Hit the violent band Blood: They fall their dome and their main blocks when trying to kill a rival gang in Madrid

They had everything prepared to kill their goal. The plan, designed from Barcelona by the "Supreme", that is, the boss, were going to execute the "soldiers

Hit the violent band Blood: They fall their dome and their main blocks when trying to kill a rival gang in Madrid

They had everything prepared to kill their goal. The plan, designed from Barcelona by the "Supreme", that is, the boss, were going to execute the "soldiers" of the "death squad" in Madrid, but the Civil Guard frustrated it in an operation that has left overcome to the Latina Blood band, characterized by its extreme violence.

And not only that. The operation, which has lasted ten months, has meant the dismantling of the main "blocks" or "sets" of the band: the North, located in Gipuzkoa, Álava and Navarre and controlled from Irún; The one in Barcelona and the Madrid.

In Madrid they had squatting an apartment in Las Rozas and were distributed by other housing of Boadilla and the Madrid district of Latina. Numerous robes are attributed to Madrid and among them several assaults at parties of municipalities such as those that occurred in Villaviciosa de Odón.

The General Directorate of the Civil Guard has realized this Wednesday of the details of Operation Laya, which has been saved with 14 detainees, including the leaders, aged between 18 and 34 years.

Eleven of them are in prison by court order, to which you have to add one of the arrested, which was already in jail from a week before by the ones I had committed in a previous weekend.

Although it was settled in Spain in mid-2002, controlled by Dominicans fundamentally, it was in 2009 when the Civil Guard became the first blow to the Blood (Blood) in Torrevieja (Alicante), also in an operation with thirteen detainees.

Since then, he has continued to investigate this group, which, like the rest of the Latin bands, has been installing in an important part of geography, but especially in the communities of Catalonia, Madrid (more implanted in the Henares Corridor) , Basque Country, Castilla-La Mancha (in Toledo, above all) and, although less, the Valencian community, while trying to try it in others, as Aragon.

As sources of research have indicated, this band is characterized by its extreme violence, to the point that they use machetes to inflict the greatest possible damage to their victims.

And, since it is happening in other Latin bands "enemigas", and its members are not all of Latin origin. Now they are already recruited from other nationalities, such as Maghrebi and Eastern countries of Europe, but more and more Spanish.

In addition, they resort to minors. Given its position of inferiority in the hierarchy, they are induced by the members of greater rank to abandon their families and commit crimes as a means of financing and to achieve greater status in the band.

They also recruit girls (almost always of Spanish nationality), to which, even, sexually attack.

Robbery with violence and intimidation to people or establishments, brawls, drug trafficking, murder in degree of attempt, illegal holding of weapons ... are some of the crimes that are imputed to the detainees in this operation.

The intelligence work of the Information Service of the Civil Guard in recent months allowed to decipher the structure of the band in Spain and verify that from Barcelona the decisions made.

There the "Supreme" was settled, a man who already had antecedent and who had been in prison condemned as an intellectual author of a murder.

The "Supreme" was the one who commissioned the "block" of Madrid who executed a murder in Villaverde from a member of the organization who wanted to leave the band. In addition to recriminating them that they did not have firearms, the boss gave them a very short period of time to perpetrate it.

The agents set up a device to protect the target and managed to locate those who were going to be their executors, convinced that they had to commit the crime because otherwise, they would be the victims. Finally, the Civil Guard "aborted" the plan and stopped three members of the "Set" Madrid.

There is no "official" figure of the members of the BLOOD band in Spain, although it could be made of an approximate calculation. They could add 400 if each of the more or less 20 blocks brings together an average of 20 members. But they are only approximate data.

This band was born in Los Angeles, in California (USA), in the 70s. Its members use red color, as a symbol of blood, in their clothing, although when they are going to commit criminal acts, they usually resort to brown, which For them he represents the war, as the consulted sources point. In addition, they usually wear NBA basketball teams as the Chicago Bulls that are all red.

And dress clothes from the Calvin Klein brand just for a "weight" reason for them. They are the initials of their greatest enemy, the cryips (the C) and their goal, Kill (the K): kill them.

Although the Civil Guard gives for disarwarding the current dome of the Blood in Spain, the research remains open and no more arrests are discarded.

In Operation Laya has participated, in addition to the information service, agents of the GAR (Rapid Action Group), the ARS (Reserve and Safety Group) and the Commandances of Madrid, Barcelona, Álava and Guipuzcoa.

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 14:32

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