Honduras vote massively despite distrust in a system hit by corruption

Five million Hondurans today had the fate of their country in their vows, a country marked by pain and wounds so profound that their healing does not appear on

Honduras vote massively despite distrust in a system hit by corruption

Five million Hondurans today had the fate of their country in their vows, a country marked by pain and wounds so profound that their healing does not appear on the horizon. Young people only see future on their feet, those who take them walking to the United States.

The legend tells that, when you spare the coast of the Central American country, the Spanish navigators coined that of deep Honduras. They hit. A precipice dug for political outfit and deepened by the destruction of the pandemic, the endemic violence and the damn hurricanes, so strong that the country's map have changed.

Honduras has stopped believing in democracy (just 30% continues to consider it as its ideal system), weigh a democratic vocation that was demonstrated yesterday with a very high participation, an avalanche of votes decided to change its destiny despite distrust That seizes them.

The candidates who are deputy the Presidency are part of the same blocks that have encouraged their misery. On the one hand, the "narcorepublic", as they call it, the same one that has deepened its roots with the three legislatures of the right-wing national party. And on the other, the perorevolutionary block commanded in the rear by the former President Mel Zelaya, the same one who opened the Box of Thunder before the coup d'etat of 2009.

"The moment has arrived," he prophesied Xiomara Castro, a candidate of the leftist coalition who has received the support of groups of liberals and centrists. Bred up by the surveys and with the wind in favor, Zelaya's wife came to vote by knowing her favorite. In the campaign command of her already gave victory according to the first hours of vote, delayed in the morning due to logistics problems.

In his favor, he sums over all the vote of young people, who are vast majority in the country: children under 39 represent 70% of the voters. After suffering three "blue" administrations, they seem willing to lead the change, after the 10 presidential elections carried out since the advent of democracy, five fell on the side of the National Party and five others for the Liberal Party.

The memory of what happened after the victory of then Liberal Zelaya in 2006, the coup d'etat of 2009 and the subsequent odyssey weighs less than national administrations, marked by drug trafficking scandals. About the current President Juan Orlando Hernández flies over an accusation of drug trafficking in a Federal Court of New York, the same one who condemned his brother from him, Tony Hernández, ex-ipotated from the ruling by the department of Lempira.

With the wind against it deposited its vote nasry asphercuous (daddy to order, as they call him), an official candidate and mayor of the capital Tegucigalpa, who publicly bet on peace in elections that compensate for uncertainty with the presence of international observers of The Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union.

The Hondurans also choose 128 congressmen, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament and 298 mayors. With greater or lesser faith and many doubts, corroborated by journalistic research. Not only is the liberal candidate Yani Rosenthal has suffered a three-year prison sentence for asset washing; Also candidates from all parts of the country have their curriculum stained by different crimes.

Account another legend that, two centuries ago, an American ambassador answered Washington, where there was concern for taxes on the banana rankings that appeared in the discussions in the capital: "Do not Worry. In Honduras it is cheaper to buy a deputy than a donkey".

"The country can not continue to be continuously affected by a political crisis, Honduras is a country with severe difficulties and elections can be a point of inflection. First of all to start dialogue. The current president, with little credibility, has not It could be convened to the dialogue to face the background problems. The new government can do so to find consensus solutions, "summarizes Filadelfo Martínez sociologist for the world.

The pandemic has not only hit the life of the Hondurans with fierceness (10,400 deaths), but also their pockets. According to official figures, poverty has grown from a frightening 60% to current 70%. The population survives thanks to social assistance programs used by the government for political clientelism, a classic in the region.

The whip of violence has not loosened by work and grace of drug trafficking and the seas, the Central American gangs at the service of organized crime.

"And do not forget the extreme vulnerability associated with climate change," warns Martínez. Honduras, who has not yet recovered from the terrible Hurricane Mitch of the end of the century, suffered the attack of IOTA and ETA last year. "We are located in a position of extreme vulnerability against hurricanes and floods. Historically governments have not built the infrastructure works necessary to contain flooding. Until the smallest storms generate crisis here," certifies the sociologist Catracho.

Updated Date: 28 November 2021, 21:12

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