with public or without him as in the super sand of Saitama

But France did not give up: between Yabusele, Batum and Fournier were coming back with 72-74 to 2 minutes from the end. A batum plug to Adebayo paralyzed the American replica and Fournier hit the triple to advance the gala squad (76-74). In the American replica, nor Durant or Holiday ran his triples, and the play ended with Yabusele on the floors.

United States Short-circuit. Flaws in launches, mistakes like an anti-Tortiva de Lillard for getting the foot to avoid a Fournier robbery, they ended up removing a defeated team without Durant for his fifthness and in which even the quiet Popovich ended up protesting a volunteer of the games . The North American technician will have to sew, and a lot, if he does not want to become tokyo 2020 with the uniform of the bars and stars made.

Date Of Update: 25 July 2021, 10:53

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