Hotels in Corona times: rooms with a seal, advertising in the domestic

He didn't have to do that, but he has made it. For two months, Inhaber Christian Barth, the private Four-star Hotel is a Favorite in Mainz, had closed there, t

Hotels in Corona times: rooms with a seal, advertising in the domestic

He didn't have to do that, but he has made it. For two months, Inhaber Christian Barth, the private Four-star Hotel is a Favorite in Mainz, had closed there, the first house on the place. Like the neighboring Hesse Rhineland had allowed-Palatinate during the lock downs for the catering, the Hotels, the accommodation of business travellers, privately motivated Stays were prohibited. "Business travelers no longer existed, but virtually," says Barth. Since four weeks is allowed in the Hostels your normal bed business again, better, perhaps: It would be allowed, if there is one. But to the extent that it is not.

Jacqueline Vogt

editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhine-Main-part of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

F. A. Z.

From Mainz to Frankfurt and the Taunus: Of the more than 300 Hotels in Frankfurt-many are still closed, including such prestigious venues such as the Grand hotel Frankfurter Hof, one of the flagships of the Steigenberger group, and the Grand hotel Hessischer Hof, the group of companies, Prince of Hesse. Not before the middle of August, the Hessischer Hof is to open. The sister operation, the Schlosshotel Kronberg has taken under its operation. The location in the Green, the Golf course, the special character of the luxurious and dignified 61-rooms-and-suites-house, its history as the home of Victoria Kaiserin Friedrich – all of that is what makes it as a destination for tourists, have justified the decision for the Open, says Donatus, Landgrave of Hesse, head of the group of companies, Prince of Hesse. "In Frankfurt it looks very different," he adds, in the city of the business, the trade fairs, congresses, meetings, lack of bring with.

Different audiences

Tina Groth-Muller, Marketing Executive of the group, had put together for the castle hotel packages that will appeal especially to travelers from the surrounding areas. "Of Hessen for Hessen" means an Arrangement with the comparatively low cost of overnight stay offer, which was initially limited to mid-June, but still has to be; there are Golf Packages and one to second the "time" is called. Up to 50 percent utilization on weekends, had brought the offerings, it is not little, but a good piece away from the 100 percent that had been in Front of Corona-times quite common. It is on the up, but adequate to the business, whether currently says Landgraf. It is the principle ruled the hope that is fed from experience that it is quite possible to tap into other audiences. "We have not won the customer, who knew the house before," says Groth-Muller.

New customer also wants to win, Christian Barth. The Hotel a one-star restaurant, a wine bar, beer garden, a big conference and festival area. Barth has taken it over from his parents. To close was hard, he says. "We were lucky that we had planned in 2020 anyway, much to the structure, which could be in a Phase without guests realize the good." Now the Lobby is newly furnished, rooms have been redesigned, there is now a Rooftop-Spa. And maybe soon in Germany-travelers who want to stay in the house. More than 15000 letters with advertising has been sent to the Hotel, played intensively the Social Media channels. 3.8 million euros in turnover, the loss he had suffered by the crisis yet, says Barth. If he could, the Hotel is still closed, it would be him every month and more than 150,000 euros, cheaper than to keep it with the current utilization and costs. Again, he does not want to shut off but. "I would lose everything, heart, blood, loyalty, I'm afraid that the guests will not forget us."

"security and trust"

As the house in Mainz two chain hotels in Frankfurt have used the past weeks for renovations. The Hilton, which was always open, not least because of the Work, is now finished. Director-General, Marc Snijders played with his Team as well as a new house according to strict requirements, let the group work out and as a program "Clean Stay" is defined. Advanced cleaning and disinfection belong to and make visible what is happening in the Background. Each room is sealed make every day to the Clean, the ladies of the house and the cleaning staff as a contact person to provide; "It is about security and trust," says Snijders.

Similarly, Steffen Opitz, the new General Manager at the Sofitel Opera, which was closed since March and, all-round sprucing up says it, since 1. June is back, a good 20 percent of the amount currently in the assignment. "This is not a assignment that we are accustomed to, but it is," says Marketing Manager Steffi Schuster. The demand pull, the people, the regulars especially, wanted to come back. And advertising in the domestic, in the Destination of Frankfurt in the foreground, would be organized with Arrangements such as "Explore Frankfurt," in which Museum visits and bike tours, to be successful. "The German is just learning to be country to know."

Updated Date: 15 June 2020, 10:20

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